The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


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First NameWilliam
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameCullen
Maiden Name
AKAProfessor Cullen
OccupationChemist, Physician, Lecturer and Medical Author
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1710
Date of death (year) 1790


Chemist, physician, lecturer and medical author. Born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, near Glasgow. Cullen studied and taught at both the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The date of his birth is usually given as the 15th March 1710, but his daughters disputed this date. He died at his home in Mint Close, Edinburgh, on 5th February, 1790.

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Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 1Case of the Reverend Mr Cuthbert Allen of Wooler, suffering from consumption, and later anasarca and a hernia to his scrotum.
2Case 2Case of Anthony Wilkinson, who has a bladder complaint.
3Case 3Case of Earl Cassillis, who is fevered, weak and in a state of terminal decline; eventually includes a post-mortem report.
4Case 4Case of Mr Alexander Spalding Gordon who has a venereal infection in 1775; in 1776 he has a swollen ankle and toe assumed to be gouty; and in 1784 he is suffering from the after-effects of an accidental pistol wound.
5Case 5Case of James Garthshore whose has stomach complaint.
6Case 6Case of Mr George Dunbar whose main complaint is severe back-pains which are attributed to gout.
7Case 7Case of Mrs Anne Burrow [Burrows] being treated for vomiting and severe abdominal pains.
8Case 8Case of Lady Charlotte Hay who suffers from rheumatism in her head and arm, and other symptoms over many years while Cullen serves as family physician.
9Case 9Case of Dr Thomas Mutter who has suffered 'a palsy' (stroke).
10Case 10Case of Miss Anne Gascoigne (Hamilton, later Countess of Haddington), who has chest and 'rheumatic' complaints.
11Case 11Case of Mrs Fordyce diagnosed as having 'an Hysteric affection'.
12Case 12Case of Mrs Jane Webster at York who is trying to lose weight.
13Case 13Case of Mr Duff who has colic and has had piles.
14Case 14Case of Mrs Pratt who has a 'broken constitution'.
15Case 15Case of Mr Pratt (Junior), who is 'liable to a Consumption'.
16Case 16Case of Mrs Willoughby (Willobie), with advanced consumption.
17Case 17Case of Mrs Falconer, with a "Schirrhus of the Breast".
18Case 18Case of Malcolm Laing of Strinzia (in Orkney), who has a scrophulous complaint.
19Case 19Case of Mr Reddie (Riddie) suffering from headaches and vertigo since a boyhood fall.
20Case 20Case of Mrs Douglas, weakening with a chest complaint.
21Case 21Case of Miss Tweedie with a 'Rheumatic Complaint' after getting cold in church.
22Case 22Case of Mr Halkerson, diagnosed with a 'weakness of his Nervous System'.
23Case 23Case of Mrs Oswald, diagnosed as having ' the too great mobility of her Nerves'.
24Case 24Case of Mrs Beath, with a cough and other symptoms Cullen considers 'Rheumatic'.
25Case 25Case of Robert Grant, a servant suffering from a cough, feverishness and other symptoms.
26Case 26Case of Mrs Younghusband with complications during pregnancy.
27Case 27Case of Mrs Younghusband who has episodes of 'reaching' (vomiting). She is given a regimen for her gouty disposition, but subsequently has a number of convulsive fits after getting wet when out riding.
28Case 28Case of Robert Sanderson who has a stiff neck and urinary problems.
29Case 29Case of Mr Agnew of Sheuchan who suffers from 'fits'.
30Case 30Case of an unnamed patient, a 'young Lady 23 years old' suffering from sleeplessness, fits of breathlessness, sickness and muscle spasms.
31Case 31Case of Miss Peggie Dempster, who is advised to take a goat whey course.
32Case 32Case of Mr Auld, who seeks advice on taking a sea voyage.
33Case 33Case of Major Agnew, diagnosed with dropsy.
34Case 35Case of Mrs Bower who is suffering from a pain in the side and costiveness during pregnancy.
35Case 36Case of Mrs Campbell, diagnosed with 'a weakness in her stomach'.
36Case 37Case of Alexander Stonefield who suffers from a cough.
37Case 38Case of Mrs Condie, diagnosed with 'Spasmodic & Nervous affections of her Stomach and intestines'.
38Case 39Case of Mrs Davidson, diagnosed with 'a weakened Nervous system'.
39Case 40Case of Mrs Dunn, whose case is 'of a very peculiar kind'.
40Case 41Case of Mr Dickson with stomach ailments.
41Case 42Case of Alexander Dunbar suffering from uneasiness and chilliness.
42Case 43Case of Mrs Duncanson with pain in her haunch and breast.
43Case 44Case of Mrs Tucker with hydropic swellings.
44Case 46Case of Mr Everson with jaundice.
45Case 47Case of Mr Gavin with gout.
46Case 48Case of Mr Gordon of Premnay whose complaints 'are more troublesome than dangerous'.
47Case 49Case of Lieutenant Gilchrist, diagnosed with 'apoplexy and Palsy'.
48Case 50Case of Mrs Hutchinson, diagnosed with a weakness of the stomach.
49Case 51Case of Major Charles Hamilton of Fairholme with palpitations and uneasiness in breathing.
50Case 52Case of Miss Mary Peareth who has a painful bladder condition.
51Case 53Case of Miss Barbara Peareth who is thought to have an internal abdominal tumour.
52Case 54Case of Miss H. Peareth whose bowel disorder proves to be worms.
53Case 55Case of Miss Harrison who is scorbutic.
54Case 56Case of Anthony Chamier, who suffers from a general 'languor' or weakness and which unfortunately proves fatal. After consulting Cullen in Edinburgh, Chamier travels south to London, via Buxton and Matlock, keeping Cullen informed of his failing condition along the way.
55Case 57Case of Captain W. R. Wilson whose 'seizures' Cullen attributes to 'nervous weakness'.
56Case 58Case of Mr Dinwiddie given directions for managing a pectoral complaint.
57Case 59Case of Mrs Anderson who is debilitated after multiple child-bearing and 'abortions' (miscarriages).
58Case 60Case of Robert Hunter with a history of nosebleeds, blurred vision and an apoplectic fit.
59Case 61Case of Mrs Innes diagnosed as having 'abdominal obstructions'.
60Case 62Case of Mrs Bisset long in pain since a miscarriage.
61Case 63Case of Mrs Grieve prescribed asses milk and a pectoral electuary.
62Case 64Case of Miss Forbes with a 'white swelling' of her knee.
63Case 65Case of Mr George Hall whose stomach complaints are termed a 'Hypochondriasis'.
64Case 66Case of Peggy Glasgow who suffers from abdominal pain and swelling.
65Case 67Case of Mrs Morison (Morrison), diagnosed with a 'uterine' weakness.
66Case 68Case of Mr George Blair 'lately escaped from a very dangerous disease'.
67Case 69Case of Miss Christian Hamilton whose 'fits of stupor' in 1770 and subsequent bowel problems in 1775 are all attributed to 'weak nerves'. Probably same patient as Case 663.
68Case 70Case of Mr Bell diagnosed with a 'spasmodic asthma'.
69Case 71Case of Miss Betty Hume who has breathing problems.
70Case 72Case of Mr A. B. of Dantzig diagnosed with 'acute rheumatism'.
71Case 73Case of Mr Jeffrey who is 'in danger of Epilepsy'.
72Case 74Case of Mr Russell suffering from a 'Spasmodic Asthma'.
73Case 75Case of Lord Cardross who appears to have a problem with salivation.
74Case 76Case of Miss Ruthven who has various serious complaints including 'wandering pains' and spitting blood.
75Case 77Case of Mr Moodie (Moody) who has asthma.
76Case 78Case of Captain John Gairdner, resident in Florence, who has suffered feverish symptoms for over five years.
77Case 79Case of John, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun, who in the 1750s reports a persistent cough and other effects of 'the Epidemic', including 'Lowness and Oppression'. In 1777 he is being treated for a recurring 'watery tumour'.
78Case 80Case of an an eleven-year-old girl with a 'phlegmatick constitution' and many complaints.
79Case 81Case of Lady Frances Erskine (Areskine), whose chronic condition is being treated with regular applications of artificial bath water to her swollen limbs.
80Case 82Case of Lewis 'Lewie" Dunbar suffering from frequent 'fits'.
81Case 83Case of Miss Waugh with an 'intermittent fever'.
82Case 84Case of William Cuningham (Cunningham) who has a persistent stomach complaint.
83Case 85Case of George Fullarton who is prescribed a stomach medicine and laxative.
84Case 87Case of Mrs Mackenzie who has been suffering from menstrual irregularity, an abortion (i.e. miscarriage) and various, carefully reported stomach pains and related symptoms.
85Case 88Case of Miss Watson suffering from asthma.
86Case 89Case of Captain Campbell who has gout and stomach complaints.
87Case 90Case of Rachel Cuthbert who writes to thanks Cullen for curing her of an unknown condition.
88Case 91Case of Robert Bogle who has stomach complaints.
89Case 92Case of Mrs Paterson who is at risk of asthma.
90Case 93Case of Miss Taylor with a long history of illness including sleeplessness, 'lowness of spirits' and breathing problems.
91Case 94Case of Lord Kames' unnamed servant who is prescribed a stomachic electuary and a laxative.
92Case 95Case of Mr Pate concerning travel.
93Case 96Case of Mrs Malcolm who has respiratory problems.
94Case 97Case of the infant son of Mr Morison of Bognie, who has a glandular and skin condition.
95Case 98 Case of the seven-month-old daughter of Mr Ritchie, once again suffering from fits.
96Case 99Case of Sandy Trotter suspected of having Yaws.
97Case 100Case of Captain Innes whose current, varied complaints began with an inflammation of his eyes.
98Case 101Case of Agnes Hamilton at Westburn, who in 1756 is suffering from headaches, 'vomits' and 'obstruction'. In 1762 Cullen fears she has an internal fistula caused by the misuse of a clyster; in 1776 has cold and sore throat.
99Case 102Case of Mr McCall who has a chest complaint for which he plans to sail to the South of France.
100Case 103Case of Miss Niven who is provided with a regimen and medicines to strengthen her stomach.
101Case 104Case of Mr Greggan who is ordered a pectoral medicine.
102Case 105Case of Miss Betty Lindesay [Lindsay] who has severe hypochondriacal pains.
103Case 106Case of Mr Morris who is given advice on travelling to Lisbun to relieve a 'paralytic' condition.
104Case 107Case of Sir James Murray of Clermont who has been costive. No date.
105Case 108Case of Mr Campbell of Sherwin whose paralytic condition is attributed to gout.
106Case 109Case of an unnamed male patient at Birmingham who is in trade, 'which he pursues with unwearied attention to the Prejudice of his Health...'.
107Case 110Case of 'Mrs L' who has dropsy.
108Case 111Case of Peggie Grame (Graham), who has menstrual problems and a tumour under her ear.
109Case 112Case of Mr Gair who is given a regimen and prescriptions for a laxative and pectoral medicines.
110Case 113Case of Miss Beckie Pringle who, along with her sister, is advised over taking the waters at Buxton for a bowel complaint.
111Case 114Case of Miss Jeanie Pringle who has a cold and who, along with her sister, is advised on how to take the waters at Buxton.
112Case 115Case of Mrs Stewart who is advised over headaches, giddiness, and nosebleeds.
113Case 116Case of an unnamed woman near Banff who is prescribed blisters and medication for back pain.
114Case 117Case of James Hamilton, 7th Duke of Hamilton, concerning his premature death.
115Case 118Case of the unnamed sister of John Burn, who is suffering from '... .a burning heat in her left side'.
116Case 119Case of Lord Deskford, who is seriously ill but less restless. See also Case 1341.
117Case 120Case of Captain Peter Innes, who has had a bad stomach since returning from the West Indies where he lost a hand after being wounded in combat.
118Case 121Case of Mrs Campbell who has had several miscarriages and who is diagnosed as having a 'weak uterine system'.
119Case 122Case of the young ('little') Duncan Campbell who has swollen glands and a tumour in his neck.
120Case 123Case of young Mr Watson who suffers from severe breathlessness 'upon motion' and deafness.
121Case 124Case of Mr Andrew Stevenson who is recovering from a severe illness.
122Case 125Case of Mr Donadson who has a swollen and inflamed arm.
123Case 127Case of Miss Thorpe who is being treated with warm baths and an aperient for an unstated condition.
124Case 128Case of a child, Lord Douglas Hamilton, with 'chincough'.
125Case 129Case of Joseph Sanderson who suffers from a 'lingering' stomach disorder and 'fits' of fever. He then reports an outbreak of 'itch' on his hands.
126Case 130Case of the young 'Mr B.' whose symptoms are all attributed to 'fast growing'.
127Case 131Case of Janet Turner, a young woman mainly suffering from colds and chest complaints.
128Case 132Case of Mrs Woodcock who has suffered a paralysis down her left side.
129Case 133Case of Mr Finny who reports numerous symptoms including jaundiced vision, 'flying pains' and 'such a Giddiness sometimes; as that I know not where I am'.
130Case 134Case of Mrs Stewart of Torrence who is given a regimen to improve her circulation and prescribed 'nervine' medicines.
131Case 136Case of James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll who is thought to have a gouty knee and stomach.
132Case 137Case of Mr Glaister who is diagnosed as having scurvy.
133Case 138Case of Malcolm Macneil [MacNeill] Esqr. at Carskey whose two-year disorder, first diagnosed in April 1774, is considered 'rheumatick'.
134Case 139Case of Mr Andrew Ross suffering from abdominal discomforts and interrupted sleep which eventually leave him delirious. Cullen considers it 'hypochondriasis'.
135Case 140Case of Mr Murdoch disordered by 'a severe catarrh' and associated symptoms of debility.
136Case 141Case of the Dowager Lady McKenzie [Mackenzie] of Scatwell who complaints of 'want of sleep and swimming in her head'.
137Case 142Case of Thomas Stapleton with worsening digestive ailments.
138Case 143Case of Andrew Boyes who suffers from 'fits'.
139Case 144Case of Lady Alva whose giddiness and other 'nervous' symptoms are attributed to gout.
140Case 145Case of Miss Stewert Dempster who has breathing difficulties and is considered to be delicate.
141Case 146Case of Miss 'Anny' Dempster who suffers from painful joints and menstrual problems.
142Case 147Case of Mr Dingwall who has breathing problems. See later Case 922.
143Case 148Case of Robert Harkness with a protracted history of headaches, stomach problems and a more recent bout of fever.
144Case 149Case of Mrs Hodgson being treated for a breast tumour.
145Case 150Case of Alexander 'Sandy' Crawford [Crawfurd, Crauford] who is consumptive and whose life, Cullen believes, is dependent upon him spending the winter in a warmer climate.
146Case 151Case of Mrs Innes of Muriefold, whose symptoms are considered 'nervous or hysteric'.
147Case 152Case of Miss Fraser who is prescribed for 'looseness' (see also Case 1239).
148Case 153Case of Mrs Hamilton who is prescribed a regimen and a course of hemlock.
149Case 154Case of Mr Emmerson who is to be blistered to draw out a 'gouty humour'.
150Case 155Case of Mr Lochead, who symptoms are considered to be rheumatic.
151Case 156Case of Mrs Blacket who is prescribed exercise and both internal and external medicines.
152Case 157Case of an unnamed female patient presented by Dr Isaac Grant who suspects a venereal infection.
153Case 158Case of an unnamed patient presented by Dr Saunders. Cullen believes is not a venereal infection but 'warts and carnosities.'.
154Case 159Case of Major Crauford [Crawford], who Cullen thinks has had a 'weak breast since infancy'.
155Case 160Case of Major Campbell, who suffers headaches.
156Case 161Case of Mr Bob Campbell who seeks advice on managing his health on a long sea voyage.
157Case 162Case of Mr Gordon who is under continued treatment for complaints which include a pain in his side.
158Case 163Case of Mr Gordon of Earlston who suffers from gout [who may be same person as Case 162].
159Case 164Case of Mrs Gordon who has a uterine condition.
160Case 165Case of Miss Eleanor Ker [Kerr] who is provided with a general regimen. Possibly the same patient as Case 629 and 551.
161Case 166Case of Captain Trotter who is advised a milk diet and should continue to take stomachics.
162Case 167Case of Captain John Grey who is jaundiced and develops severe dropsy.
163Case 168Case of Mr Knox who has an inflamed liver.
164Case 169Case of Mrs Knox who has stomach pains.
165Case 170Case of Miss 'Betty' Johnstone of Westerhall who is recovering from a serious condition which had rendered her unable to walk. Cullen advises a trip to Bath or a course of sweating.
166Case 172Case of Captain John Gardiner, who has an ulcerated lip.
167Case 173Case of the elderly Mr Dickson who dies after being weakened by influenza.
168Case 174Case of Mrs Blackstock who has various symptoms including painful legs and 'glandular' eruptions for which she has been given mercury. She is diagnosed as having 'dropsy' on the brain.
169Case 175Case of Mrs Baillie who caught a cold, then got chilled in church and is now feverish.
170Case 176Case of Mr Bowman's son who has had a cold and chest problems. He is given a regimen and advice on travelling for his health (may be same patient as Case 912).
171Case 177Case of Mr Campbell of Airds who is given a regimen.
172Case 178Case of Mr Smith who has competed a month-long mercurial course.
173Case 179Case of Mr Spittal, annotated 'Mania'.
174Case 180Case of John 11th Lord Gray, who 'is low-spirted and has lost his appetite for food and drink'.
175Case 181Case of Mr Fabricius who is though to be 'gouty'.
176Case 182Case of Mrs Kenworthy [Kenworthey] who has toothache.
177Case 183Case of Mr Kenworthy [Kenworthey], who reports 'nocturnal emissions' and various signs of weakness.
178Case 184Case of John Seed who is suffering from convulsive 'fits' which have prevented his return to his home in the West Indies.
179Case 185Case of Captain Thomas Fraser [Frazer] who now has a fever having long taken to his bed after a long history of real and, possibly imagined, complaints.
180Case 186Case of Jane Dickenson who has severe menstrual pains.
181Case 187Case of Governor John Wood of the Isle of Man who reports that 'the Diziness and cloudiness in my head is much abated' and who is given a formal regimen to counteract his stopped perspiration.
182Case 188Case of an unnamed male patient aged sixty - who had a career in the military - 'troubled with gouty complaints' and 'subject to Strangury the Consequence of Gonorrhea Viruleuta...'.
183Case 189Case of Miss Bethune of Balfour who has had a cold. See also Case 323.
184Case 190Case of Mr Richardson with a chest complaint.
185Case 191Case of 'Jamie' being treated for headaches and 'fits'.
186Case 192Case of Count Lockhart, being extensively reported by the Count, his wife and several physicians.
187Case 193Case of Miss Mary Clutterbuck whose cough and other breathing problems are diagnosed as signs of 'hysteria'.
188Case 194Case of Captain Gilchrist suffering from 'vomiting fits' and thought to be in a terminal decline.
189Case 195Case of James [Jamie] Cochrane seriously ill with a hard, swollen abdomen and whose case proves fatal.
190Case 196Case of John (Lindsay) Bethune of Kilconquhar, being reported almost daily by his surgeon John Goodsir.
191Case 197Case of William Henderson who is seriously ill with severe weakness, sweatings, a disordered bowel and 'insensitivity' in his 'left limb'.
192Case 198Case of John Maclean who has a swollen testicle and a discharge which he hopes to relieve as he want to return to Virginia.
193Case 199Case of Sir William Murray [of Ochtertyre], prescribed the use of bathing machine, Hartfell spa water and stomachic powders.
194Case 200Case of the surgeon Mr Joseph Harris who is suffering from headaches.
195Case 201Case of Mrs Mary Grey who is prescribed an emetic and pectoral mixture.
196Case 202Case of Miss Woodhouse [Wodehouse] who is taking salts for costiveness.
197Case 203Case of Lady Don who is being treated with a blister to address a pain in her thigh.
198Case 204Case of Miss Thomson who reports headaches and sickness and the inefficacy of surgical measures already undertaken to treat a suspected urethral blockage.
199Case 205Case of Mr Bell who is being treated to ease the natural passing of 'a little stone'.
200Case 206Case of 'His Grace' (unnamed), who has gout.
201Case 207Case of Mr Currie who is prescribed Lixivium to be taken in a broth as part of a full regimen.
202Case 208Case of the Earl of Moray whose condition Cullen attributes to a 'relaxed' nerves.
203Case 209Case of Mrs Leith who has an ailment in her back and breast.
204Case 210Case of Alexander Inglis of Murdiston, who is being treated for a persistent gleet and related symptoms of an inflammation of the urinary tract.
205Case 211Case of 'J.M.' who is referred by Lady Huntingdon and advised a sea voyage.
206Case 214Case of Lady Mary Menzies whose health has improved in 1765, but who is advised over costiveness. In 1772, she has suffered from a pain in her stomach and 'an uneasiness like the Heart burn'.
207Case 215Case of Mr Murray of Ayton who has a hernia.
208Case 216Case of Mr Murray of Lintrose who Cullen considers of a dropsical habit.
209Case 217Case of James Sturrock who complains of giddiness and vomiting while being treated with an 'issue' on his head.
210Case 218Case of Miss Lieth [Leith] who has had 'fits of fear and horror'.
211Case 219Case of Mr Strangeways who has a general weakness.
212Case 220Case of Captain Law who is given a regimen for managing the gout.
213Case 221Case of Captain Johnston who is being treated for the gout.
214Case 222Case of Mrs Johnston who has chronic rheumatism and is prescribed diaphoretics.
215Case 223Case of George Lockhart, a healthy child whose parents seek advice in protecting him from illness.
216Case 224Case of Mr Lockhart of Lee with 'senile catarrh'.
217Case 225Case of Mr Lockhart of Lee who had consulted Cullen in 1769.
218Case 226Case of Mrs Mary Lockhart of Lee who has longstanding menstrual and stomach disorders.
219Case 227Case of Mr Stewart at Elgin who Cullen considers 'gouty'.
220Case 228Case of William Ingram weak from a continued fever.
221Case 229Case of James Dalziel [Dalzell] who is taking medicines for a bowel complaint. See also Case 381.
222Case 230Case of Mrs Ann Oswald who is to undergo a mercurial treatment.
223Case 231Case of Lieutenant William Waddell who took ill while riding home drunk, suffers a 'Cynic Spasm' (facial paralysis) and undergoes a sweating treatment.
224Case 232Cases of Mrs Lamb and her two daughters who are prescribed a 'strengthening electuary' and various other medicines.
225Case 233Case of an unidentified man who provides details of how his sedentary habits have undermined his health.
226Case 234Case of Mr Ker whose various disorders are attributed to weak nerves.
227Case 235Case of Mrs Pinkerton who is provided with a strengthening regimen and medicines (mention of her leg discharging).
228Case 236Case of Andrew Bonnar who is given advice on travel to avoid consumption.
229Case 237Case of the Reverend J. Nesfield diagnosed with a restricted bladder.
230Case 238Case of Mr David Areskine who appears to have a weak stomach.
231Case 239Case of Burnet Grieve, a young person who has been costive and has developed stiff legs.
232Case 240Case of Mr Husband who has a bladder disorder.
233Case 241Case of Mrs L, who 'suffered very great & long fatigue attending a sick Husband' some years ago, and has 'seldom been free from Stomach complaints' since; she also has a vaginal discharge and a tumour in her breast.
234Case 242Case of Mr Scrimgeour whose 'complaints seem to be entirely Nervous affecting chiefly his Spirits & Stomach'. may be same patient as in Case 1014.
235Case 243Case of an unnamed young woman with a lung condition.
236Case 244Case of 'Mr W. F', who is informed that his bowel condition is probably incurable.
237Case 245Case of Colonel Napier who may be able to avoid surgery if he follows a strict regimen provided.
238Case 246Case of Mrs Napier whose complaints Cullen attributes to 'a weakness of her nerves'; she is to visit Moffat to take the waters.
239Case 247Case of Mrs Cochrane who is recovered but is told she has a weak stomach and nerves which will need care.
240Case 248Case of Mrs Millar whose stomach disorder has stubbornly persisted despite Cullen's previous advice on regimen which he now revises to be more restrictive.
241Case 249Case of Mr Mackie who has gout.
242Case 250Case of Miss McGill with Pthisis.
243Case 251Case of Mr Mee's 'friend' which is venereal.
244Case 252Case reported by Mr Mee of an unnamed patient whose disorder is related to a number of tooth extractions.
245Case 253Case of Mr Bryan Burrel [Burrell], a longer-term patient who is following a regimen and is prescribed a diaphoretic for suppressed perspiration.
246Case 254Case of Mrs Chisholm whose only lingering complaint is a difficulty swallowing.
247Case 256Case of the Lord Chief Justice Clerk (Sir Thomas Miller, Lord Glenlee), who has a stomach disorder. See also Case:1423.
248Case 257Case of Mr John Grey who has gout.
249Case 258Case of Mrs Lindsay who is advised on regimen and given prescriptions for a strengthener and a laxative.
250Case 260Case of Mr David Bethune of Balfour who consulted Cullen previously over stomach complaints (See Case 34). Now also has an eye problem, head-pains, abdominal pains and increasing weakness.
251Case 261Case of Miss Middleton with a stomach complaint.
252Case 262Case of Mrs Selby who is weak from a chest complaint.
253Case 263Case of Mrs Wilkie prescribed diaphoretics.
254Case 264Case of Mr Foster who is prescribed a regimen and laxative pills for his weak constitution.
255Case 265Case of Mr Somervil who has a chest disorder.
256Case 266Case of Mrs Matthews who has swollen legs.
257Case 267Case of an unnamed female patient who has back pains and is being treated with baths and a regimen.
258Case 268Case of 'Mister ----', an unnamed child shose symptoms are considered nervous and related to his stage of growth.
259Case 269Case of Mrs Perkins who is pregnant; Cullen fears that her uterine system and nerves are weakened and advises on regimen.
260Case 270Case of Mr Andrew Stewart who is given detailed advice on diet and exercise to manage dyspepsia and plethora, with three recipes (purgative and laxative); also advised to winter in a warmer climate.
261Case 271Case of Alexander 'Sandie' Gillon which is causing Cullen concern.
262Case 272Case of Miss Gillon who has a stomach disorder.
263Case 273Case of Miss Burrell who Cullen must have treated earlier, but which he considers 'entirely nervous'; advises a regimen and moving to southern France or Italy for the winter.
264Case 275Case of Dr Skene's son with a topical condition of his leg which Cullen thinks is not scrofula.
265Case 276Case of Mr Fleming which may be scrofulous.
266Case 277Case of an unnamed patient of Dr Saunders's who has an inflammation of the breast (could be male or female).
267Case 278Case of 'Mrs H of W', who is given advice on how to manage her pregnancy to avoid a miscarriage.
268Case 279Case of Mrs --- which is suspected of being venereal.
269Case 280Case of Mr Douglas who is given detailed instructions on undertaking a course of goat whey.
270Case 281Case of Mr Hutton who is to take a course of mercury.
271Case 282Case of Mr Gordon whose complaints are attributed to the gout going inwards.
272Case 283Case of Mr Clark who continues to suffer from an intermittent fever.
273Case 284Case of Governor James Glen who is advised to take a course of goat whey.
274Case 285Case of Mr Forster which is diagnosed as having melancholy hypochondria.
275Case 286Case of Mr Tait who is still 'in danger of a consumption'.
276Case 287Case of Lady Gray who is given a regimen and a recipe to treat her 'fits' (this could allude to feverishness).
277Case 288Case of Mr Baillie who is given directions for a regimen involving rustication and the taking of cow whey.
278Case 289Case of Miss Campbell who is advised to follow a 'steady regimen'.
279Case 290Case of an unnamed gentleman whose cough, asthma and epilepsy may not relate to a fall he once had (as reported in an untraced letter from Mr Farquhar.
280Case 291Case of an unnamed female patient whose illness is attributed initially to 'the passions of the mind'.
281Case 292Case of unnamed male patient (identified as Lord Hopetoun) who has had a fall and suffers from gout, gravel and other disorders.
282Case 293Case of an unnamed man who answers questions concerning his 'gleets' and (disturbed?) dreams.
283Case 295Case of an unnamed female patient being treated for schirrus breasts.
284Case 296Case of an unnamed female patient who has had a miscarriage and suffers stomach problems after a surfeit of cucumbers.
285Case 297Case of Mrs Richmond who is given a regimen after being weakened by miscarriages.
286Case 298Case of 'Dr Ogilvy's friend' who is prescribed a strengthener, an antispasmodic and a chalybeate.
287Case 299Case Miss Stanger [sister? of Hannah Stanger] , whose uterine disorder is attributed to a general debility.
288Case 300Case of William Hogg who has ulcers and then a severe cough.
289Case 301Case of Mrs Wyvill who has a disease of the breast.
290Case 302Case of Mr William Leslie who has had a locked jaw and pain in his left cheek. As he remarks, Leslie consulted Cullen for rheumatism back in 1774-5 (See Case:466).
291Case 303Case of Mrs Lockart who, despite a recent accident, has basically good health though she needs to manage her delicate constitution.
292Case 304Case of Mr Maclean prescribed various medicines.
293Case 305Case of Miss Munro who has a chest complaint and 'tumours' who is given directions on taking the waters at Moffat.
294Case 306Case of Mr John Sinclair who has a kidney complaint which may be gravel.
295Case 307Case of Mr Reid who is given a regimen to help alleviate his 'suffocating fits' and manage his delicate constitution.
296Case 308Case of Mr Peter Murray who has a weak stomach.
297Case 309Case of Mrs Yelloly who has pains in her stomach and limbs.
298Case 310Case of Mr Grey who is suspected of having consumption.
299Case 311Case of Mr Baillie of Carnbrue, prescribed an aperient and an anodyne.
300Case 312Case of Sir George Colbrook [Colebroke] who is advised over a 'feverish disposition'.
301Case 313Case of Mr Wood diagnosed as 'Hydrothorax'.
302Case 314Case of Lady Abercrombie [Abercromby] who is pale and short of breath; she believes she may be jaundiced.
303Case 315Case of the Countess of Aberdeen who has a menstrual irregularity.
304Case 316Case of Mr Robert Neilson with a chronic, progressive illness, probably pulmonary (consumption) but possible cardiac. After a gap, in early January 1782, Cullen confirms that Neilson's condition is terminal. An autopsy soon follows.
305Case 317Case of Mr Stewart who is offered advice for acidity, hiccoughs and vomiting.
306Case 318Case of Mr Cumming who has a long and complex history of chest complaints, fever and stomach problems.
307Case 319Case of Mr Stewart whose condition is attributed to 'lax solids and weak nerves'.
308Case 320Case of Mr Charles Abercrombie whose symptoms are attributed to weak nerves.
309Case 321Case of Captain Henderson who is treated for flatulence and rheumatism.
310Case 322Case of a boy who has swallowed halfpenny.
311Case 323Case of Miss Bethune at Kilconquhar whose has a weak stomach.
312Case 324Case of the Hon. Captain Malcom Ramsay who has jaundice after catching an 'intermitting fever' while serving in America.
313Case 325Case of Mrs Baillie who has a problem with her bowels.
314Case 326Case of a 'young gentleman' in Shetland who has skin eruptions.
315Case 327Case of Mr Bowman who is given a regimen for a vascular complaint now receding.
316Case 328Case of John McAlester, a boy who has recovered enough to walk, but who is still deaf. See also the later case from 1785.
317Case 329Case of Miss Beckie Glassford who is suffering from various weakening symptoms, including a bad cough.
318Case 330Case of John Glassford, the 'Tobacco Lord' who suffers from a long-term stomach complaint which eventually proves fatal. Includes post-mortem report. Internal reference implies he was Cullen's patient in 1768, though no letters are extant.
319Case 331Case of Captain Corsan who is diagnosed with gonorrhea.
320Case 332Case of 'W. L.' who has been suffering from a cough since catching cold after sleeping in a garret room.
321Case 333Case of Mr Kennedy whose disease Cullen considers to be 'entirely epileptic'.
322Case 334Case of James Muir who is diagnosed with a 'suffocating asthma'.
323Case 335Case of John Oswald, Bishop of Raphoe, who is diagnosed with an obstruction of the liver.
324Case 336Case of Alexander Campbell who is suffering from various symptoms after spending some time in the West Indies.
325Case 337Case of Mr Innes of Muriefold who is suffering from frequent coughs and stomach complaints.
326Case 338Case of Miss---- of Orkney' who is prescribed salts, an electuary and and aperient. She may be the same patient as in Case 339.
327Case 339Case of Miss Traill of Orkney who visits Cullen who finds her condition, a kind of 'lepra', rather 'anomalous' but the result of 'weakness and irritability'. Has consulted Cullen earlier so maybe same person as Case 338.
328Case 340Case of Lord Stonefield's son who is to be inoculated against smallpox.
329Case 341Case of an unnamed male patient from Shetland who has a restricted gullet.
330Case 342Case of an unnamed male patient who has had ague and is dropsical.
331Case 343Case of Mr Welsh, who has a swollen leg after he injured it in a fall in April 1775.
332Case 344Case of Colonel Charles (later Earl) Grey, who is prescribed various medicines not all of which agree with him.
333Case 345Case of Mr Turner's daughter reported as having 'a Haemoptoe preceeded by and accompanied with a fixed pain about the middle of the sternum' and who is now dying of advanced consumption.
334Case 347Case of an unnamed female patient with a genito-urinary disorder not thought to be venereal.
335Case 348Case of the sister of Gilbert Blane who suffers from stomach paroxysms.
336Case 349Case of Mr Greigson, who is spitting blood.
337Case 350Case of Miss Porterfield who has a weak stomach.
338Case 351Case of Captain Moncrief who has a weak stomach and bowels.
339Case 352Case of Mr Francis who has a weak stomach.
340Case 353Case of the elderly Mr Wilson who has gout and breathing difficulties.
341Case 354Case of Mr Robertson who is advised on regimen to secure a long-term cure.
342Case 355Case of Mr Ferguson who is advised on cold bathing for his 'fits'. See also Case 1466.
343Case 356Case of Captain Patrick Ferguson, who has bilious and other complaints after military service overseas, and has also been previously treated with mercury for syphilis.
344Case 357Case of Mr Livingston of Parkhall whose current condition is not to be attributed to an earlier diisorder concerning his ankles.
345Case 358Case of John Rogers who describes his own case as 'melancholy'', but enclosed details untraced.
346Case 359Case of Stair Baillie whose is assured his disorder is not venereal.
347Case 360Case of Mr Hedworth Williamson, who has had convulsions.
348Case 361Case of Mr [Archibald?] Buchanan who calls on Cullen over his chest pains and cough.
349Case 362Case of Mr Pearson who has a lot of long-term symptoms, including 'low spirits' and 'suppressed urine'.
350Case 363Case of Miss Peggy Neilson seriously ill with sores, breathing problems and a 'hectic', which eventually proves fatal.
351Case 364Case of Lord Daer (Basil Douglas), whose symptoms leave his family concerned that he may have consumption.
352Case 365Case of Lady Mary Douglas diagnosed with a 'weakness of her bowels'.
353Case 366Case of John Douglas, younger son of the Earl of Selkirk, who is 'liable to opthlalmia'.
354Case 367Case of Alexander Douglas, younger son of the Earl of Selkirk, with measles. Includes an earlier, isolated letter advising Selkirk on how to treat measles.
355Case 368Case of David McLean who sends a very long account of his various 'nervous' symptoms following an injury to his foot; later, in 1784, he contacts Cullen again over the ill-effects of living in a damp house.
356Case 369Case of Robert Ligertwood who believes himself to have a 'nervous weakness'.
357Case 370Case of an unnamed slave with epilepsy at Charleston, South Carolina.
358Case 371Case of an unnamed man residing in Sweden, suffering from fits.
359Case 372Case of Master Bell, an infant with paralysis of the legs after a fever.
360Case 373Case of David Russell with various symptoms including genito-urinary problems.
361Case 374Case of Miss Sinclair with a severe cough and various other symptoms.
362Case 375Case of Captain Garrick who is prescribed a laxative electuary and pectoral mixture.
363Case 376Case of the Reverend Mr Ramsay who is instructed to use a bathing machine.
364Case 377Case of Mr Taylor with gravel in the kidneys.
365Case 378Case of Mr Smart at Wark with gravel in the kidneys.
366Case 379Case of Miss Rutherford whose ailments are 'liable to be tedious & obstinate'.
367Case 380Case of James McCall with 'a kind of Eresipealous affection'.
368Case 381Case of Mr James Dalzell whose stomach disorder is attributed to his breathing in 'fumes of fluxes'. He was undergoing treatment a year earlier (See Case 229).
369Case 382Case of Captain Skene whose recent 'attack' is blamed on cold milk.
370Case 383Case of Mr McKinlay, who has had vertigo and now has opthalmia.
371Case 384Case of Mr Campbell who has a swollen testicle and may have a hernia.
372Case 385Case of Reverend Mr Grant who is prescribed an eye wash.
373Case 386Case of Mr Crauford [Crawford] of Milton's brother who is asthmatic.
374Case 387Case of Mr Crauford [Crawford] of Doonside who is being treated for gout.
375Case 388Case of Mr Tait who is given a regimen to alleviate the ill-effects of his sedentary life.
376Case 389Case of Mrs Hopekirk who is diagnosed as having an obstructed pylorus.
377Case 390Case of the Revd J. Adam whose health collapsed in the West Indies and who now suffers from fits of flighting pains and hectic fevers.
378Case 391Case of Mr Scott who has gout. May also be Case 997.
379Case 392Cases communicated by Charles Broughton, a London surgeon, who sends Cullen letters detailing the successful use of his proprietary ointment that is supposed to cure tumours.
380Case 393Case of Peggy Campbell with consumption.
381Case 395Case of Prof. Watson's daughter who has opthalmia.
382Case 396Case of Mr Anstruther with debility.
383Case 397Case of Mr Gauvner who has a lung complaint.
384Case 398Case of David Callander who is suffering from a swollen testicle.
385Case 399Case of Mr Wood with a 'latent fever'.
386Case 401Case of Mr Strachan [Strahan], who is advised over taking a carriage journey to ease a weak stomach with detailed instructions concerning travel, diet and medications.
387Case 402Case of Lieutenant Bagold at Fort George, whose treatment, which includes the wearing of tight buckskin breeches, has caused him to sweat.
388Case 403Case of Case of William G of Gordonstoun, who has suffered from a 'venereal taint' since being sent to Jamaica as a teenager.
389Case 404Case of Mr Chisholm of Stirches', who is being treated for 'tumours' on throat and lungs, and who is 'hectic'.
390Case 405Case of Mrs Ord who Cullen thinks may have gout.
391Case 407Case of Mr Richardson, examined on the road to Kelso, who has a disordered stomach.
392Case 408Case of Mr Russell whose long-standing complaints include asthma and skin eruptions.
393Case 409Case of Thomas Christie who writes at length about his own nervous symptoms.
394Case 410Case of Mrs Ascough who requires strengthening powders.
395Case 411Case of Mr Joseph King who has consulted many physicians for a condition which includes 'purging' [loose bowels].
396Case 412Case of Mr Maxwell, a 'young gentleman with a cough and pain in his side'.
397Case 413Cases of David Mitchell who has a lung disorder.
398Case 414Case of an unnamed man suspected of having gonorrhea.
399Case 415Case of Miss Davidson with a 'hectic' fever (may be same patient as Case 805).
400Case 416Case of Mr Edward Burrow(es) at Port Glasgow who is being treated for kidney stone.
401Case 417Case of Mrs Barclay, who has an 'inflammatory pain' in her side which Cullen thinks may be evidence of a lung condition.
402Case 418Case of Mr Kincraig (Kinrage?) who is rusticated for a stomach (?) disorder.
403Case 419Case of Mr Sinclair of Harpsdale', who has been 'troubled with a scorbutic eruption on the back of his hand'.
404Case 420Case of an unnamed female patient from Orkney, suffering from 'scrophulous complaints' for several years. Cullen had been giving advice on her treatment over the previous two years.
405Case 422Case of Mrs Arnot of Conuchy, who is aged 80 and has a sudden illness.
406Case 423Case of the Right Honourable Lady Katherine Gordon whose complaints are attributed to her youth and who is recommended sea bathing.
407Case 424Case of Baillie Rodger, who has suffered a paralytic attack.
408Case 425Case of 'Miss I', who has had pains in her shoulder and leg.
409Case 426Case of nine children inoculated against small-pox by Greenock surgeon Gavin Fullarton.
410Case 427Case of J. Muir being sweated by taking Dover's Powders.
411Case 428Case of Mr Fraser, whose 'complaints amount to no formed disease but are merely symptoms of a constitution which by various accident has been a little shaken'.
412Case 430Case of 'an extraordinary Cure performed by the use of Clivers otherwise Goose Grass' communciated to Cullen by Mrs Baillie of Mellerstain, through other parties.
413Case 431Case of an unnamed 'young lady' who has been excessively bled after suffering giddiness.
414Case 432Case of Mr Aberdeen who has the gout.
415Case 433Case of Mr Campbell who was given a regimen by the late Dr John Gregory for managing his gout. Could be same patient as Case 89.
416Case 434Case of Hugh Fraser who has a very serious abdominal condition.
417Case 435Case of Miss St Claire [Sinclair] who has a 'nervous affection' of the blood and eyes. No obvious connection with Case 374 beyond proximity of date.
418Case 436Case of the teenage Miss Murray of Broughton who has a log-standing pulmonary complaint and eventually starts to spit blood.
419Case 437Case of Mrs Sloane whose complaints date back to a fall from a horse.
420Case 438Case of Mr Alexander Dunbar, adolescent son of Captain Dunbar of Westfield who has been 'subject to irregular & wandering Pains of his Belly' since infancy and who develops severe back pain, dizziness and an inability to stand.
421Case 439Case of William Niven concerning 'a Complaint in the lower Part of my Belly'.
422Case 440Case of Robert Gordon who is given instructions on using a 'bathing machine' and later advised against going to Bath.
423Case 441Case of Mr Yeaman whose symptoms began with a cold.
424Case 442Case of Master Sandilands, a "noble youth" with a growth on the right side of his ribs and skin eruptions.
425Case 443Case of Mr Henry Lochead who regularly travels between Virginia and Glasgow who has a genito-urinary complaint which may be venereal.
426Case 445Case of John Ilderton who has a lung complaint.
427Case 448Case of Mr Tillard who reports that he has 'dyspepsia'.
428Case 449Case of an unnamed female patient 'afflicted with Rheumatic pains in different parts of her Body'.
429Case 450Case of Mr Stewart with rheumatic pains and melancholy.
430Case 451Case of Mr Mylred, a judge on the Isle of Man who has become partially paralysed and largely lost his faculties, which might stem from an untreated venereal confection. His friends are considering placing him in a private mad-house.
431Case 452Case of an unnamed patient in St Petersburg with a venereal complaint.
432Case 453Case of an unnamed male patient who suffered a fall.
433Case 454Case of Mr Innes who is given detailed directions for travel.
434Case 455Case of Miss Jane Innes who has a long-term cough (consumption) which eventually proves fatal.
435Case 456Case of Mr. A. C., who has a variety of symptoms. including abdominal swelling and evening fever.
436Case 457Case of Mrs Clarkson, prescribed strengthening and laxative prescriptions.
437Case 458Case of an unnamed correspondent regarding the history of a 24-year-old woman who has been suffering from headaches, with the pain now extending to the stomach and oesophagus.
438Case 459Case of Archibald McIntyre's brother who has recently been sweated.
439Case 460Case of an unnamed young female patient; Cullen needs more details but gives advice on regimen.
440Case 461Case of 'Mr J. J.' diagnosed with rheumatism and palsy.
441Case 462Case of the wife of Dr Louis Odier of Geneva, who has a chest complaint.
442Case 463Case of General Scott who is prescribed a laxative.
443Case 464Case of Captain Graham, prescribed an aperient.
444Case 465Case of Mr Hamilton who has an eye inflammation.
445Case 466Case of Mr Leslie whose symptoms are considered rheumatic rather than gouty. He is travelling to Bath for treatment. Leslie consults Cullen again, over a locked, painful jaw, in 1781 (see Case:302).
446Case 467Case of an anoymised patient from Christiansund (Kristiansund, Norway), for whom Cullen recommends a regimen and a laxative and diaphoretic.
447Case 469Case of Mrs Chalmers who is bedridden, and in a very weak and incontinent state.
448Case 470Case of Mr John Hunter who is being advised over a discharge on his leg and for dropsy jointly by Cullen and Dr Monro.
449Case 471Case of Mr Alexander Craig who has swollen legs.
450Case 472Case of Mr Waldie of Hinderside which proves fatal.
451Case 473Case of George Waldie of Hinderside, whose illness began with a cold but has recently been aggravated by the shock of his father's recent death.
452Case 474Case of Henry Watt who initially reports a bad cough and 'tumours' on his ribs; he is subsequently treated for swollen joints and severe rheumatic pains.
453Case 475Case of Miss Semple (Simple), a teenage girl who suffers from excess salivation and loss of appetite attributed to having had smallpox.
454Case 476Case of the brother of Mr Patrick Campbell at Greenock who has dysentery and a discharging issue.
455Case 477Case of Mr Livingston (Livingstone) who is suffering from severe headaches and loss of sleep.
456Case 478Case of 'Collector' Hunter who has paralysis down one side of his face.
457Case 479Case of Mrs Widdrington weakened by nursing her husband who died recently.
458Case 480Case of Colonel Maxwell who is given directions for managing his weak stomach.
459Case 481Case of Mrs Anne Stewart who as a 'soar Breast' from nursing and a spot on her hand which she fears is scurvy.
460Case 482Case of Miss Anne Downman, sister of Dr Hugh Downman, who has suffered from hysterical symptoms and urinary tract ailments since the death of a brother in 1771.
461Case 484Case of Miss Shaw who is concerning the surgical removal of a tumour on her finger.
462Case 485Case of Miss B. Robertson at Eyemouth who suffers breathlessness.
463Case 486Case of Mr John Grey (Senior) at Alnwick, who has diabetes. He is under the local care of Dr Henry Richardson.
464Case 487Case of Mrs Beattie with throat and stomach problems.
465Case 488Case of Matthew Reid of Leicester who consulted Cullen in person in August 1774 over feverish, night 'fits' which abate but then return.
466Case 489Case of Sir Everard McIntyre who has a fever.
467Case 490Case of Mr Crawfuird of Ardmillard who presents varied symptoms of mental confusion, including dreaming 'awake'.
468Case 491Case of Mrs Dalgleish who has stomach complaints.
469Case 492Case of young Mr Scott whose fainting episodes are attributed to 'rapid growth'. His father may be case 493.
470Case 493Case of Mr Scott who is given a hasty reply concerning his stomach and pectoral complaints. This may be the father of the young Scott in Case 492 who recently visited Edinburgh.
471Case 494Case of Henry Elliot who has a skin eruption. Consults Cullen on other matters in later years.
472Case 495Case of Dorothea, Countess of Fife, who has disordered bowels and has sunk into a general state of weakness and lassitude.
473Case 496Case of Mrs Ewart of Mullock who has had many children and whose complaints are associated with her 'time of life'.
474Case 497Case of young Robert Dunbar (son Lady Dunbar of Hempriggs), who has feverish symptoms.
475Case 498Case of Miss Alexandria "Lexie" Dunbar (eighteen-year-old daughter of Sir William Dunbar) who has a persistent cough and chest complaint.
476Case 499Case of Mrs Ranie who has lost blood, has breathing problems and is in danger of 'a dropsy'.
477Case 500Case of Miss McLachlan who has menstrual problems.
478Case 501Case of Mr Callow, who is 'subject to inflammation of the throat on catching the least cold'.
479Case 502Case of Ann (Anne) Ormston who has had a long history of illhealth since suffering a 'scorbutic ulcer' when eighteen.
480Case 503Case of Miss Polly Ormston who has 'a tendency to consumption'.
481Case 504Case of Mr Francis Stuart of Castlemilk who is seeks advice for taking a voyage to Antigua.
482Case 505Case of Alexander Bremner, a farmer with complications after the surgical removal of a tumour on his lip.
483Case 506Case of an unnamed man of sixty-seven who was healthy until five years ago when his blood became 'vitiated'.
484Case 507Case of Mrs Blackburn who is diagnosed with 'obstruction of bile'.
485Case 508Case of Miss Ogilby who has had a fever for the last eight days.
486Case 509Case of the poet Mrs Jane Gomeldon who is prescribed various medicines, including a diaphoretic and volatile oil to clear her sinuses.
487Case 510Case of Lady Oughton, who is spitting blood.
488Case 511Case of Miss Campbell who has a serious lung condition.
489Case 512Case of Miss Campbell of Dunstaffnage who is suffering from severe headaches and pains in her side since developing an ulcer after ignoring a scratch on her shin.
490Case 513Case of Mrs Munro of Culcairne, a mother of three, who has a serious 'eruption' on her skin.
491Case 514Case of the Reverend Mr Crichton [Crieghton] who has consulted Culler earlier for his gout, gravel and rheumatism but no letter traced.
492Case 515Case of Frances Fortescue who has a longstanding throat and mouth condition.
493Case 516Case of Mr Law, a Montrose shipmaster, who has an abdominal complaint.
494Case 517Case of Mr Hugh Lawson who has developed pains in his joints, possibly gout or nephritic. His condition baffles local physician Dr John Gilchrist to whom he is related, but eventually proves to be a fatal case of kidney stone.
495Case 518Case of Mr Morison with stranguary following a venereal condition.
496Case 519Case of Colonel Campbell's daughter who has an eye disorder.
497Case 520Case of Miss Aiton with various symptoms attributed to her menstrual problems.
498Case 521Case of Mr Potts who may have gout.
499Case 522Case of Lord George Hay, the young son of Lord Erroll who is doing well after travelling home to Slains Castle.
500Case 523Case of Mr Key, a 45-year-old man who 'has for several years past been troubled with violent head achs', and mortified toes.
501Case 524Case of Miss Margaret Douglas who has recently been in extremis with a pulmonary condition (consumption).
502Case 525Case of Margaret Ewart, who has a cough and chest pains.
503Case 526Case of James Preston suffering from nervous weakness.
504Case 527Case of Miss Forster who consults Cullen in person over various gouty and digestive complaints.
505Case 528Case of Miss Susan Forster who is to take a diaphoretic if she does not benefit from travel.
506Case 529Case of Miss Forster's maid who is costive.
507Case 530Case of a gentleman at Bergen, Norway who has weak eyes.
508Case 532Case of Miss Hannah Pearson, a young woman with a menstrual irregularity, who conditon is diagnosed as nervous and hysteric.
509Case 533Case of Mr Newall weakened by 'an uncommon length of nervous fever'.
510Case 534Case of James Strachan, suffering from melancholia, 'mania', and other symptoms.
511Case 535Case of Mr Dalyell with rheumatism.
512Case 536Case of John Henderson whose symptoms include flatulence, 'some degree of Megrims', spitting blood and delicate nerves for which he is advised to travel to Paris.
513Case 537Case of Mrs Montgomerie [Montgomery] who is advised to travel and prescribed a linctus for her cough. It is assumed this is the same patient from inconclusive, but strong internal evidence.
514Case 538Case of Mr Browne who has an eye disorder.
515Case 539Case of Mr Page, resident in Virginia, who has a 'disorder in his head'.
516Case 540Case of Mr Crawfurd [Crawford] whose health went into decline after the heavy drinking undertaken while contesting the last election at Morpeth which left him vulnerable to catching a cold and he is left with a persistent cough.
517Case 541Case of an unnamed a female patient with a venereal complaint which 'was not got quite in the Natural way, as it was from an attempt made on the patient by a man who afterwards acknowledged his being in that way'.
518Case 542Case of Captain Oswald Campbell, with no confirmed disease at present, but 'so many appearances threatening one' that Cullen thinks it proper to take precautions.
519Case 543Case of Mr Cruickshank who has been seen abroad in the cold despite being placed on a mercurial course to cure 'eruptions' on his hands and throat.
520Case 547Case of Eleanor Fraser, the nine-year-old daughter of Lord and Lady Saltoun seized with 'fits' after a fever.
521Case 548Case of Robert Chisholm who travels to Bath for an unstated condition.
522Case 549Case of Mrs Knott who suffers from pains and dizziness and then becomes pregnant.
523Case 550Case of Miss Ford who has stomach problems.
524Case 551Case of Miss Kerr who has severe colic.
525Case 552Case of Mr Sligo whose symptoms, Cullen thinks are rooted his stomach rather than his breast.
526Case 553Case of James Orr who has a venereal infection in 1778, but by 1782 has abdominal complaints and various bodily pains which Cullen eventually attributes to a disordered liver.
527Case 554Case of William Orr who has an eye condition.
528Case 555Case of Mrs Thomson of Charlton who suffers from sleeplessness and abdominal pains described as hypochondriasis. She is later suspected of having bladder stones and has a paralysis in the arm.
529Case 556Case of Mrs Murdoch at Rosebank, who is given a regimen after seeing Cullen in person; swollen ankles not considered serious, but has consumption; also needs some teeth extracting.
530Case 557Case of Amelia, wife of George Murdoch, who now has tumours on her legs and a cold (following an earlier Case:1637).
531Case 558Case of an unnamed female patient who is undergoing salivation and sarsparilla treatment.
532Case 559Case of Miss Fannie Brownlee at Lanark with a sore eye, a scrophulous eruption near her ear and gout.
533Case 560Case of Mr James Brown whose disorder of his 'breast' is mending but has a 'glimmering' in his eye and is given a regimen.
534Case 561Case of the Reverend John Noble who had a weak stomach and nervous headaches before suffering a paralytic attack.
535Case 562Case of an unnamed female patient, aged forty-nine, with various symptoms, including bouts of delirious speech, partly associated with a cessation of her menses, but she also has blind piles and toothache.
536Case 563Case of the infant son of Mr Campbell of Silvercraigs who has had several convulsive fits.
537Case 564Case of Miss Swan, whose symptoms Cullen suspects indicate a phthisis.
538Case 565Case of Princess Dashkova with a 'disposition to Gout'.
539Case 566Case of Lord Elibank's baby boy with a prolapse of the anus.
540Case 567Case of an unnamed male patient recently returned from Jamaica with a cough and fever.
541Case 568Case of an unnamed male patient diagnosed with hysteria.
542Case 569Case of John Morison, who is blind due to smallpox.
543Case 570Case of Captain Forbes who is deteriorating and requires an opiate for his pain which seems to be from a kidney or bladder condition..
544Case 571Case of an unnamed young male patient, a household servant suffering from epileptic fits that now border on brief episodes of insanity appearing to follow the phases of the moon.
545Case 572Case of Mr Aldam who is prescribed stomach drops.
546Case 573Case of an unnamed male patient who lost his health after becoming ill in Jamaica.
547Case 574Case of Reverend James Munro with paralysis of the limbs.
548Case 575Case of Reverend James Taylor with bloody stools.
549Case 576Case of James Hutton with feverish fits and other symptoms.
550Case 577Case of the anonymised 'Mr. G.', suffering from complaints of the heart and arteries.
551Case 578Case of Mary Macleod who is advised to use cold bathing and 'attend to the state of your mind'.
552Case 579Case of Sir William Carr [Kerr] of Etal [Etall] with urinary retention and a suspected diabetes.
553Case 580Case of an unnamed male patient suffering from dysfunction of the sexual organs.
554Case 581Case of W. Burnett suffering from incontinency of urine while sleeping.
555Case 582Case of James Gordon of Glastirum who has a tumour.
556Case 583Case of John Caldwell, 'a lunatic'.
557Case 584Case of Miss Polly Hamilton who is advised to take salt water.
558Case 585Case of Mrs Browne with a tumour.
559Case 587Case of an unnamed male patient who is sent a regimen in Latin for what seems to be a venereal disease and swollen testicles.
560Case 588Case of an unknown person only evident from a fragment in the form of a brief query regarding the pain in their side.
561Case 589Case of an unnamed 44-year-old male patient with a long-standing abdominal complaint who has been advised to consult Cullen.
562Case 590Case of James [Innes?], customs officer at Irvine, who has been for the past three years 'attack'd with a Noise & Confusion in my head...'.
563Case 592Case of Mr Alexander Home who is given directions concerning the taking of goat whey.
564Case 593Case of Miss Smith who is 'far gone in a consumption'.
565Case 594Case of Miss Chisholm, who is prescribed iron and a Peruvian bark infusion.
566Case 595Case of Reverend Alexander Spears with palsy.
567Case 596Case of Robert Fergusson with a suspected venereal disease. Not obviously same patient as Case 935.
568Case 597Case of James Sinclair with eruptions and blotches of the skin.
569Case 598Case of George Couper who is given advice on a sea voyage.
570Case 599Case of Captain Skene who suffers from 'langour and oppression'.
571Case 600Case of Mrs Fisher who has a feverish condition and sore lips.
572Case 601Case of Mrs Hay who is prescribed stomach medicines and a regimen.
573Case 602Case of Archibald Campbell of Stonefield with costiveness, want of sleep and swollen legs.
574Case 603Case of Mr Bagshaw whose constitution is disordered.
575Case 604Case of Mrs Innes whose health is improving but who is directed to travel to Bath.
576Case 605Case of Miss Melvill(e) who is prescribed flesh brushing to her feet and an aperient recipe. The assumption that these two letters refer to the same patient is tentative.
577Case 606Case of Mr Clerk who is advised a regimen including leaving off all strong drink.
578Case 607Case of Captain Campbell, who has consulted Cullen and Joseph Black in the past after ruining his health in the West Indies.
579Case 609Case of an unnamed female patient whose prospective husband is concerned she may have inherited mania from her grandmother.
580Case 610Case of Mrs Crawford of Doonside with various symptoms including fever and pain in her side.
581Case 611Case of Miss Gordon who is advised to try sea-bathing.
582Case 612Case of a unnamed child of Mr. and Catherine Beaumont, suffering from skin eruptions.
583Case 613Case of Sir James Dunbar with gravel and a pain in the back.
584Case 614Case of Reverend George Munro with hemiplegia.
585Case 615Case of Miss Millar who is suffering from various symptoms since beginning a 'starving course'. Under care of Dr Walker in 1779, but she is refered again to Cullen by Dr Ravenscroft in 1779.
586Case 616Case of Sir James Norcliffe with weakness of the bowels.
587Case 617Case of Mr. 'Y. Z.' with pain and swelling of the testicles.
588Case 618Case of an unnamed adult male patient with giddiness [possibly Grey of Northumberland].
589Case 619Case of unnamed patient who reports a 'coldness' in their ankle, leg and thigh.
590Case 620Case of an unnamed patient whose symptoms are attributed to concussion to their kidneys and other parts after a fall.
591Case 621Case of Colonel Skene's brother Captain David Skene, who is given detailed instructions on taking medicines sent to relieve him of his 'feverish fits'. This patient presents different symptoms in later years.
592Case 622Case of Mr Aiton, who is given a regimen (quite possibly the same patient) as Case 1183).
593Case 623Case of Mr Holder who is bilious after having had jaundice.
594Case 624Case of an unnamed female patient whose health began to decline after moving to Lerwick in Shetland.
595Case 625Case of Mrs Margaret Logie of Shetland, who has a long-standing stomach and abdominal complaint.
596Case 626Case of Forbes of Bulogie who is prescribed castor oil to offset costiveness of taking laudanum.
597Case 627Case of Mr Rey who is given a prescription to relieve an ailment affecting his toes.
598Case 628Case of Mrs Hunter of Thurston, whom Cullen believes to be in danger of phthisis.
599Case 629Case of Miss Kerr , who is in danger of phthisis (maybe same patient as Case 165, and 551).
600Case 630Case of Mr James Mill who is given a regimen in the winter of 1775 who is tentatively identified as the the same patient reporting a nervous disorder followed by a virulent venereal infection in 1778.
601Case 631Case of Sir James Maxwell who has started having convulsive fits at night but who rejects all attempts at medical intervention.
602Case 632Case of Reverend Mr Whyte who is thought to be in great danger of phthisis.
603Case 633Case of Mr Allen who has breathing problems diagnosed as an asthma.
604Case 634Case of Mr Lydon whose abdominal complaint cannot be diagnosed fully without further details.
605Case 635Case of Miss Campbell who has a stiffened joint.
606Case 636Case of Miss Dunlop whose obstinate complaint requires a diaphoretic. May relate to Case 721.
607Case 637Case of Miss Lockhart, elder daughter of Catherine, dowager Lady Lockhart of Carstairs, who is spitting blood and has menstrual problems.
608Case 639Case of an unnamed female patient with a 'spasmodic affection' of her limbs and other 'nervous' symptoms.
609Case 640Case of an an unnamed 'Young Lady' with pain in the side and digestive problems.
610Case 641Case of Mr McAdam of Craigengillan who has gout.
611Case 642Case of Mr. Y. given guidance on exercise and diet, and aperient pill recipe to remove 'foulness' from his 'extremities' (which implies gout).
612Case 643Case of an unnamed male patient whose symptoms date back to 1731, but the only evidence is very brief notes.
613Case 645Case of Miss Crawfurd [Crawford] who is advised to go south for the winter to France.
614Case 646Case of Mr Patrick Meliss who has a feverish cough.
615Case 647Case of the twelve-year-old son of the Reverend McAulay who has had headaches and fainting fits.
616Case 648Case of Mr Drysdale declining from a feverish chest complaint and 'a putrid ulcer in his chest'.
617Case 649Case of Miss Jeanie Campbell of Clathick whose symptoms, including chilblains and suppressed menses, suggest to Cullen that she has 'stagnant' blood.
618Case 650Case of the anonymised "S .J.", who is being treated for a swollen testicle.
619Case 652Case of Alice Bethune in Kilconquhar who since getting got cold feet from walking, has suffered from a cough and pains in her sides, breast and back; she also has a strange taste in her mouth. See Case 323.
620Case 653Case of an unnamed 15-year-old female patient, whose behaviour has suddenly changed, becoming paranoid, with wild, incoherent outbursts.
621Case 654Case of Mr Lockhart who is 'threatened with a dangerous disease'.
622Case 655Case of Mr John Davidson of Ravelrigg, who is given a very substantial regimen in order to manage his gout.
623Case 656Case of Mrs Reddie, given advice for a stomach complaint associated with a recent pregnancy. Mentions consulting Cullen earlier in March 1773. No letters traced from that date, but a letter of 23 December 1773 almost certainly concerns this patient.
624Case 657Case of Mrs Thorp who initially has severe colic which somewhat subsides but she then develops a stranguary.
625Case 658Case of Mr Macadam of Grimmel, who has been siezed with a palsy.
626Case 659Case of Miss Betty Binning who has an abdominal disorder with increasing fluid retention associated with a menstrual irregularity.
627Case 660Case of Mr John Key who is spitting blood but he is far more concerned that he may have a venereal infection.
628Case 661Case of the eight-year-old niece of General Abercrombie who has involuntary movements and weakness in her face and left side diagnosed as Chorea.
629Case 662Case of John Warrandice (likely a pseudonym based on a legal term) who has had weak nerves since childhood and who believes he has weakened his constitution further through 'self-abuse'.
630Case 663Case of Miss Hamilton who is so ill she believes only death can relieve her. Possibly same patient as Case 69.
631Case 664Case of Mr M. Nasmyth, suffering from palpitations and stomach ailments which Cullen thinks 'depend upon...his mind & effections of the mind acting upon the body'.
632Case 665Case of an unnamed female patient with advanced consumption.
633Case 666Case of Mrs Little who is being purged after complaining of 'sick fits'.
634Case 667Case of the Reverend Robert Dunbar who suffers from chest pains and indigestion which now affects his ability to preach and study.
635Case 668Case of Rev. George Ogilvy, a clergyman with a urinary disorder.
636Case 669Case of Mrs Marshall who is 'very ill' with heads pains, 'anorexia, eructations and nausea'.
637Case 670Case of Nancy ['Nanny'] Newbigging, a five year old child who has had a fever and now has a swelling on her foot.
638Case 671Case of Mr Thomas Alston who spits blood and consequently has a poor prognosis and whose case eventually proves fatal.
639Case 672Case of Mr James Hogarth being treated for a 'nervous' complaint which includes stomach pain.
640Case 673Case of Mrs Hogarth, whose flatulence is related to age and anxiety.
641Case 674Case of Eliza King at Newhall who has a stomach disorder and heat in her face.
642Case 675Case of Miss Robinson who suffered a debilitating fever and now has problems with her teeth.
643Case 676Case of an unnamed male patient with a lung condition following a fall on board a ship.
644Case 677Case of Mr Oyes with severe dyspepsia and abdominal pain.
645Case 678Case of 'A. B.', an unnamed 22-year-old male patient suffering from nausea, headaches, disturbed vision and other symptoms.
646Case 680Case of 'A. B.', a female patient from Jamaica who is 'so corpulent as to be easily oppressed and fatigued by the slightest exercise'.
647Case 681Case of Andrew McCulloch who has been advised by Alexander Monro for an abdominal disorder.
648Case 682Case of Mr Barclay with a long history of lung complaints and other symptoms (may be same patient as later Case 1402).
649Case 683Case of Mrs Maxwell who is advised for her nervous debility.
650Case 684Case of Miss Jean ["Jeanie"] McMurdo [MacMurdo] who in 1775 has a fever, in 1778 has a bad chest condition with feverish symptoms, and then develops severe bouts of colic.
651Case 685Case of Miss Strangeways who has consulted Cullen earlier when he was at Berwick over her severe chest pains and now requests that he waive any further fee.
652Case 686Case of Mrs Hamilton of Aldershaw who is in the last stages of consumption.
653Case 687Case of Miss Home whose vertigo is considered the symptom of a plethora.
654Case 688Case of an unnamed female patient with eruptions of the skin.
655Case 689Case of Mr Kirsop whose obstinate 'rheumatism' in his head requires the application of a drawing plaster.
656Case 690Case of Mrs Dougal being treated for retention of urine.
657Case 691Case of Miss Furie (Furye) who has a weak chest and who is given general advice on sustaining her health over the winter. She first consulted Cullen about four years earlier (c. 1772), but no evidence traced.
658Case 692Case of Sir Thomas Haggerston who has gout and a weak stomach.
659Case 693Case of Mr William Borradaile [Borrowdale] who asks his brother - a student of Cullen - to enquire on his behalf over his rheumatic complaints.
660Case 694Case of the Revd Mr Gillespie, who initially reports 'a weakness of back and lowness of spirits', but writes again two years later over what he fears is a fistula requiring surgery but Cullen assures him it is just piles.
661Case 696Case of Miss Marshall who has a stomach disorder.
662Case 697Case of Mr Woolcombe who is disposed towards gout.
663Case 698Case of Mrs Aird, who saw Cullen, last September but now has new symptoms of fever following a severe haemorrhage which may have been a miscarriage. She also suffers from swollen parts.
664Case 699Case of John Taylor Peachy who is about to sail for London from Cadiz, where his cough cleared up but who is still breathless.
665Case 700Case of Mrs Seton, who is given advice in taking a course of goat whey.
666Case 701Case of Mr Muir, a wine-merchant, who experiences strange sensations when entering his cellar, becomes melancholy and can barely be roused to move or speak; having recovered he considers removing to a warmer climate in the East or West Indies.
667Case 702Case of Miss Mary Hamilton of Westburn who is prescribed medicines for a paint in her side and related stomach disorder.
668Case 703Case of A. B., a 36-year-old woman with 'Lameness in the right Limb, with weakness, pain & spasms in the right hip extending from thence to the outside of the knee'.
669Case 704Case of "A. B.", the four-year-old son of Mr Samuel Thomson on the island of St Croix who has lost his speech and developed a 'spasmodic' condition in his arm since being inoculated against smallpox.
670Case 705Case of Mr Dougald Campbell who has a lung disorder.
671Case 706Case of Miss Campbell of Silverbanks who has 'an indolent glandular tumour under her right ear'.
672Case 710Case of the Reverend Peter Yorstoun who has piles and related complaints.
673Case 711Case of Miss Evans, a 7-year-old girl 'seized with a Drowsiness attended with a Vomiting'.
674Case 712Case of Mr Watson who has a bladder problem.
675Case 713Case of Miss Hearcy Fullarton who spits blood and has a pain in her side from a lung condition.
676Case 715Case of Mr Williams at Ayr who is prescribed salts.
677Case 716Case of Mr Leith of Leith Hall who spits blood and is to travel south to relieve a longstanding pulmonary disorder.
678Case 717Case of Lord Cathcart who has a cough with possible diabetes and who sends Cullen a theoretically informed account of the cause of his own symptoms.
679Case 718Case of an unnamed female patient who thinks she will 'never be well', as mentioned in a short, hurried note of Cullen's to her own physician or surgeon.
680Case 719Case of an unnamed 32 year old male patient who writes an intimate letter reporting his concerns over sexual matters.
681Case 720Case of a person with melancholia and other symptoms of mental illness only known from a series of queries sent by Cullen.
682Case 722Case of Mr Thomson diagnosed with an obstructed urethra.
683Case 723Case of Mr Morison near Coupar, who complaints are 'headache, giddiness and constant noise in his ears'.
684Case 724Case of Mr McDowall [Douall], who developed a rheumatic complaint while in America, followed by other episodes of illness, including an injured leg from being knocked into by a horse.
685Case 725Case of Miss Mary Renton who has a cough accompanied by chest and shoulder pains.
686Case 726Case of Mrs Grieve who apparently consulted Cullen in winter of 1778-79 for a stomach ailment. She has a long history of arm pains; in February 1777 underwent a partial mastectomy for suspected breast cancer in 1779 develops respiratory difficulties.
687Case 727Case of John Shanks who has a pulmonary condition.
688Case 728Case of Mr French who has a long history of various glandular and scrophulous complaints, including fits in childhood and a 'plethoric' state from full living.
689Case 729Case of Dr Garrioch [Garioch] who has a problem with his foot which Cullen has discussed with his colleague Dr Alexander Munro.
690Case 730Case of Captain Campbell who has a recurring venereal infection.
691Case 731Case of Colonel Gray whose complaints appear to be pulmonary and are attributed to the winter climate. See also: case 344.
692Case 732Case of the Dumfries surgeon Mr James Hill who has a bladder condition.
693Case 733Case of Mrs Drysdale which appears 'desperate', and appears to be some form of paralysis of her neck and throat.
694Case 734Case of Miss Betty Drysdale who spits blood.
695Case 735Case of Miss Mary Lockhart who has a stomach complaint.
696Case 736Case of Miss Wilkie who is diagnosed as 'nervous' and 'hysteric' rather than having any 'fixed' disorder of the brain.
697Case 737Case of Mrs Gillies whose condition is unstated but if the current treatment continues to have no effect electricity might be tried.
698Case 738Case of Mr [Thomas] Macfarlane [Minister of Lonbride] who is mentally disordered and eventually has to be restrained with a 'waistcoat'.
699Case 739Case of Miss Milmer who is advised over bathing and taking the waters at Harrogate where she has gone for her health.
700Case 740Case of Miss Scott of Hawick who is prescribed an aperient medicine 'to keep her belly regular'.
701Case 741The Case of Mr Lumsden who has a long history of illness, including fever, nosebleeds and pains in the hypochondria, and who converses with Cullen over whether his condition is entirely 'nervous' or more 'fixed.
702Case 742Case of Mr Sheppard, who is considered atrobilious.
703Case 743Case of Mrs Hopkirk whose symptoms are attributed to costiveness.
704Case 744The Case of Miss Sinclair of Southdun who has a chest complaint.
705Case 746Case of Lord Dalzell who has a protracted illness which includes pains in abdomen.
706Case 747Case of Mr Ralph Bates who has rheumatic pains and a liver and bowel complaint which proves fatal.
707Case 748Case of Mr John Brodie who has long suffered from gout and whose condition keeps getting worse.
708Case 749Case of William Macalpine who has swellings or 'boils' in his groins which he is hoping are not venereal.
709Case 751Case of Mrs Wardrop of Westhorn who has a 'gouty disposition'.
710Case 752Case of Mrs Boyd, whose condition, a chest complaint, is not improving and Cullen confides to the addressee that he fears it is 'desperate'.
711Case 753Case of Miss Gordon who is advised over taking Costorphine Water.
712Case 754Case of Miss Gordon of Kennethmont who once suffered scorbutic eruptions but now has an eye disorder and confusing head pains.
713Case 755Case of Mr Whytlaw diagnosed as 'a meagre atrabilarian'.
714Case 756Case of Mrs Whytlaw whose symptoms are treated as 'hysterical' and attributed to menstrual obstruction.
715Case 757Case of Mr Adams of Pembroke who is feverish and advised to travel.
716Case 758Case of Robert Stevens of Broadland who is prescribed a laxative oil.
717Case 759Case of the twelve year old son of Mr Lyel [Lyell] who suffers from convulsive fits.
718Case 760Case of 'Mrs...', an unnamed patient of J. O. Merry, who has a genito-urinary ulceration.
719Case 761Case of 'Mr A. B.', who is given a two-week course of medicine for an inflammatory condition.
720Case 762Case of the Countess of Dunmore whose complaints, which include a redness of her face, Cullen considers 'entirely constitutional' and requiring a regimen.
721Case 763Case of the Reverend Mr Cooper [Cowper] who in 1776 is being dosed with various medicines. In 1789 he has a cough and has suffered some sort of blackout.
722Case 764Case of Miss Aytoun who suffers varied symptoms including abdominal pains, feverishness, looseness and vomiting.
723Case 765Case of Robert Dundas, 4th Lord of Arniston, who is given a medicine to keep his 'belly regular'.
724Case 766Case of Mr Harker who has a stomach and pulmonary complaint.
725Case 767Case of James Hunter of Thurston (brother of Robert) whose catarrh turns to asthma and dropsy and who is advised to travel south.
726Case 768Case of Mrs Schaw (Shaw) who has an asthma.
727Case 769Case of Agnes Sanderson, sister-in-law of Laurence Edmonston suffering from a fever. In a letter dated three years later, Edmonston tells Cullen that she died before the physician's response reached Shetland.
728Case 770Case of Mrs Scott, a sister-in-law of Laurence Edmonston, who has a lung condition. Edmonston writes concerning other relatives in later years.
729Case 771Case of Miss Johannah Sanderson, the sister-in-law of Laurence Edmonston in Shetland. She dies just as Cullen's reply reaches Shetland.
730Case 772Case of Mr Kincraig [Kineragi, Kinerage] who has a urinary disorder. See also Case 418.
731Case 773Case of Mr Metford, considered rheumatic rather than gouty.
732Case 774Case of the younger Mr Dickson who has gout.
733Case 775Case of Mr Stewart [Steaurt] of Kirkness who has a problem with his jaw and gums stemming from decayed teeth.
734Case 776Case of Adam Scott who is much recovered but is advised over regimen. No internal evidence to relate this Mr Scott to other cases.
735Case 777Case of the infant son of Thomas Pease who has suffered convulsions.
736Case 778Case of Miss Juliana Creswell whose long-standing ill health is attributed to 'irritability', and who is advised to continue with goat whey and other regimen.
737Case 779Case of Captain James Maxwell of Faskally who has a chest complaint for which he takes a course of goat whey.
738Case 780Case of Mrs Maxwell of Munches [Munchies] whose symptoms are attributed to 'a weakness of the womb'; she is later considered a 'nervous' case. Cullen's replies refer to a number of incoming letters which are untraced.
739Case 781Case of Mrs Henrietta Duff who suffers from shoulder pains, a swollen thigh, sweats, and spits blood.
740Case 782Case of Robert Orr, who is consumptive.
741Case 783Case of Mr Atkinson, whose symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting and biliousness are attributed to a 'weakness of the alimentary canal'.
742Case 784Case of Miss Frances Simpson who is treated for an overian tumour under the immediate care of the surgeon Richard Lambert.
743Case 785Case of Mrs Bushby who has a bad chest, vomiting and various other complaints generally associated with multiple child-bearing.
744Case 786Case of John Love, a silk manufacturer, who suffers from low spirits, costiveness and various other symptoms, including sexual related anxieties, which he discusses with Cullen in person.
745Case 787Case of Alexander Dirom, who has a urinary tract ailment.
746Case 788Case of Mrs [Jane] Fraser of Relict [Relig/Reelig], who suffers from breathlessness and pain in her side; she subsequently falls down stairs, becomes pregnant and is then dissuaded from suckling her child for fear of her catching milk fever and a cold.
747Case 789Case of Miss Young who, having nursed her consumptive mother until death, goes on to display symptoms of what Cullen describes as an 'hereditary phthisis'.
748Case 790Case of Mr Ancrum, a Northumberland farmer, whose dyspepsia was recently aggravated by the shock of being attacked by 'footpads'.
749Case 791Case of Mrs Fletcher who is pregnant and has devloped a cough, pains in her bones, and a chill.
750Case 792Case of John McKie [Mackie], Junior who undertakes cold bathing to treat a sore stomach and giddiness, but his abdominal troubles recur.
751Case 793Case of Mrs McKie, who in 1781 has had a miscarriage. Correspondence resumes in January 1785 over her cold and cough.
752Case 794Case of Mr Thomas Irwin [Irwine] who suffers from swollen legs, itchiness and biliousness and which eventually proves fatal.
753Case 795Case of Andrew Shennan who has a bad back and feverish episodes since catching a chill when sailing to Ireland, and has since injured his arm.
754Case 796Case of Mr Edward Gallon who reports soreness and other symptoms in his genital area.
755Case 797Case of Captain John Robertson who has a 'chronic catarrh'.
756Case 798Case of Reverend Findlater, minister of Linton whose complaints are related to his very convivial drinking habits.
757Case 799Case of A. B., a male patient aged 50 and a 'man midwife' who has genito-urinary disorders which may be venereal in origin.
758Case 800Case of male 'Friend' of Mr Shiells, just arrived in Bristol by sea, suffering from a longstanding 'sensibility of the nerves' for which he tried many remedies while in the West Indies.
759Case 801Case of Dr Dolman who has a 'gouty disposition'.
760Case 802Case of Miss Balmain who in 1776 has a tumour under her chin and by 1778 has similar complaints but also a cough and swelling below her ear (see later Case in 1780).
761Case 803Case of Mr Wemyss, who is given a regimen for unspecified complaints.
762Case 804Case of Major Sandilands who has dropsy and asthma.
763Case 805Case of Miss Davidson of Eyemouth who continues with asthma (may be same patient as Case 415).
764Case 806Case of Mrs Fraser who consulted Cullen back in 'Winter 1765' [no documents traced] and who may have recently miscarried.
765Case 807Case of Thomas Rippingall [Rippengale] who has a weak stomach and then develops 'dull' eyes and fears jaundice.
766Case 808Case of Dr Robert Innes who, over several years, has stomach complaints, then piles, then a cold and cough.
767Case 809Case of Mrs Baillie of Carnbrue who has a pulmonary condition which concerns Cullen who asks Mr Hamilton to pay her a visit.
768Case 810Case of the Reverend Mr Elliot, which was not entered in the casebook so only known from isolated title. There are several Elliots, including a clergymen, represented elsewhere in the archive to whom this might refer.
769Case 811Case of Mrs Gordon who has a serious 'visceral obstruction' which Cullen thinks may be a tumour, ovarian in origin.
770Case 812Case of Mr William Cunninghame who has a 'gouty habit'.
771Case 813Case of the son of Mr Wilson who has an ear disorder. Cullen thinks there is no reason to suspect he has worms.
772Case 814Case of Mrs Forster who has a 'gouty diathesis'.
773Case 815Case of Mr Hopper who is prescribed medicines to induce sweating.
774Case 816Case of Mr Kilpatrick who is advised to travel to Bath.
775Case 817Case of Captain Smibert who has dropsy.
776Case 818Case of Richard Allan, surgeon to the Dublin Volunteers who is given brief advice for himself but who also elicits Cullen's advice on who are the best authorities to read on fevers.
777Case 819Case of Mrs Allan, the wife of the minister at Row, who is diagnosed as being an 'hysterical melancholic' arising from religious considerations' but whose condition improves with a regimen and medicines.
778Case 820Case of Mr John Likly whose own fears that he has 'a venereal taint' or 'virus' eventually appear to have been well founded and who is increasingly concerned that he has 'weak nerves'.
779Case 821Case of Alexander Gordon who after visiting Cullen in person is treated for gravel.
780Case 822Case of the Honourable Captain Frederick Maitland, whose muscular pains are treated as rheumatic. In 1786 he has become very feeble and is in danger of a stroke.
781Case 825Case of Mrs Dods who is prescribed a stomachic mixture.
782Case 826Case of George Buchanan who needs to restore his strength after an illness which has left him with a cough.
783Case 827Case of Miss Fraser who is suspected of feining her fits.
784Case 828Case of Mrs Davies who has stomach and bowel complaints which Cullen believes are from the gout turned inwards.
785Case 829Case of Miss Stevenson who is suspected of having an internal abscess.
786Case 830Case of Lord Errol's children who have chincough.
787Case 831Case of Mrs Anderson who is given advice on regimen to manage an unspecified disorder which is not dangerous and appears to come and go.
788Case 832Case of Mr Corbet of Dumfries who is prescribed a regimen and stomach medicine.
789Case 833Case of Gordon of Gight with gout, stomach and nervous complaints.
790Case 834Case of Mrs Gordon of Gight with Fluor Albus and cough.
791Case 835Case of an old man with a bladder stone under the care of Mr Tait a surgeon at Ely.
792Case 836Case of Mrs [Major] Sinclair who is predisposed to kidney stones.
793Case 837Case of Mrs Berdige who has a longstanding disorder Cullen attributes to nervous weakness and irritability.
794Case 838Case of Mrs Montgomery of Newton who has a weak stomach.
795Case 839Case of Mr Hall who has various sores which might be venereal.
796Case 840Case of 'Miss ---- ' at Dumfries whose condition is considered rheumatic and nervous.
797Case 841Case of Miss Gwynn who has a menstrual problem.
798Case 842Case of an unnamed female patient, a friend of Mr Edward Burrow at Port Glasgow.
799Case 843Case of Mrs. Commissary Ker, who is advised to travel south to England.
800Case 844Case of Mrs Neilson who has had a 'morbus niger'.
801Case 846Case of Lady Catherine [Katherine] Gordon who is prescribed a 'cooling solution'.
802Case 847Case of Miss Macdougal who has a cough and restless nights.
803Case 848Case of Mr Houston whose long-standing apoplexy has becomes severe with breathing difficulties, pain and weakness.
804Case 850Case of the Countess of Dundonald whose complaints are considered 'gouty and gravellsh'.
805Case 851Case of 'Harpsdale's son', Alexander Sinclair, a young boy who is troubled with spreading tumours on his leg and arms.
806Case 852Case of Dr James Saunders, who had nephritis, had his son surgically remove a stone and now has a bladder problem.
807Case 854Case of 'Mrs B' who suffers from swollen legs and thighs, considered as a dropsy related to her time of life.
808Case 855Case of Mrs Henderson who has a severe pain in her side and such varied symptoms that Cullen is unsure of the underlying disease.
809Case 856Case of Mrs Elliot who has a chronic catarrhal cough, diarrhœa and menstrual problems.
810Case 857Case of the Reverend Mr Henry Elliot of Fowberry who suffers from a bad stoamch, 'heats' and other 'nervous' symptoms which are exaccerbated by the loss of his wife.
811Case 858Case of Miss Campbell whose ailments are considered constitutional but who needs a 'new set of teeth'.
812Case 859Case of the father of Jean Kirkpatrick, who condition does not seem to be directly related to his alcohol consumption.
813Case 860Case of George Rae who has a nervous weakness and suffers from a great 'uneasiness' in his mind.
814Case 861Case of Mrs Donaldson whose whole body is swollen and who suffers stomach pains and various other distressing symptoms.
815Case 862Case of John Fleming who has a pulmonary complaint.
816Case 863Case of Cullen's 'old aquaintance' Mr James Fleming who has an obstructed oesophagus which proves fatal. May be same person as Case 276.
817Case 864Case of Francis Garden, Lord Gardenstone who, after recounting his long struggles with ill health which he associates with 'bad living' when younger, is advised on cold water bathing and drinking Hartfell Spa water.
818Case 865Case of Mr Buchanan who has a history eye problems, with some episodes of aches and fever while spending time in America.
819Case 866Case of John Buchanan, 'Tide Surveyor at Kirkudbright', who is in danger of becoming consumptive from getting wet through the demands of his employment.
820Case 867Case of Miss Jane Maxwell of Carriden, who Cullen has visited in person and who is slowly recovering though has little appetite; mention of 'fits' may imply a fever.
821Case 868Case of Mrs Moodie who is recovering from an unspecified condition.
822Case 869Case of Miss Moodie who has nosebleeds, feverishness, headaches and aching limbs which Cullen diagnoses as an habitual Quinsy.
823Case 870Case of Mr Macpherson whose longstanding complaints are considered 'nervous'.
824Case 871Case of Ensign Robert Campbell Macpherson whose stomach problems abate but who has a consumptive cough and, subsequently, night sweats.
825Case 872Case of an unnamed female patient who suffers from a painful bilious complaint and is being treated by Mr Alexander Grant.
826Case 873Case of Miss Kirkwood who is prescribed a cooling mixture and an electuary.
827Case 874Case of Mr Lewis Fletcher who is given advice on regimen and a steel medicine for an unnamed 'habitual' condition which tends to generate fear in patients but which can be managed.
828Case 875Case of the son of Edward Burrow, who is a Cornet in Lord Robert Manner's Regiment of Dragoons and who is ill with diarrhoea.
829Case 876Case of Mrs Gascoigne who is prescribed an opiate medicine to take until 'Dr Black returns'.
830Case 877Case of Alexander Anderson who primary disorder is a pain in his bowels.
831Case 878Case of young Campbell Betham of the Isle of Man, a student at Glasgow nursed through the measles by Cullen who is a personal friend of his father.
832Case 879Case of Anna ( "Annie") Betham who has a very unusual, painful condition located in the side of her torso which has apparently collapsed inwards and is accompanied by emaciation and other symptoms, which baffles Cullen as to its cause.
833Case 880Case of Mrs Janet Arnot who has a constricted throat.
834Case 881Case of Mrs Betty Beatson who has stomach disorder and, some years later, has a nephritic complaint.
835Case 882Case of Miss Home of Branxton who is generally weak and has a swollen stomach.
836Case 883Case of Mr Easton, recovering from an unstated illness, who is advised on regimen and travel.
837Case 884Case of an unnamed male patient of Dr Dobson in Liverpool who has diabetes.
838Case 885Case of an unnamed male patient of Dr Dobson's at Liverpool who has a gleet which Cullen considers stems from a very particular form of bladder irritation upon which he theorises.
839Case 886Case of Mr C's son, a child cured of hydrocephalus internus as reported by Dr Dobson of Liverpool.
840Case 887Case of E. Marjoribanks, a male patient with distressing symptoms not made explicit in Cullen's response.
841Case 888Case of Miss Agnew (of Lochnaw), who is advised on regimen over several years; by 1780 she is weak and has a cough (Cullen's mention of the fate of her siblings implies he suspects consumption).
842Case 889Case of Mrs Vans Agnew, a 23 year old woman with a post-natal illness following the birth of her fifth child.
843Case 890Case of the aged Mr Heriot at Ladykirk who is lethargic and has a weak bladder; he then develops a fever which proves fatal.
844Case 891Case of Mr McAulay who has abdominal pains.
845Case 892Case of an unnamed male patient, a retired solicitor and relative of Dr George Carlyle, who has been having stroke-like 'fits' and complete mental blackouts..
846Case 893Case of Mrs Taylor who has suffered 'a stroke of palsy'.
847Case 894Case of an unnamed male patient of Robert Redpath, surgeon at Berwick, who has a venereal infection.
848Case 895Case of Mr Alison who is given detailed direction on regimen for what appears to have been an abdominal disorder attributed to nervous weakness.
849Case 896Case of Mr William Simson who is directed over regimen and prescribed an aperient for an unstated complaint.
850Case 897Case of Mr Munro who is about to take an expedition north and is advised on regimen for what appears to be a cough (pulmonary condition?).
851Case 898Case of Mrs Laing who is prescribed a mouthwash containing pomegranate.
852Case 899Case of Mr Armstrong who is costive.
853Case 900Case of Mrs Hatridge whose unstated disorder is being treated with musk.
854Case 902Case of Mrs Dalrymple which Cullen considers 'unfavourable' and all he can do is prescribe anodynes.
855Case 903Case of Mr Bell of London who is prescribed a strengthener and a laxative.
856Case 904Case of Robert Henderson Esquire who has gout. Hard to establish if he is the same Mr Henderson numbered as distinct cases dating from the late 1770s.
857Case 905Case of Mrs Betty Nasmith who suffers from occasional violent pains in her stomach.
858Case 906Case of Mrs Nasmith who has 'a weakness of nerves', and is given directions on regimen and cold bathing.
859Case 907Case of Mrs Macclesfield who is prescribed a stomachic mixture.
860Case 908Case of the son of John Cross who is being treated for skin 'eruptions'.
861Case 909Case of John Cook of Gallowhill, who suffers from phlegm and other ailments exacerbated by excessive drinking.
862Case 910Case of Mr Brown of the West Indies, who has a 'spasmodic asthma'.
863Case 911Case of the Honourable Andrew Erskine who has a disordered stomach and 'depression of spirits'.
864Case 912Case of Mr Bowman who has lax bowels (may be same patient as Case 176).
865Case 913Case of Captain Stewart, who has an ague in 1777, and then consults Cullen again in 1781 when he is suffering from fits of the gout.
866Case 914Case of Admiral Greig who has has an intermittent fever.
867Case 915Case of Mrs Thomson of Charlton who is prescribed a laxative and anodyne and who is being treated with a blister.
868Case 916Case of Mr MacDonald who has piles.
869Case 917Case of Mrs Macneil who has a tumour on her shoulder and pains in her hip joint and knee.
870Case 918Case of Mrs McNachtane Hunter suffering from 'a relaxed nervous system'.
871Case 919Case of Mrs Dobbie who is spitting blood, and is advised on how to manage her visit to the highlands and the Isle of Mull.
872Case 920Case of the Captain Gray who has a venereal infection.
873Case 921Case of Mrs Kerr of Abbotrule who is prescribed cephalic pills.
874Case 922Case of Alexander Dingwall who reports a cough, numbness, coldness, painful flatulence and other symptoms over several years.
875Case 923Case of the son of Walter Riddell, who has a biliary disorder, possibly a stone.
876Case 924Case of Mr James Henry who is advised not to use electricity to treat an unspecified condition.
877Case 925Case of Mr Pagan who has shown symptoms of gravel.
878Case 926Case of Miss Madie Hamilton who is advised on regimen for her slow recovery from an unstated illness.
879Case 927Case of Mr Seward who Cullen considers to be in a state of nervous debility, partly inherited.
880Case 928Case of Mrs Riddell who has a stomach disorder (tentative identification as being the same patient, but symptoms match).
881Case 929Case of an unnamed (male?) patient reporting symptoms including worms and a vertigo or 'sweeming in the head'. He has consulted Dr John Willison of Dundee and Dr Stevenson; a friend, Alexander Hart, is to give more details.
882Case 930Case of Miss Gray who is offered advice on how to avoid seasickness.
883Case 931Case of two unnamed men reported by Dr Alves at Inverness who were bitten by a rabid dog and are suspected of contracting hydrophobia.
884Case 932Case of Miss Gordon under the care of Mr Dougal for a palsy and apoplexy. One of several letters and entries concerning a "Miss Gordon" who cannot be postively identified as being the same patient across several cases.
885Case 933Case of Colonel Grant who Cullen thinks is merely debilitated through exposure to the climate and who is advised to travel south for his health.
886Case 934Case of Mrs Cunnison who suffers menstrual pains and colic.
887Case 935Case of Mr Ferguson considered rheumatic. Not obviously the same person as Case 596.
888Case 936Case of Colonel Skene who has gout on his stomach.
889Case 937Case of Miss Houston who is advised on how to manage a difficult, unspecified, disorder with a regimen and strengthening medicines.
890Case 938Case of Mrs Maccallaster [McAllester] who is given a strengthening mixture for a menstrual dsorder.
891Case 939Case of Miss Balderston who has had a return of her spitting of blood.
892Case 940Case of Mr Archibald who is in a dangerous condition with blood-spitting, cough and fever.
893Case 941Case of Mr Bailley, who is thought to have no 'fixed disease', but a general nervous weakness after being in the warm climate of Jamaica.
894Case 942Case of Mrs Gray whose unspecified symptoms have been long neglected and require complete physical rest.
895Case 943Case of an unnamed patient identified only as 'Mr ... at the Bush', prescribed an aperient [has 'Mrs Laing' deleted].
896Case 944Case of Alexander Douglas, physician at Dundee, concerning his own bladder complaint.
897Case 945Case of an unnamed patient with a difficult 'spasmodic' condition.
898Case 947Case of an unnamed correspondent, a 20-year-old man, with a venereal complaint.
899Case 948Case of 'Mr ----' who has a testicular tumour.
900Case 949Case of Mrs Aikman who has a bowel disorder.
901Case 950Case of Mr Gibson of Kelton who has been affected by the cold in church and has an habitual cough.
902Case 951Case of Mr Smith, a surgeon at Barnard Castle, who has symptoms of palsy and dies of what might be kidney failure.
903Case 953Case of Thomas Weir [Were] Esq. who has breathing problems and a bad cough. He recently fell from his horse and visited Edinburgh as a friend of Cullen's extended family.
904Case 954Case of Mr Thomas Bushby who is given detailed advice on cold bathing.
905Case 955Case of Miss Catherine Irving of Gribton who has asthma.
906Case 956Case of Mr Skirving whose various symptoms include vomiiting and pains in his legs.
907Case 957Case of Mrs Keir of Wester Rhynd whose complaints are considered hysteric.
908Case 958Case of Laurence Keir, who caught cold after leaving a warm room and suffers from stitch, manifesting in a feeling of weight up both sides of his back and prickling through his whole body.
909Case 959Case of Mrs Cathcart who has back pain after labour, and corresponds with Cullen through her brother John Buchan, then situated in Edinburgh.
910Case 960Case of Sir John Cathcart whose spitting of blood implies a fatal consumptive condition.
911Case 961Case of Miss Betty Craik who is emaciated and has a pulmonary disorder.
912Case 962Case of Mrs Hay, wife of the minister of Dyce, who has a long history of 'bilious headaches' and stomach problems.
913Case 963Case of Mrs Synnot who has a pulmonary disorder.
914Case 964Case of Francis (Frank) Somervell who has an arthritic complaint.
915Case 965Case of the Reverend Burnside who is left weak from a history of headaches and attacks of sweating.
916Case 966Case of John Carnegie who is advised on sea bathing.
917Case 967Case of Sir Richard Brooke, who suffers' attacks of Giddiness attended with noise in his ears, dimness of sight, palpitation of his heart, tremors of his hands and frequent drowsiness' after a fever some years previously.
918Case 968Case of George Burdon who has a long-standing rheumatic complaint, develops bloody urine, suspected gravel and who eventually passes a large stone.
919Case 969Case of Captain Richard Rose, a Cornet in the King's Dragoon Guards who has a bladder and bowel complaint.
920Case 970Case of Mrs Corbett of Tolcross who has a weak stomach accompanied by faintness and nosebleeds.
921Case 971Case of Charles Murray who has painful piles.
922Case 972Case of Mrs Farquharson who is weak from a pulmonary disorder and diarrhoea.
923Case 973Case of Mrs Cockayne [Cocayne] who consults Cullen over several years regarding a painful abdominal condition.
924Case 974Case of James Murray who has a recurring pimply and itchy skin eruption.
925Case 975Case of Mr Handasyde (Handyside) who is swollen all over his body (dropsy), and who also develops a tumor and a bowel disorder.
926Case 976Case of the two-year-old son of Mr Kennedy of Pinmore who has shown severe developmental problems since birth.
927Case 977Case of Mr Crompton who is passing bloody urine and becoming dropsical.
928Case 978Case of Patrick McIntyre who suffers from melancholia, other mental distresses, and gout - for which he turns to drink for relief.
929Case 979Case of the eighty year old father of Dr Willliam Wright who suffers a dangerous 'suppression of urine'.
930Case 980Case of Mr Fraser of Gortubeg who has a tumour on his lip.
931Case 981Case of Anthony Fetherstonhaugh who has gout.
932Case 982Case of Mrs Smallwood who has a breast tumour.
933Case 983Case of George Hay, Marquis of Tweeddale who has gout; in 1787, the last year of his life, he also suffers from 'Scorbutic Blotches on his arms and body'.
934Case 984Case of Robert Thomson, a Montrose shopkeeper with a long history of 'plethora' and 'hydroptick' symptoms, including swollen legs and suppressed urine.
935Case 985Case of James Johnstone who has pains in his head and cannot sleep.
936Case 986Case of Miss Hodgson, who has diarrhoea and symptoms suggesting consumption.
937Case 987Case of Miss Hodgson [Hodgeson] with a very long history marked by a complex range of changing symptoms and self-medication. She is a chronic invalid who cannot turn herself in bed without aid.
938Case 988Case of Mr William Bruce of Shetland who has breathing problems, but Cullen consider his symptoms essentially rheumatic.
939Case 989Case of David Dundas who has had a severe epileptic fit.
940Case 990Case of Miss Sarah Auchindachy (eldest daughter of Isabel (nee Gordon) of Kincragie), whose 'hysterick' symptoms continue.
941Case 991Case of Nicolas Tyzack who has a painful problem in the septum of his nose which Cullen examined earlier at Edinburgh and did not think venereal.
942Case 992Case of Alexander Miller who seeks Cullen's advice on the better management of a 'bandage' to his abdomen which impedes his ability to to attend 'the Session' (he is presumably in the legal profession).
943Case 993Case of Mr John Askew whose symptoms are attributed to an inward gout.
944Case 995Case of Captain Descury who is given detailed advice on travelling south for his health and who later bathes at Bath.
945Case 996Case of Mr Hozier who has weak lungs.
946Case 997Case of Mr. Scott of Crigie, who consulted Cullen about five years earlier over his gout brought on by heavy drinking, but now has a severe and fatal jaundice.
947Case 998Case of Miss Senhouse, a child recovering from chicken pox.
948Case 999Case of Colonel Humphrey Senhouse who has swollen veins in his legs and an eye condition.
949Case 1000Case of Captain Ogilvy, Kinordie [Kinnordy], who is being further advised over costiveness and a bladder condition, both of which improve.
950Case 1001Case of Mrs Agnes Campbell of Clathick who has a pulmonary disorder and is spitting blood.
951Case 1002Case of an unnamed 'young lady' attended by Dr Heysham for Typhus.
952Case 1003Case of Mr Charles Innes whose scorbutic problem with his mouth and gums is exacerbated by a more general weakness.
953Case 1004Case of Captain Steele who has had a painful fever and problems breathing.
954Case 1005Case of "Mr A. B.", who is given detailed directions on how to make up a decoction from powders.
955Case 1006Case of Miss Corney who is recommended the use of a shower bath to recover from a recent shock to her nerves.
956Case 1007Case of Miss Corner who has a long-standing tumour.
957Case 1008Case of Mr Charles Addison (patient of John Short), whose various chest, bladder, and other complaints may or may not be gouty.
958Case 1009Case of Mrs Porteous whose disorder is attributed to sharp blood and weak solids.
959Case 1010Case of Katherine McNab, mother of twenty children, who has become extremely weak from a cough, diaorrhea and jaundice but who has hitherto avoided seeking medication out of fear. Cullen diagnoses gall stones.
960Case 1011Case of the twenty-eight year old son of Alexander Wemyss who has had weak nerves since childhood and who was recently seized by a feverish headache.
961Case 1012Case of 'W. R.' whose rheumatic pains developed when sailing between Virginia and New York, but may be the vestiges of an earlier venereal infection.
962Case 1013Case of the Reverend Gillies in Orkney who suffers from various states of mental disassociation and fears he is losing his reason or at risk of dying.
963Case 1014Case of Mr Scrymgoer who is prescribed a purgative. May be same person as Case 242.
964Case 1015Case of Mrs Sinclair who for fear of medicines has not sought help before becoming emaciated and weak with looseness (diarrhoea).
965Case 1016Case of the son of Alexander McDonald who, like his father, has had venereal infections, possibly passed to his wife, and has now had a stroke. His wife is Case 1017.
966Case 1017Case of the wife of Mr Macdonald (Case 1016), who is showing signs of a venereal infection contracted from her husband (Case 1016).
967Case 1018Case of the children of Lady Rosebery who are to be inoculated against smallpox.
968Case 1019Case of an unnamed female patient.
969Case 1020Case of Mr Brown, a ship's surgeon, who came down with a delerious fever while at sea, was then hospitalised and now suffers from paralytic spasms.
970Case 1021Case of Mr Fraser of Culduthill who has a painful stomach disorder with vomiting which Cullen attributes to the pressure of a tumour.
971Case 1022Case of Mr T. Dickson, an impetuous young man who suffers pains in his face and costiveness and who rides from his home in Liverpool to Cheltenham and on to Bath and then Bristol, and then Harrogate taking the waters in pursuit of health.
972Case 1023Case of Robert Cathcart who has badly swollen legs.
973Case 1024Case of J. Murray of Broughton who has a an eruption on his arm and running ears.
974Case 1025Case of Mr Cumberland Reid whose symptoms are attributed to a gouty disposition.
975Case 1026Case of James Steele, a servant who has an abscess and is very emaciated despite having a very full appetite for food.
976Case 1027Case of Mr Sutherland of Clyne who has had a paralytic stroke (palsy), and two years later develops a suspected bladder stone (see also notes for Document 36141 which might be related to this case).
977Case 1028Case of Mr Charles Mill, recovering from a genito-urinary complaint who is advised to take less mercury.
978Case 1029Case of 'Captain D. S.' who is being treated for venereal symptoms [possibly Captain David Skene at Aberdeen, who is Case 1459].
979Case 1030Case of Mrs Liddle, who is hysteric and irritable after a fall on some stairs.
980Case 1031Case of Miss Balmain who has long been delicate and is advised to travel to Galloway via Moffat (see earlier consultation as Case 802).
981Case 1032Case of Mr Thomas Smith who is feverish and 'fatuous' and then suffers a paralytic stroke.
982Case 1033Case of Alexander Dougall, a surgeon, with a history of gout and kidney stones but who now has a very painful bladder condition which is suspected of being a stone.
983Case 1034Case of Mrs Gordon of Wardhouse a young mother of four who developed a serious cough during last and recent pregnancy which persists and has left her very weakened.
984Case 1035Case of Miss Alexander whose pulmonary condition is considered quite serious.
985Case 1036Case of Mr Henderson, a London Jeweller, who is advised to travel for his health.
986Case 1037Case of Mr Blane who is costive.
987Case 1038Case of Lord Ancram (the 5th Marquess of Lothian) who is given detailed instructions for undertaking a course of goat whey.
988Case 1039Case of Miss Bell Shaw who has a constricted oesophagus, and strained herself nursing her dying father.
989Case 1040Case of Mr Law, the younger, of Elphinstone who suffers congestion, but with 'no confirmed disease', is only advised a regimen.
990Case 1041Case of Mr Lidderdale whose disorder is thought to be his kidneys or the neck of his bladder.
991Case 1043Case of Captain Gordon of Achanachie who has gravel in his urine.
992Case 1044Case of Miss Home, sister of William Home at Berwick, who has a bad cough and spits blood; suspected of being a consumptive.
993Case 1045Case of an unnamed female patient, whose situation has been communicated to Cullen by 'Miss N. Ord' and who is thought to be in no immediate danger.
994Case 1046Case of 'A Lady' with an abdominal, possibly uterine cancer for which Cullen advises giving Circuta (Hemlock) as a desperate measure.
995Case 1047Case of Peter Davidson, the child of Archibald Davidson who 'gave no symptoms of Idiotry or want of Understanding' until the age of two, but has since lost the language he developed and 'runs about without noticing any thing'.
996Case 1048Case of an unnamed female patient, aged nineteen, with menstrual problems.
997Case 1049Case of the wife of Archibald McNeill, who has endured much blistering in an effort to relieve a very painful knee and lower back condition.
998Case 1050Case of the Rev. John Henry who has been greatly weakened by a bad cough which has not responded to his efforts to relive it by spending time in the country.
999Case 1051Case of Mr Wallis who suffers from a unremitting pain in his head which Cullen attributes to excess blood on the brain.
1000Case 1052Case of Mr Robert Stewart who is prescricbed a 'strengthening liquour' for external application 'to the parts affected'.
1001Case 1053Case of George Murray, 5th Lord Elibank, who is advised over his nerves, 'a defuction and difficulty swallowing.
1002Case 1054Case of Ensign Gordon who is advised to 'not do duty for some time', but go to the country and who is prescribed an aperient.
1003Case 1055Case of Mrs A. B., who has what Cullen considers to be a relatively benign ovarian tumour.
1004Case 1056Case of 'C. D. S.', prescribed a mercurial injection.
1005Case 1057Case of 'Miss C', aged twenty-six who has a fistula.
1006Case 1058Case of John Pringle (cousin of Dr John Pringle), who has gout.
1007Case 1059Case of Joseph Munro, a minister, whose present distresses, which include pain, flatulency and swellings in his abdomen and a serious bladder disorder, he traces back to when his manse was inundated with flood-water.
1008Case 1060Case of an unnamed 14-year-old female patient who 'takes Fits once a Day, sometimes three of four Times'.
1009Case 1061Case of Mr Kay who spits blood.
1010Case 1062Case of an unnamed 'young lady' wh is advised to go to Bath to treat a long-standing, but neglected complaint causing eruptions on her face.
1011Case 1064Case of Mr Reid.
1012Case 1065Case of Miss Bethune of Balfour who has a palsy.
1013Case 1066Case of an unnamed female patient of Dr Mudie, who suffers from a painful disorder located in her side and abdomen after giving birth.
1014Case 1067Case of Miss Robertson who is advised on regimen for a stomach disorder.
1015Case 1068Case of "Mr A. B.", 'a young man who had gotten the venereal disease'.
1016Case 1069Case of Mrs Stevens who is prescribed an aperient, a diaphoretic and a 'nervous mixture'.
1017Case 1070Case of 'Mrs ----', who is to keep her neck warm with a flannel and is prescribed a 'discutient spirit and 'nervous electuary'.
1018Case 1071Case of Miss Campbell who has menstrual problems [an abandoned case-book entry for the same month is tentatively link].
1019Case 1072Case of Lady Isabelle Hay who is instructed to go immediately to the Highlands and undertake a goat whey cure for her chest complaint.
1020Case 1073Case of Mrs S. Stephenson at Bothwell Castle who reports that the medicine she is taking for a stomach complaint has made her sick and later develops more pains in her side.
1021Case 1074Case of Mr Logie who has had problems with his breathing after a cold.
1022Case 1075Case of Mrs Baillie of Carnbrue who has a pectoral complaint after measles.
1023Case 1076Case of 'J. C.', a 22 year old male student who suffers a range of distressing symptoms which he fears are signs of hypochodria brought on by intense study. Circumstances closely match those of James Currie.
1024Case 1077Case of Mrs Maclean who has a stomach disorder with vomiting.
1025Case 1078Case of Mr Blackey who is threatened with a consumption.
1026Case 1079Case of the Reverend Mr Sherriff who unrecorded symptoms, probably consumptive, have 'not advanced to a dagnerous degree'.
1027Case 1080Case of Mr Glassel whose baffling feverish condition may stem from his former rheumatic complaint; he develops painful ankles, headaches and a bad stomach.
1028Case 1081Case of an unnamed female patient, a 50 year old mother of fifteen children who is beset by megrims and a scorbutic eruption on her face, referred by Henry William Tytler of Brechin, a former pupil of Cullen.
1029Case 1082Case of Mrs Hamilton who has menstrual problems.
1030Case 1083Case of Miss Christie Scott who has a cough and pulmonary disorder for which she is advised to visit Moffat spa.
1031Case 1084Case concerning the inoculation of a child against smallpox.
1032Case 1085Case of Mr Lewis who is given detailed instructions on "Chamber Bathing".
1033Case 1086Case of an unnamed female patient with a palsy of her hand.
1034Case 1087Case of Mr MacKenzie who is given detailed directions on a regimen to manage his pectoral condition.
1035Case 1089Case of the 'natural' daughter of the late Robert Gordon whose debilitated condition, marked by various symptoms, dates for when she had smallpox.
1036Case 1090Case of Thomas Lenen [Lining], an infant with an inflamed heel following about of fever.
1037Case 1091Case of a female patient of Mr Harris at Whitehaven who has an unresponsive eye disorder.
1038Case 1092Case of Mrs Macculloch who has a colic and inflammation.
1039Case 1093Case of the mother of W. Achyndachy [Auchindachy], who has been consulting Cullen. Possibly relates to Case of Mrs Henrietta Duff [Person I.D. 2028].
1040Case 1094Case of 'Mr A. C.', who is advised over the use of a solution for injection into the urethra to treat a venereal taint.
1041Case 1095Case of the surgeon Cornelius Inglis who has gout.
1042Case 1096Case of an unnamed female patient with spasmodic asthma, only known form Cullen's loose, draft reply.
1043Case 1097Case of Patrick [aka Peter] Lindsay, whose condition is not considered dangerous but requires a regimen, a laxative and a prescription with the Bark.
1044Case 1098Case of Sir Eyre Coote who suffers from severe headaches, and who is returning to India, where Cullen hopes they may ease.
1045Case 1099Case of John Freeland who has a stroke some time ago.
1046Case 1100Case of Mr Symson of Brunton who has beathing problems and a pain in his sternum.
1047Case 1101Case of the anonymised "Miss A. B.", a patient of Charles Innes.
1048Case 1102Case of a male patient of Dr Jacob at Wexford, a lawyer who suffers from gout.
1049Case 1103Case of John Senhouse, Whitehaven, who has developed jaundice.
1050Case 1105Case of Mr Brughan who is prescribed a strengthening powder.
1051Case 1106Case of Mr Alexander Wright who has an oedema (dropsy), manifest as fluid retention in his abdomen attributed to his habitual heavy drinking.
1052Case 1107Case of Mr William McDowal [McDowall, McDouall], who has a chest complaint and spits blood.
1053Case 1108Case of Mrs Forster, wife of the Berwick postmaster, who in 1779 has complications after a recent miscarriage. In 1782 she has a skin condition.
1054Case 1109Case of Mr Knox who has a sore tongue after taking some pills.
1055Case 1110Case of Peggie Nielson who has a chest complaint and has now developed an inflamed and swollen face.
1056Case 1111Case of Claude Nielson who is passing blood in his urine, and has had a venereal infection he wants kept secret from his father.
1057Case 1112Case of Alexander Nisbet who has a stomach complaint.
1058Case 1113Case of Mr Brougham suffering from the painful effects of a fall against a stone three years earlier.
1059Case 1114Case of the Reverend Mr Alexander Coull who has recently developed swollen legs and prickling sensations in his feet.
1060Case 1115Case of Miss Agnes Maxwell who has started suffering from headaches, swoonings and unusual episodes of low-spirits.
1061Case 1116Case of Mrs Buchan Hepburn who has a stomach and bowel complaint.
1062Case 1117Case of Miss [Amelia] Farquharson of Invercauld who travels to Edinburgh to see Cullen but whose dangerously advanced consumption soon proves fatal.
1063Case 1118Case of Mr Roger Stevenson, nephew of Glasgow Prof. Alexander Stevenson, who has a pulmonary disorder characterised by the spitting up of 'chalky matter'.
1064Case 1119Case of Miss Orde of Weetwood who has a rheumatic knee.
1065Case 1120Case of Frank Cunningham, probably a child, recovering but he may have worms.
1066Case 1121Case of Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Robert Deans of Crailing, who has a chronic sore throat from 1779, and later suffers respiratory ailments.
1067Case 1122Case of the Reverend Mr Robert Deans of Crailing who displays very serious symptoms of delirium which presage his death on 13 December 1788, just two days after Cullen's reply.
1068Case 1123Case of Miss Stepehenson whose heat and pain her side has abated.
1069Case 1124Case of Sir Adolphous Oughton, who is given directions on increasing his perspiration.
1070Case 1125Case of the wife of William Chiene [Cheyne] whose shortness or breath and swollen legs make her 'very unhappy'.
1071Case 1127Case of Mrs Paterson whose shortness of breath, swollen legs and thirst are all taken as signs of dropsy. She later develops a 'nervous stomach'.
1072Case 1128Case of Mary Mather who is being 'tapped' for dropsy.
1073Case 1129Case of Mrs Thorburn who was prescribed a regimen and strengthening drops.
1074Case 1130Case of the father of Joseph Norris who is in low sprits and has lost his appetite.
1075Case 1131Case of and unnamed twenty-one year old patient of the surgeon Alexander Abernethie [Abernethy] who has a 'confirmed pthisis', and who is advised over the merits of staying at Banff.
1076Case 1132Case of Mr Low [Law] who has a serious chest complaint.
1077Case 1133Case of Mr James Brownlee [Brounlie], an impoverished mason who has a sore on his lips from working with lime.
1078Case 1134Case of Mr Langton, a Liverpool seaman, with a history of gout who now suffers acute pains in his abdomen and other feverish symptoms after becoming very ill on a long, storm-bound trip to America.
1079Case 1135Case of Master John Leveck, a fourteen-year-old youth who has been deaf since suffering from scarlet fever.
1080Case 1136Case of "little Clark", the grandson of Robert Bogle of Shettleston.
1081Case 1137Case of John, Lord Dunlop of Dunlop, who develops a bladder disorder then a severe flux and becomes very weak and despairing.
1082Case 1138Case of Frances Dunlop who has a fever and becomes delirious.
1083Case 1139Case of Mr Main who is advised how to restore the tone of his stomach.
1084Case 1140Case of the Duke of Buccleuch [Buccleugh] who in 1779 of prescribed a diaphoretic treatment for biliousness and in 1786 is advised over another stomach and intestinal disorder.
1085Case 1141Case of an unnamed female patient - identified as Emily Clapham - with an eye disorder, referred by John Mudie.
1086Case 1142Case of the Reverend Mr Stewart of Cumbernauld seen in person who disorders are considered rheumatic.
1087Case 1143Case of Mrs Maclean of Coll, who has a menstrual disorder that Cullen attributes to a serious uterine condition.
1088Case 1144Case of Robert Fenwick who is much recovered after taking powders for a stomach and kidney complaint.
1089Case 1145Case of Miss Sheriff who is 'threatened with Pthisis'.
1090Case 1146The Case of Mr Pringle who is starting to recover from a bilious complaint.
1091Case 1147Case of 'Miss Y. Z.' (an anonymisation of Miss Russel), a young woman who has had another episode of a previous mental disorder; Cullen considers the case treatable hysteria rather than incurable mania.
1092Case 1148Case of Miss Mitchell whose health was undermined in the West Indies from where she returned two years previously; she has rheumatic pains and a long-standing throat condition which is described variously as a tumour or quinsy.
1093Case 1149Case of William Maxwell of Calderwood whose condition, probably consumptive, has not improved but who is going once again to Arran to take goat-whey, on which treatment Cullen gives detailed advice. He is to be accompanied by Captain James (See Case 779).
1094Case 1150Case of the Reverend Maxwell Kennedy of Londonderry whose main complaint is severe indigestion.
1095Case 1151Case of Sir James Dunbar who has infirm bowels.
1096Case 1152Case of Captain Green who has had stomach pains and is given detailed advice on taking a journey for his health.
1097Case 1153Case of Miss Murdoch who has had a cough, not thought dangerous but is given detailed directions on managing her health over the next twelve months.
1098Case 1154Case of Mr Thomas Graham (at Camelon) who has bowel, stomach and other complaints.
1099Case 1155Case of Master Wood, aged seventeen and recently a pupil at Westminster School, who has a bladder complaint attributed to a venereal infection and also a pulmonary weakness which proves fatal.
1100Case 1156Case of Miss MacDuff: complex set of letters relating to the Macduff family.
1101Case 1157Case of Mrs Wynn (Wynne), a fifty year old mother with a long-standing menstrual disorder and 'low spirits' diagnosed as 'nervous' weakness.
1102Case 1158Case of Mr Shairp who has a 'gravelish' complaint, but then starts to suffer fits of asthma and feverishness.
1103Case 1159Case of Mr James Bisset who in 1784 has recently visited Cullen regarding gout in his ankle; by 1785 he is being described by a brother as very valetudinary when about to call on Cullen again.
1104Case 1160Case of Mr Mr Bisset who since a fever has been breathless with chest pains; he then suffers from fluid-retention and squeamishness.
1105Case 1161Case of Miss Linning who has a chest condition (consumptive) and who is advised to return home before starting a course of medicines; she is also to make therapeutic use of a swing.
1106Case 1162Case of Miss Welsh who has a tumour.
1107Case 1163Case of Mrs M. Jackson who has a long-standing stomach complaint diagnosed as 'hypochondriac'.
1108Case 1164Case of Colonel D. Murhead, who corresponds directy with Cullen.
1109Case 1165Case of the sister of Colonel D. Muirhead who is prescribed strengthening drops for her stomach.
1110Case 1166Case of Walter Seton, who is advised to take a sea voyage.
1111Case 1167Case of Mrs Ogilvie who has a cough and chest complaint.
1112Case 1168Case of Mrs Jeffray [Jaffrey), whose treatment involves using lace stockings.
1113Case 1169Case of Mr Freke who has had a paralytic seizure (stroke or palsy).
1114Case 1170Case of Mr Bryan, senior with a history of gout who has now developed asthma.
1115Case 1172Case of Mr James Donaldson whose nerves and mind are so affected that he is at risk of impending mania and madness.
1116Case 1174Case of Dr Thomas Wells, a former student of Cullen, who has the gout.
1117Case 1175Case of Mr Gaffney, bit by a Mad Dog.
1118Case 1176Case of Mr William Kerr who spits blood from an advanced cosumptive condition and who is advised to not spend the winter in Scotland but move to a warmer climate.
1119Case 1177Case of Lord Braxfield who has a gouty stomach.
1120Case 1178Case of Mr A. Davidson who has a long-standing stomach disorder.
1121Case 1179Case of Mrs Davidson [Davidson] of South Queensferry who is being treated for a chest complaint and 'hysteric fits'.
1122Case 1180Case of Mr Donald who caught a cold while returning home to Greenock after seeing Cullen about a genital sore and fever.
1123Case 1181Case of Miss Ker, a child bitten by a mad dog.
1124Case 1182Case of Mr James Waugh, who has a cough and looseness, and is prescribed a regimen, strengthener and anodyne.
1125Case 1183Case of Mr Aitoun who is advised to travel to Buxton to gain strength and mend a stomach and bowel disorder.
1126Case 1184Case of Lord Gray who has a nervous weakness.
1127Case 1185Case of Lady Gray, who has gout.
1128Case 1186Case of Miss Rutter who is prescribed a purgative and a laxative.
1129Case 1187Case of a young man, a student, who attributes his constitutional weaknesses to former sexual "self abuse" and study.
1130Case 1188Case of 'a lady' at Hamburg with an 'hysteric' or 'spasmodic' condition but, needing more information, Cullen sends queries.
1131Case 1189Case of Mrs Clark who has had a persistent cough as the result of a long-standing hectic fever now accompanied by diarrhoea.
1132Case 1190Case of John Gray of Balnagarno (Forfarshire) who is advised to continue electrical treatment and rubbing to his back for a gouty condition.
1133Case 1191Case of John Napier of Balikinrain who has suffered from a pervasive inflammatory condition for some time and now has an open sore on his shin requiring the lancet.
1134Case 1192Case of Miss Moyse whose most current complaints are attributed to her stomach and nervous system.
1135Case 1193Case of the anonymised 'Mr K.' in Ireland, who is languorous from a very long-standing weakness, probably rooted in the gout and for which a regimen and cold shower bath is advised.
1136Case 1194Case of Mr J. Tucker, an American-born Greenock merchant who has gradually displayed signs of madness and had to be confined.
1137Case 1195Case of Mrs Stephenson (Stevenson) who has a sore throat, breathing and other chronic complaints.
1138Case 1196Case of an unnamed patient who has a palsy, under the care of Mr J. Johnston of Moffat.
1139Case 1197Case of Mrs Rae who Cullen privately suspects may be pthistical (consumptive).
1140Case 1198Case of William Borthwick, the younger, of Crookston whose illness is attributed to 'hard living' and who is advised to avoid strong drink 'in the forenoon'.
1141Case 1199Case of Miss Burnet who is prescribed aperients.
1142Case 1200Case of George Burnet of Kenmay who is emaciated after a very chronic cough, like chin cough which has lasted several years.
1143Case 1201Case of John Smith, a Brechin merchant, who has rheumatism.
1144Case 1202Case of John Home of Wedderburn whose condition is not dangerous bu requires cold bathing and a regimen.
1145Case 1203Case of an unnamed 64 year old man who has a bladder disorder.
1146Case 1204Case of Mr Gillies who has had a throat infection and is still being treated for an abcess.
1147Case 1205Case of the Earl of Selkirk who has a cough.
1148Case 1206Case of Mr Murison of Naughton who has weak bowels.
1149Case 1207Case of an unnamed male patient in Malton who is jaundiced, and who is being treated by Cullen's former student N. Tucker.
1150Case 1208Case of Roger Hog, the elder, who is prescribed cephalic and strengthening medicines.
1151Case 1209Case of Miss Browne at Coultermains who is gven detailed instructions on how to prepare watercress or scurvy grass as a medicine (presumably for her own scurvy).
1152Case 1210Case of Mrs Campbell who has a weak constitution and is vulnerable to colds.
1153Case 1211Case of an unnamed male patient, suffering from 'an acute Pain just under the false ribs on the Right side' and 'shooting pains in the Breast and abdomen', reported by the Reverend Harrison.
1154Case 1212Case of Ensign John Wemyss - 65 Regiment - who is prescribed an aperient, and a continued issue but whose symptoms are not made evident.
1155Case 1213Case of Mr Beattie with nerves weakened by an early shock which now manifests in his head and stomach.
1156Case 1216Case of Mr Campbell of Dalnish who is given a bodily regimen to raise his low spirits.
1157Case 1218Case of Mr Arthur Robertson who is passing bloody urine.
1158Case 1219Case of Miss Mackenzie who is prescribed medicines to relieve her throat and calm her nerves.
1159Case 1220Case of 'Miss -', attended by Miss Greigson, who is given prescriptions and a regimen which advises against dancing.
1160Case 1221Case of Miss Stewart who has been examined by the surgeon Mr Wood who suspects she has a uterine tumour.
1161Case 1222Case of Miss Amelia Clephane who in late-1779 is thought to have a temporary 'affection of the stomach and nerves'; in 1783 Cullen detects no particular disorder, but provides a regimen to manage her 'weak nerves'.
1162Case 1223Case of William Sutherland of Schersness who has a bladder problem.
1163Case 1224Case of Dugald Malcolm Ruthven who is advised on a goat whey regimen as his constitution was undermined while in Jamaica.
1164Case 1225Case of Thomas French who has a stomach complaint.
1165Case 1226Case of Mr D. Allan who is weak from chest and stomach complaints; he is spitting up blood.
1166Case 1227Case of Mrs Oswald who visits Moffat for a skin complaint and also plans to go to Bath.
1167Case 1228Case of Mr John Rowand senior who has a cough and asthma.
1168Case 1229Case of George Ogilvie who is maniacal (insane).
1169Case 1230Case of John Orde of Weetwood who has a stomach problem and pains in his back and shoulders.
1170Case 1231Case of Miss Swaine who had problems speaking and now suffers convulsive symptoms down her sides since having an intermittent fever.
1171Case 1232Case of Mr Thomson (under care of John Walker) who suffers a severe hectic fever with diarrhoea.
1172Case 1233Case of Mrs Houston at Calderhall who is weak and restless from pains in her body and arms and also has an upset stomach.
1173Case 1234Case of Mr Rigby who has 'a tendency to Epilepsy'.
1174Case 1235Case of Miss Nelly Leslie of Kininvie who is ill from an infected tooth and gum.
1175Case 1236Case of Captain Guise who has a long history of religious melancholia and other signs of recurrent mental illness.
1176Case 1237Case of Mr Dalgliesh of Scotscraig whose dyspepsia is attributed to gout.
1177Case 1238Case of Robert Watt of Woodend who has a urinary problem.
1178Case 1239Case of Miss Fraser of Inverallochy who is weakened and has a shooting pain from her breast to her shoulder.
1179Case 1240Case of Mr Greigson who is prescribed an aperient and a liniment.
1180Case 1241Case of Mr George Maculloch [Macculloch, MaCullock] who attributes his current languorous complaints to sexual 'infatuation' but which Cullen describes as 'a weak state of nerves and therefore of stomach'.
1181Case 1242Case of Mrs Fenwick who suffers from gravel in her right kidney.
1182Case 1243Case of the Honorable Mrs Stamford who is prescribed an aperient, a diaphoretic and a regimen.
1183Case 1244Case of Miss Hunter who is given a regimen and prescriptions for a pectoral complaint.
1184Case 1245Case of Miss Brown who has a very serious dry cough and other pulmonary symptoms which prove fatal.
1185Case 1246Case of Mr Malcolm who suffers from years of 'Violent Headache' in the back of his head, low spirits, ringing in his ears and eruptions on his face.
1186Case 1247Case of Mrs McMichen [McMiken], an elderly woman with 'a rose in her face'.
1187Case 1248Case of Mr John Donaldson, a 'gentleman farmer' seized with a Palsy.
1188Case 1249Case of Mrs McKessock, who has sunk into a delerium after weeks of listless fever.
1189Case 1250Case of the Revd. Mr Caldwell, who has an abdominal tumour.
1190Case 1251Case of James Mucklejohn who is weak from a cough, sore throat and other pectoral symptoms typically consumptive.
1191Case 1252Case of Mr Urquhart who developed Ague when living in Maryland.
1192Case 1253Case of Henry Barclay of Coltness, and elderly man suffering a severe attack of gout.
1193Case 1254Case of Mr Furnese who suffers from flying pains and numbness in his arm and various other painful symptoms.
1194Case 1255Case of Mr James Brander who has had a long-standing stomach disorder since returning from Lisbon.
1195Case 1256Case of Provost Walter Hamilton at Murdieston who suffers from various symptoms including boils on his back, a swimming head, bouts of delerium and memory loss.
1196Case 1257Case of Lord Saltoun who has tumours.
1197Case 1258Case of the Rev. Mr Aitken who has a weak chest.
1198Case 1259Case of Sheriff Campbell who has started having violent 'fitts of Passion; and displaying other signs of mental derangement.
1199Case 1260Case of Mrs Sisson who is being treated with circuta for a growing tumour.
1200Case 1261Case of Mrs Parker who has a schirrosity of her breast.
1201Case 1262Case of Miss Milbanke who has water on her lungs.
1202Case 1263Case of Mr Anstruther who has 'movable nerves', and now has tonsillitis and fever.
1203Case 1264Case of Richard Witton who has a discharge.
1204Case 1265Case of the Countess of Dalhousie whose illness is attributed to weak nerves.
1205Case 1266Case of Alexander Gibson who has had bad colds and having tried to see Cullen in person leaves a note with very poor spelling.
1206Case 1267Case of Lieutenant Ross, whose 'Complaints depend more upon an affection of his Spirits than upon any ailment in his breast'.
1207Case 1268Case of R. N. Lynn who has a gouty complaint and a bowel disorder followed by a bad stomach.
1208Case 1270Case of Basil Browne who has a tight and painful chest.
1209Case 1271Case of Michael Stewart of Ardgowan who has scurvy.
1210Case 1272Case of Mr John Surtees who has asthma and erysipelas on his hands and face.
1211Case 1273Case of Samuel Crawford [Craufurd] who has a 'tendency to consumption'.
1212Case 1274Case of Dr William Miller of Walkinshaw who has gout.
1213Case 1275Case of Captain Burden who has suffered from fearful ''fits" of feverish dyspepsia since a bout of excessive drinking.
1214Case 1276Case of the Miss Campbell of Ashnish who has an eye disorder.
1215Case 1277Case of Lady Grace Campbell who is generally deprived of her 'powers' and suffers vertigo, headaches and other 'nervous' symptoms [see earlier Case 340].
1216Case 1278Case of Mrs Clark(e) [Clerke], wife of Dr Clark(e) at Newcastle, who has a pectoral complaint.
1217Case 1279Case of Mr George Mackenzie staying near Dumfries, who has a cough and spits blood. He travels abroad where he dies.
1218Case 1280Case of John Blair who passes blood and believes his disorder stems from the umbilical region.
1219Case 1281Case of Captain Pearce who has an 'irregular fever'.
1220Case 1282Case of Mrs Leith, mother of four children, who has been sick since she last gave birth.
1221Case 1283Case of Robert Matheson salmon fisherman on the Tweed who recently collapsed and lost consciousness and has had subsequent episodes of delerium.
1222Case 1284Case of Mrs Close of Lisborn who is prescribed strengthening medicines.
1223Case 1285Case of Mrs Gillies who is advised to undertake a mercurial course.
1224Case 1286Case of the Rev. Colin Gillies who has suffered several fainting fits almost like epileptic seizures.
1225Case 1287Case of Mrs Mercer who has a hard tumour in her right side.
1226Case 1288Case of John Corse whose vertigo has responded to the medication.
1227Case 1289Case of Miss J. Campbell who has a persistent stomach disorder.
1228Case 1290Case of Mr Benjamin Steuart who suffers palpitations which Cullen attributes to a weak stomach.
1229Case 1292Case of Mrs Greigson who has 'Gravellish complaints'.
1230Case 1293Case of Miss? Dundas of Arniston who has skin complaint.
1231Case 1294Case of the sister of Dr William Drennan who suffers from persistent, severe headaches accompanied by startings, feverishness and disturbed dreams.
1232Case 1295Case of Mr Bryce who is prescribed a pectoral mixture.
1233Case 1296Case of an unnamed male patient who has a venereal disorder reported by Lauchlan Campbell.
1234Case 1298Case of Mr George Buchanan who is severely mentally disturbed and confined at home as insane.
1235Case 1299Case of R. Robertson who has a long-standing, intermittent urinary complaint.
1236Case 1300Case of Miss Jeanie Hamilton who has a 'rose' (inflamed skin).
1237Case 1301Case of Mr John Graham who is prescribed strengthening medicines.
1238Case 1302Case of Lizzie [Elizabeth] Lawrie who has a swollen stomach only relieved by vomiting.
1239Case 1303Case of George C. Fox, 'a Quaker', whose swollen legs and stomach complaints are attributed to gout.
1240Case 1304Case of Bobby [Robert] Cunynghame at Livingston who is prescribed a diaphoretic mixture.
1241Case 1305Case of Captain Hook who has an inflamed eye.
1242Case 1306Case of Mr Gammel who is advised to be temperate in his eating and drinking and prescribed an aperient.
1243Case 1307Case of an unnamed female patient who has recently stopped nursing, and whose response to medicines (prescribed earlier by Cullen) for feverishness is being reported by John Mudie of Montrose.
1244Case 1308Case of Miss Jeany Dabriel (Dabyiel) who has a pectoral complaint.
1245Case 1309Case of the brother of Thomas Johnston who has not recovered from the weakening effects of a bad cold and cough. No trace of Cullen's response.
1246Case 1310Case of an unnamed gentleman with a pectoral complaint who is wanting to return to the West Indies as reported by Mr Morison.
1247Case 1312Case of young Miss Maccallaster on Arran whose complaints are not considered serious and who is advised on regimen and prescribed a diaphoretic.
1248Case 1313Case of Mr Watson (or his patient?) whose ulcerated tonsils are considered venereal.
1249Case 1314Case of an unnamed gentleman who wishes to return to Jamaica.
1250Case 1315Case of Mr Ker of Littleden whose stomach pains are suspected of being from the gout.
1251Case 1316Case of Mrs Moubray who has a drowsiness and flushings.
1252Case 1317Case of the son of Mr and Mrs McArthur, 'affected with convulsive startings' after being 'placed upon his head by some other boys in imitation of Tumblers who at that time were in that Place'.
1253Case 1318Case of Alexander Macdonald [McDonald] who suffers from gonorrhoea.
1254Case 1319Case of Andrew Flockhart, 'a husband man' (farmer) who has developed dropsy after being injured by a carriage wheel.
1255Case 1320Case of 'A. B.', an unnamed male patient whose main complaint is persistent diarrhoea.
1256Case 1322Case of a three year old girl with a swollen stomach region.
1257Case 1323Case of Miss Anna Porterfield of Duchall who has a Flour Albus and related symptoms.
1258Case 1324Case of Captain Townsend who is prescribed against returning ague.
1259Case 1325Case of Mr Robertson whose current illness began with a fever and severe headache.
1260Case 1326Case of William Duguid who has had extensive treatments for a venereal infection (named in one letter as syphilis) but whose current disorders are attributed to a nervous weakness of his lower spine. He later develops a bony 'excrescence' on his shin.
1261Case 1327Case of Ann Merivale who seeks advice on how to take precautions against a disorder, a form of croup, which killed two of her children in order to stop it taking her surviving child.
1262Case 1328Case of John Cockburn who probably has a kidney stone.
1263Case 1329Case of Edward Brisbane, a merchant returned to Glasgow from America, who has ascites and anasarca (fluid retention) which prove fatal.
1264Case 1330Case of Captain Smollett who has a chest complaint, with a bad cough.
1265Case 1331Case of Alexander Cowan who has asthma.
1266Case 1332Case of Mr William Pollock who has a long history of suffering from an itchy skin condition and boils which break out on his neck, scalp and face.
1267Case 1333Case of J. Nicholson [Nicolson] at Wakefield, who attributes his present illness to 'excess of venery' since his youth and his turning to hard drinking to cope with pain.
1268Case 1334Case of Miss Mansfield who is given detailed directions on taking a course of goat's whey.
1269Case 1335Case of Mrs Buckle who is spitting blood.
1270Case 1336Case of Mr Suitor who is showing signs of kidney stones.
1271Case 1337Case of Mr Wommersley whose persistent abdominal pains, which prevent him sleeping, may indicate a liver disorder.
1272Case 1338Case of Mrs Wilson [Willson] who has rheumatism and then a possible kidney condition.
1273Case 1339Case of Sir James Nicolson, 3rd Bart of Glenbervie who has cramps in his extremities and a stomach disorder diagnosed as hypochondriasis.
1274Case 1340Case of T. Shiells, medical practitioner in Ireland, who has developed severe headaches after catching fever while attending patients.
1275Case 1341Case of the Earl of Findlater who is advised on a regimen to manage his nervous weakness. See also Case 119.
1276Case 1342Case of Thomas Hopkirk who suffers from a severe pain in his right side and a related stomach disorder.
1277Case 1343Case of Mrs Smith who has an eye condition.
1278Case 1344Case of Mrs Harrison who has a schirrous breast.
1279Case 1345Case of the Earl of Panmure whose compaints are considered 'entirely rheumatic'.
1280Case 1346Case of Mrs Robertson whose serious cough returned during her recent, third pregnancy. The cough is now purulent and the patient is also suffering from a hectic fever.
1281Case 1347Case of Charles Meynell, a boy of thirteen, who has a fever and throat condition.
1282Case 1348Case of Elizabeth Murray of Darnhall who in 1781 is already taking powders for her stomach and who suffers 'flying pains'. In 1786 she visits Moffat to use the waters to treat a skin 'eruption' on her neck and face.
1283Case 1349Case of Mrs Wortlie Moir who has cold 'fits', a bad cough and breathing problems.
1284Case 1350Case of Mrs Harrower who has weak and delicate nerves.
1285Case 1351Case of Mr Cumming who is given a very detailed regimen.
1286Case 1352Case of Captain Ross, a young soldier, who caught a venereal infection when in America - which was treated - but who after recently attending a recent review at Ford George has started to display signs of a severe mental disorder.
1287Case 1353Case of Miss Balfour (the elder) in Orkney who has a weak stomach and is advised to guard against the winter cold.
1288Case 1354Case of Mr Gordon, who obtains an electrical machine to treat the pain and weakness in his lower back and stomach region, a condition considered almost paralytic by his local physician Dr John Gilchrist.
1289Case 1355Case of Mrs Gordon of Craigmile who has a weak chest and whose fluid retention, in Cullen's opinion, does not warrant surgical tapping.
1290Case 1356Case of Charles Brown who has had a stroke (a 'complete hemiplagia'), and who dies of another shortly after visiting Cullen and then travelling down to Bath.
1291Case 1357Case of Mr McNab who has a stomach complaint and ulcerated ear.
1292Case 1358Case of 'Miss G. H.' who is prescribed tonic and antispasmodic pills.
1293Case 1359Case of Mr Begbie [Begby] who may have epilepsy.
1294Case 1361Case of Rev John Mudie's daughter, who has a bad cough and related symptoms including sleeplessness and spasmodic contractions.
1295Case 1362Case of Colonel Macdonald who has a flux and fever.
1296Case 1363Case of Mr Pinkerton whose general nervous weakness is attributed to an inherited liability towards hypochondria and manifests in a susceptibility to 'nocturnal pollutions'.
1297Case 1364Case of Sir Robert Henderson visiting Bath who has a gouty condition and a swollen limb.
1298Case 1365Case of George Henderson (of Jamaica) who has suffered various nervous smptoms associated with his bowels since having some sort of debilitating 'fit' at Christmas 1779.
1299Case 1366Case of the mother of Dr Worthington, whose numerous symptoms are attributed to gout.
1300Case 1367Case of Lady Helen Stuart of Castlemilk who reports flying rheumatic pains, a skin eruption and pains in her abdomen.
1301Case 1368Case of Andrew Reid in Antwerp who has is passing some unidentified substance in his urine which indicate a bladder disorder. He sends Cullen a sample of the 'powder' he is passing.
1302Case 1369Case of Miss James who is advised on cold bathing which will require her to cut off most of her hair.
1303Case 1371Case of Mr Campbell at Greenock who has a persistent venereal infection.
1304Case 1373Case of an unnamed female patient with menstrual and uterine problems which are thought to be affecting he mental state; a friend and poor relation of Dr John Gilchrist at Dumfries.
1305Case 1374Case of Mrs N. Selby who has a menstrual disorder.
1306Case 1375Case of Alexander McCulloch, factor to the Duke of Montrose, who has a long-standing 'convulsive complaint', but confesses to Cullen that he was once treated for a venereal infection.
1307Case 1376Case of Provost (Commissioner) Buchanan who suffers from weakness and whose gout is exacerbated 'by the popery mob'.
1308Case 1377Case of Captain Grant who has consumptive symptoms and also swelling of the genitals.
1309Case 1378Case of Mr. Johnston who has a throat complaint.
1310Case 1379Case of Captain Fenwick who is prescribed a stomachic and a strengthener.
1311Case 1380Case of Miss Ross whose illness is attributed to an internal glandular 'obstruction'.
1312Case 1381Case of Sir John Fraser who has rheumatic pains in his shoulder, and now has a painful foot which has been diagnosed as gout. Tentatively linked to a later reply for a Mr John Fraser who is going to Jamaica but not certain evidence they are the same person.
1313Case 1382Case of Mrs Ward who has a skin 'eruption' on her face.
1314Case 1383Case of Mr Lowdnes who has an abdominal swelling.
1315Case 1384Case of Captain Cameron who has been 'seized with a palsy' in his tongue and arms but keeps calling for his Port wine.
1316Case 1385Case of Rev. William Thom, a Cullen family friend, who is weakened by a very severe, persistent cough.
1317Case 1386Case of Mr Hodgeyard who is given a regimen and prescribed a 'nervous tincture' and laxative.
1318Case 1387Case of the Revd. P. Wright who recounts a long history of varied disorders, mainly of his stomach, and was recently bitten by a dog. He considers his complaints nervous.
1319Case 1388Case of the mother of Thomas Rhodie who has gravel in her urine.
1320Case 1389Case of Mr Harkness who is advised on a regimen for his pectoral condition.
1321Case 1390Case of John Melliss who has been taking a course of Goat Whey.
1322Case 1391Case of Mr Lennox who is given directions on taking an anodyne balsam and a laxative.
1323Case 1392Case of Mr Lindsay who is advised on taking a sea voyage to his native Orkney.
1324Case 1393Case of Miss Richardson whose disorder, marked by swollen neck glands, is thought to be lymphatic in origin.
1325Case 1394Case of Miss Carter a young girl with menstrual problems.
1326Case 1395Case of the Solicitor General (Alexander Murray, Lord Henderland) , who 'labours with a weakness of his Stomach and bowels'.
1327Case 1396Case of Mrs Sharp who is advised to take a coach journey for her health.
1328Case 1398Case of Andrew Johnston who has a bladder problem.
1329Case 1399Case of Mr. Moody whose headaches, dimness of sight and other symptoms threaten a paralytic condition.
1330Case 1400Case of Colonel John Robinson whose flatulent stomach disorder does not improve with the medicines.
1331Case 1401Case of Annie Wilson, daughter of Dr (Prof) Alexander Wilson of Glasgow College, who has a menstrual problem.
1332Case 1402Case of Robert Barclay who suffers from bad headaches, especially at night, and swollen ankles.
1333Case 1403Case of Mr Samuel Charlton whose condition is paralytic.
1334Case 1404Case of Mrs Orr who is giddy from pains coming down from the crown of the head.
1335Case 1405The Case of Mrs Coulter who is 'threatened wiith consumption'.
1336Case 1406Case of Marie Robertson who for eighteen months has been largely confined to her bed with back pain.
1337Case 1407Case of Major Baillie who was recently in the West Indies and who is therefore vulnerable to a return of his rheumatic complaints because of the variable British climate.
1338Case 1408Case of the son of James Richardson who has a scorbutic eruption on his legs and a 'rose' (i.e. inflamed skin condition).
1339Case 1409Case of Captain Holmes who becomes increasingly weak, emaciated, swollen and eventually dies. Cullen had considered it an incurable case of hypochondriasis and hereditary weak nerves.
1340Case 1410Case of Miss Aitken who has a long-standing, intermittent, painful chest complaint.
1341Case 1411Case of Mrs Crawford who is advised on regimen and is prescribed pectoral and cooling medicines.
1342Case 1412Case of Mr Brown whose present pains, numbness and other symptoms are not thought to be related to a former venereal infection. He undergoes electrical treatment.
1343Case 1413Case of Mr Daniel Whitaker, junior, at Manchester who is prescribed a diaphoretic for a scorbutic complaint.
1344Case 1414Case of the surgeon Gavin Fullarton who seeks advice on his own very painful rectal complaint.
1345Case 1415Case of Mrs Hamilton who has a strained ankle.
1346Case 1416Case of Mrs. Scot who has a vaginal shanker and a discharge, possibly syphilitic in origin.
1347Case 1417Case of Mr Galbraith who has returned from Jamaica 'broken by the warm climate', but he is now mending.
1348Case 1418Case of Mr Forbes who has had stomach ailments.
1349Case 1419Case of Mrs Hodgson who, in Cullen's opinion, does not have a 'confirmed consumption'.
1350Case 1420Case of Mr Greenhill who is prescribed an eye wash.
1351Case 1421Case of Hugh Rose of Kilravock who is given directions on a sweating treatment and prescribed diaphoretics [only known from Cullen's reply which is a very poor copy].
1352Case 1422Case of Mr Bruce of Kinloch an elderly gentleman who is emaciated with a whole range of pains, swellings and other symptoms for which he has recently been 'electrified'.
1353Case 1423Case of Lord Justice Clerk who has to guard against cold and moisture. See also Case:256.
1354Case 1424Case of 'R. C.' a male patient who is going blind, as reported by Lachlan Campbell. No reply traced.
1355Case 1425Case of the young 'Mr Cunninghams', Robert, David and Frank. Robert has an eruption. They are all given dietary advice.
1356Case 1426Case of General Gordon whose recovery leaves Cullen pleased but wary: Cullen gives advice on taking two solutions to prevent the recurrance of a skin 'eruption'.
1357Case 1427Case of Mr Norris who has asthma and is given very substantial advice on regimen.
1358Case 1428Case of Mrs Veitch, who is in 'danger of Pthisis'.
1359Case 1429Case of Mr Gilbert Meason who has developed severe chest pains.
1360Case 1430Case of a mature female associate of Mrs Kennedy who suffers from various 'nervous' symptoms including giddiness and melancholia.
1361Case 1431Case of an unnamed female patient with a bladder disorder reported by Mr Dudley on behalf of Dr Richard Harris.
1362Case 1432Case the sister of Thomas Crawfurd who has a history of mental illness, but has reecenty had a sudden 'paroxysm of outrageous madness'.
1363Case 1433Case of the anonymised 'Mr. M.' who has long suffered from a 'cuteneous eruption', suspected of being the result of an unresolved 'venereal taint' and who also has anxieties over 'nocturnal emissions'.
1364Case 1434Case of Mr Wilson who has some sort of 'fits' as evident from a poor copy of Cullen's reply.
1365Case 1435Case of "Mrs Y. Z." who is prescribed a mercurial injection and other mercurial medicines (use of mercury and a pseudonym implies case may be venereal).
1366Case 1437Case of Mrs Thomson at Elgin who has a haemorrhage and severe abdominal pains.
1367Case 1438Case of Mr Brown [Browne] who has a disorder of the stomach and bowel and who is advised to try frequent cold bathing.
1368Case 1439Case of a young woman who is having epileptic fits.
1369Case 1440Case of 'Mr A. B.' who is advised a regimen including cold bathing.
1370Case 1441Case of Mrs Fraser whose stomach disorder may be caused by an obstruction of the pylorus.
1371Case 1442Case of Mr Stewart who has a stomach disorder.
1372Case 1443Case of an unnamed female patient who requires surgery to remove a tumour in her breast.
1373Case 1445Case of 'Mr I.S.' who has a persistent illness and who is advised on a regimen for taking a long land journey.
1374Case 1447Case of 'Mr Y. Z' who is being advised by Cullen and 'J.H.' [probably Dr John Hope].
1375Case 1448Case of the Duchess of Gordon whose complaints, for which she is advised on taking a course of goat whey, are considered rheumatic and nervous.
1376Case 1449Case of John Macbeath, who Cullen believes is 'in danger of Apoplexy or Palsy unless Dropsy comes in to prevent the appearance of these'.
1377Case 1450Case of James Burnet [Burnett] of Countesswells, who has a pectoral complaint (or pthisis).
1378Case 1451Case of Henry Rowan who is assured his disorder, which includes 'tubercles' in his tongue, is not a venereal infection.
1379Case 1452Case of the Revd. James Hamilton, minister in Paisley, who suffers from swollen and ulcerated legs. The case proves terminal and a post-mortem is performed by local surgeon Alexander ["Sanders"] Taylor.
1380Case 1453Case of Mr Burnside whose illness began after he returned from America. His protracted history includes flu, a cough, a thoracic disorder and an attack of insensibility at night termed 'an incubus'.
1381Case 1454Case of the two daughters of Mr Welsh who have a dangerous lung condition.
1382Case 1455Case of Mr McConchie [Macconchie] whose illness began with a severe pain in his side with loss of appetite and swollen stomach which is now thought dropsical.
1383Case 1456Case of T. Kinkead, ship's surgeon and Cullen's former student, who has often had nose-bleeds and whose health has declined since returning from the West Indies where he had a fever.
1384Case 1457Case of Miss Clarkson who is prescribed a course of goat whey for her pectoral disorder.
1385Case 1458Case of Mrs Gordon of Greenlaw who is conserdering shaving her head to guard against the colds to which she is susceptible.
1386Case 1459Case of Captain David Skene who has a venereal infection.
1387Case 1460Case of Miss Dingwall who is advised to take a sea voyage.
1388Case 1461Case of Mr Peter Harkness who is advised on regimen including asses milk.
1389Case 1462Case of Mrs Wharton who has headaches and a fever.
1390Case 1463Case of Mrs Wallis who Cullen thinks has 'no appearance of any distinct disease' but 'weak nerves' in 1782, but who develops 'eruptions' in 1784.
1391Case 1464Case of Mr Livingston, the younger, of Parkhall, whose sore throat is considered venereal and is being treated with a mercurial course.
1392Case 1465Case of James Ross who has a rheumatic condition and fits of giddiness which Cullen diagnoses as an 'affection of the brain'.
1393Case 1466Case of William Ferguson who has fits.
1394Case 1467Case of Mrs Thomson whose symptoms are attributed to the 'fatuity' of old age.
1395Case 1468Case of Mr J. Spens who is thought to have gout, but his primary problem is a urinary stricture associated with a venereal infection which he has discussed with the surgeon John Hunter.
1396Case 1469Case of Miss Betty Ogilvy who has been ill for sometime with a stomach complaint which makes her anxious and restless.
1397Case 1470Case of the Earl of Dalhousie whose persistent illhealth, marked by fits of breathlessness and pains in his feet, is attributed to gout.
1398Case 1471Case of the Marquis of Huntly who has a quartan ague and is advised on how to avoid catching a cold.
1399Case 1472Case of Mr Kairnan who has a constricted colon.
1400Case 1473Case of Colonel George Clerk [Clark, Clarke, Clerke] who becomes excessively weak and feeble from chronic costiveness, breathlessness, and other chronic complaints. In New York he has a perpetual fever and stomach complaint and mentions consulting Cullen before but no firm evidence traced unless he is the same patient as Case 283 in 1768.
1401Case 1474Case of an unnamed male patient who is being treated for severe stomach pains.
1402Case 1475Case of Samuel Laing.
1403Case 1476Case of Lieutenant Campbell of Scamadale who is extremely weakened after contracting a venereal infection while serving in the low countries.
1404Case 1477Case of Mr Rudd who has a bowel disorder.
1405Case 1478Case of Mrs Rudd who has a cough.
1406Case 1479Case of Dr Wilson who is very ill with suspected gout.
1407Case 1480Case of Mr Matthie, a young man with a nephritic complaint who is too attached to the pursuit of pleasure to give Cullen's treatments time to take effect.
1408Case 1481Case of Gabriel Dun(n), a poor, elderly man with jaundice.
1409Case 1482Case of Mr Watson who has back pain.
1410Case 1483Cass of Mr Watson who has an abdominal obstruction.
1411Case 1484Case of Mrs Watson who is prescribed an emetic.
1412Case 1485Case of Mr Strickland, a Catholic priest, who first became ill from gout and stomach complaints after he inherited his brother's estate and started to indulge in high living.
1413Case 1486Case of Mr. William Foster whose bilious disorder is attributed to the effects of having resided in the warm climate of the West Indies.
1414Case 1487Case of Mr William Foster who has a paralytic eye.
1415Case 1488Case of Mrs Tarpley who is ill during pregnancy.
1416Case 1489Case of Betty Hay who had become mentally disturbed; she laughs uncontrollably and imagines devils.
1417Case 1490Case of Mrs Ponsonby who has a uterine disorder (reported by Dr Dixon).
1418Case 1491Case of Lewis Gordon of Techmury whose 'threatening' pains and other symptoms are attributed to the gout.
1419Case 1492Case of Mr Hudson who has weak lungs.
1420Case 1493Case of Mrs Jane Porter who is experiencing the recurrance of a severe pain in her chest and stomach.
1421Case 1494Case of Mr Harrison who has an unusual but not unknown catharral complaint.
1422Case 1495Case of Mr William Spence Junior who has fits.
1423Case 1496Case of Mr Collie who is thought to have water on his chest after a severe cold has developed into a more serious condition.
1424Case 1497Case of John Mackenzie, a 'young gentleman' of fifteen whose history of illness, currently marked by 'a flux', is attributed to the wrong application of medicines.
1425Case 1498Case of Mr Leckie who is advised to go to Buxton for his suspected gout.
1426Case 1499Case of Tom, the infant son of the Revd. Mackenzie, who is ill with fits after being inoculated against smallpox.
1427Case 1500Case of Mr Graham of Dougalston, (father-in-law and guest of Patrick Home of Wedderburn) whose health was ruined in the West Indies and who has had a very serious bilious attack after an over-night journey which Cullen believes is largely through his own doing and may well prove fatal.
1428Case 1501Case of Mr Taylor who is advised on regimen and prescribed a cooling medicine and a gargle for an unspecified throat condition.
1429Case 1502Case of a servant of Mr Murray of Darnhall, who has a tumour on his leg.
1430Case 1503Case of Mr Macdonald who Cullen thinks has two, distinct conditions - a congested liver and catarrh - both the result of coming back to a cold climate from the West Indies.
1431Case 1504Case of Mrs Campbell at Greenock who is takes a liniment, balsamic and electuary for a range of symptoms, including a discharge and back pains.
1432Case 1505Case of Captain Campbell whose stomach pains are considered entirely of a 'spasmodic kind' which can be treated by a regimen with an aperient and anodyne.
1433Case 1506Case of Mr Fairholm who is advised to undertake sea bathing immediately for an unspecified complaint.
1434Case 1507Case of Mr Reid [Reed] whose health collapsed two years ago with a chronic illness which has left him very weak, with no appetite and suffering pains in his head and stomach.
1435Case 1508Case of Lieutenant William Horne, who visits Cullen from Ireland in April 1782 to seek advice for a long-standing disorder characterised by pains around his kidney and sediment in his urine and for which he seeks advice again in October 1783.
1436Case 1510Case of Mr J. B. who has a problem with his neck muscles, as reported by Mr Bryan.
1437Case 1511Case of the second son of Antonio Marchionne, who is suffering from epilepsy, as reported by William Batt.
1438Case 1512Case of Mr George Campbell, a young gentleman sent to Moffat with his mother to take a cure for his cough and the after-effects of Influenza. He also has a suppuration from what was 'a large cavity' in his thigh which is also disabling.
1439Case 1513Case of the children of Charles Gordon who are currently healthy, but must not be over-indulged.
1440Case 1514Case of Captain Douglas who is to be blistered to prevent his rheumatic pain settling on his chest.
1441Case 1515Case of a married couple visiting from Carlisle who make an anonymous enquiry concerning what they think might be the return of a venereal complaint treated three years earlier.
1442Case 1516Case of Mr Lawson who is suspected of having a bladder stone.
1443Case 1518Case of Miss Dundas who is taking a course of goat whey.
1444Case 1519Case of the Revd. Wilson whose complaints are rooted in a 'rheumatic or rather gouty'.
1445Case 1520Case of Mr Brown who has a problem with wax in his ear.
1446Case 1521Case of Mr Finlay who is advised over his diet and exercise.
1447Case 1522Case of the Honorable William Murray who has a long-standing condition which is being treated with electricity.
1448Case 1523Case of Mr Sherrif who has gout.
1449Case 1524Case of Mr Speirs who is advised on medication to take after his return to Dubin.
1450Case 1525Case of Miss Douglas who has a pectoral complaint and is advised to journey back south to London and then sail to Madeira.
1451Case 1526Case of Major Telfer who is advised on regimen to maintain his health after some unspecified condition which included swollen skin.
1452Case 1527Case of an unnamed male patient with a sexual disorder.
1453Case 1528Case of the children of Lord and Lady Selkirk who are at risk of influenza.
1454Case 1529Case of Mr Alison who is advised to go to Harrogate to cleanse his blood.
1455Case 1530Case of Mr Robert McGouan [McGoun, McGowan] who is prescrbed strengthening powders. In 1785 he reports he is no worse for taking them but passes worms and is considering going south for his health.
1456Case 1531Case of Mrs Fowler at Crail who is given a very detailed regimen and prescriptions for managing her cough and purging.
1457Case 1532Case of the infant daughter Mr Macknight. She has a 'paralytic' condition of her arm and shoulder for which she is given electrical treatment.
1458Case 1533Case of an unnamed male friend of Joshua Harris whose colic and paralysis have been attributed to lead absorption, but Cullen disagrees with this suggested cause of his symptoms.
1459Case 1534Case of Mr Irvine who may have a bladder stone.
1460Case 1535Case of 'Mr Bownlee's family', a son with an eye complaint and a daughter with a pectoral condition.
1461Case 1537Case of Lady H. Douglas who has injured her head but Cullen is sure it is only mild concussion.
1462Case 1538Case of the infant daughter of Mr Barclay of Urry who seems to have a bladder disorder, but Cullen asks for more details.
1463Case 1539Case of young Mr Thibou who is advised on a regimen and rural sequestration to cure his catarrh.
1464Case 1540Case of John Nicol who has a stomach disorder which he describes in a loose document addressed to 'your Ladyship'.
1465Case 1542Case of Mr Purves whose condition is considered 'purely dysenteric'.
1466Case 1543Case of Mr Walker whose complaints, though considered moderate, require a regimen.
1467Case 1544Case of the brother of Mr Reid, who has a disorder of the colon.
1468Case 1545Case of Mr Stringfellows who has a skin condition.
1469Case 1546Case of the brother of Mr Macdougal of Dunollan, who has epileptic fits.
1470Case 1547Case of Captain Davidson who is advised to continue the cold bathing and pursue Temperance.
1471Case 1548Case of Mr Campbell whose is advised to retire to the country to discourage him from worrying about a venereal taint which Cullen is sure has been cured.
1472Case 1549Case of Mrs Thomson's [Thompson's] daughter who has a great deal of humour in her blood.
1473Case 1550Case of an unnamed correspondent concerning his own case, written in the form of a series of numbered questions and answers concerning his symptoms and habits; smallpox mentioned.
1474Case 1551Case of the son-in-law of Thomas Fairbairn whose legs are now cured. Fairbairn consulted Cullen in person which explains why there is no evident incoming letter.
1475Case 1552Case of 'Mr Macdermots friend', as drawn up by the patient for Cullen to consider. His symptoms began with an eruption of black spots. Summary of Cullen's response jotted down on the outside of letter.
1476Case 1553Case of a female patient of [Andrew?] Liddel who has had a miscarriage.
1477Case 1554Case of a female patient's veneareal disease, under the care of Dr Sanders while 'Dr Cullen and Monro are of opinion that the venereal virus is not entirely eradicate'.
1478Case 1555Case of Mr Cumming who has a venereal infection.
1479Case 1556Case of A. White, whose disorder of the thorax Cullen does not believe to be scrophula but rather 'a suppuration consequence of pneumonic inflammation'.
1480Case 1557Case of Mrs Blair whose 'obstinate' , unspecified disease is in remission. Cullen has seen Hunter's journal of her case, but letter of 7 October 1782 is addressed to a third party.
1481Case 1558Case of William Inglis who has had intermittent aguish fits over the last fourteen years.
1482Case 1559Case of Mrs MacEwan who has an unspecified, very long-standing painful disorder.
1483Case 1560Case of Major MacEwan [McEuan] who in 1782 has a disorder marked by dizziness which Cullen thinks stems from obstructed blood in the brain.
1484Case 1561Case of "Mrs C of G' who has an internal disorder of her lower abdomen which may be rectal and/or uterine. Context implies 'G' probably indicates 'Glasgow' or 'Greenock'.
1485Case 1562Case of an unnamed female who is given advice on how to manage her pregnancy and relieve her cough. She is in the process of travelling north and a Mr Hay is mentioned.
1486Case 1563Case of "Mr 's children", consisting of a long letter from Cullen on how to keep children healthy. Name of addressee left blank.
1487Case 1564Case of an unnamed male patient who suffers headaches. Cullen's reply is addressed to his father and is carried by a Mr Campbell.
1488Case 1566Case of Mr Craig Minister at Kirkpatrick who has been suffering from pains in his arms and legs and a severe itchiness which prevents him sleeping. Cullen's answer recorded on the case-note.
1489Case 1567Case of Mr Dods who has a history of gout, but seeks advice on what Cullen diagnoses as a 'nervous asthma'. His son Joseph then writes to describe how his father has episodes of 'stupefaction' when his speech falters.
1490Case 1568Case of the Revd Dr Moffat who suffers from a very painful stomach disorder.
1491Case 1569Case of Mr Mackenzie who has a cough, asthma and whose body is very swollen from dropsy.
1492Case 1570Case of Mr Watson Carr who has asthma.
1493Case 1571Case of Mr Blackwell whose is advised on using electicity and warm bathing to ease a weak leg.
1494Case 1572Case of Miss Ellison who suffers from a number of conditions including costiveness, a nervous complaint in her head and an inflamed eye.
1495Case 1573Case of Miss Katty Gillon who has a cough and a nervous complaint.
1496Case 1574Case of Miss Delway whose whimsical notions concerning being infested with worms are described in a facetious letter by her cousin Dr Haliday.
1497Case 1575Case of Mr M. Bell who has jaundice, a painful rheumatic shoulder and calculi.
1498Case 1576Case of Major Hutchison Dunlop who is to be bled, blistered and given a cooling mixture.
1499Case 1577Case of Mr Duncan who is concerned about his eyes which are then treated with electricity.
1500Case 1578Case of Lady Janet Sinclair who has a stomach disorder marked by heat.
1501Case 1579Case of Andrew Buchanan who is given substantial advice on a regimen to follow to restore his weak constitution.
1502Case 1580Case of Miss Balvaird who has a chest condition with impaired breathing.
1503Case 1581Case of fourteen-year-old William Hillary who has been unwell since the death of his younger sister from a baffling condition which brought on some sort of seizures.
1504Case 1582Case of Abigail Grier [Greer] who is debilitated with a feverish asthmatic chest condition.
1505Case 1583Case of young Mr Leggat who has recently had several bouts of illness, with pain in his bowel and a cold, resembling severe colic.
1506Case 1584Case of Mr Boyle who is being treated with diuretics for a visceral obstruction.
1507Case 1585Case of R. Clayton Bayles who is being treated for an unspecified disorder affecting his stomach and who has developed eruptions on his hands which may be an effect of his medication.
1508Case 1586Case of Mr Swan who is advised on regimen and prescribed cooling, pectoral, and softening medicines.
1509Case 1587Case of Mrs Burrell who has a long-standing cough and difficulty breathing.
1510Case 1588Case of Mr Thomas Mack who is being treated with opiates for what Cullen considers to be gout and which he warns should only be relieved gradually by being driven out to the extremities.
1511Case 1589Case of George Gordon who suffers from rheumatic pains and colic which may be the gout.
1512Case 1590Case of Mr Gillespie who requires blistering.
1513Case 1591Case of Dr Percy, Bishop of Dromore, who experiences a strange sensation in his head when he lies on one side which can lead to a complete 'loss of his faculties'.
1514Case 1592Case of Barbara Percy, daughter of Dr Percy, whose pain in her side is diagnosed as a nervous, hysteric condition.
1515Case 1593Case of Mr Holt with a history of nephritis and swollen feet which may have been gout, but who is now suffering from a severe asthma.
1516Case 1594Case of Mrs Elizabeth Watt of Stranraer, whose various symptoms over the course of ten years include a chest complaint, a sore mouth, and rheumatism.
1517Case 1595Case of Captain Forbes who has dropsy.
1518Case 1596Case of the Bishop of Man who is being treated for passing mucus.
1519Case 1597Case of Arthur Gair, a surgeon-apothecary, who attributes his dizziness, painful toe, faintness and other symptoms to gout.
1520Case 1598Case of Miss Anderson who is to be bled and undergo various other treatments for an unspecified condition.
1521Case 1599Case of James McKeith who suffers from gravel.
1522Case 1600Case of Mr Baxter who is given a detailed regimen and course of treatment to follow to rectify his blood.
1523Case 1601Case of Mrs Duff who has a feverish condition with shooting pains which Cullen thinks may stem from a kidney disorder.
1524Case 1602Case of Mr Baillie who is advised to go on a course of goat whey for a pectoral condition.
1525Case 1603Case of the Revd. Macfarlane who has severe pains in his back in the region of his kidneys.
1526Case 1604Case of David Watson who has bouts of dysuria since recovering from a typhus-like fever a few years ago.
1527Case 1605Case of Loderick Irvine of Shetland who had suffered severe headaches and weakness since he had a feverish illness while working for a cloth merchant in Edinburgh in 1781. He has been ill for over two years and has used up all his money.
1528Case 1606Case of James Haig, a medical practitioner, who is much improved, but for a little hoarseness.
1529Case 1607Case of Mr Haighton of Dublin who visits Cullen, being weak after a scorbutic condition, and who suffers painful feverish symptoms in the weeks after returning home.
1530Case 1608Case of Miss Dalloway who is 'troubled with worms'.
1531Case 1609Case of Johnathan Fallowfield who is being treated with an ointment for the scrophula on his hands.
1532Case 1610Case of Mrs Fraser who has a tumour on her neck.
1533Case 1611Case of Mr Heywood a young man 'of Herculean stature' who has started having convulsive fits.
1534Case 1612Case of Mr Knott who has a bilious complaint and whose health was originally undermined while he was in military service in the East Indies.
1535Case 1613Case of James Hamilton of Hutchinson whose symptoms are attributed to the gout.
1536Case 1614Case of Miss Mochrie whose disorder is considered 'hysteric'.
1537Case 1615Case of Mr Govan who has an obstinate stomach disorder.
1538Case 1616Case of Mr Dun of Bendochie who has some sort of prolapse which Cullen thinks requires surgery.
1539Case 1617Case of Mr Orr who is advised on taking a course of goat whey for a pectoral condition.
1540Case 1618Case of an unnamed male patient who has developed pustules on his thighs after being treated for a rheumatic condition, as reported by Silas Neville.
1541Case 1619Case of an unnamed, married female patient with a stomach disorder reported by Mr Haggart.
1542Case 1620Case of Mrs Campbell, wife of Captain Campbell of the 26th, who disorder is not thought serious.
1543Case 1621Case of Miss Campbell of Saddle diagnosed with chorea and worms.
1544Case 1622Case of Mrs Fordyce who is given a regimen to cure a cough.
1545Case 1623Case of Mrs Langton, a patient of Dr Heysham's who is 'strongly threatened with a Phthisis'.
1546Case 1624Case of Mr Alexander Montgomery of Coylesfield who Cullen believes has passed some gallstones and is jaundiced; upon his death in 1784 there is a postmortem examination.
1547Case 1625Case of Mr Dunbar who is inclined to have dropsy.
1548Case 1626Case of Mr Threlkeld whose disease is attibuted to his melancholic and hyochondriac temperament.
1549Case 1628Case of Miss Bishop who has a swelling on her right arm.
1550Case 1629Case of Mrs Kirk who has a chest complaint which may be consumption.
1551Case 1630Case of Miss Mary Shaw who has a hectic fever.
1552Case 1631Case of Miss Fell who is taking the waters at Moffat.
1553Case 1632Case of Mrs Bannatyne who has menstrual pains.
1554Case 1633Case of William Holland, a child whose arms are left dysfunctional after surviving chin-cough and smallpox in 1777.
1555Case 1634Case of William Norris, a surgeon at Hull, who suffers from a range of symptoms including a hectic fever with vomiting and other stomach complaints considered 'nervous'.
1556Case 1635Case of Mr Maxwell of Williamwood who has been treated by Cullen for a venereal condition with a course of mercury.
1557Case 1636Case of Mr Worge who has been 'seized with a Cholera Morbus' which Cullen attributes to gout.
1558Case 1637Case of Mrs Murdoch who has a 'gravellish' complaint.
1559Case 1638Case of Miss Innes of Muriefold [Muriefauld] whose blood 'is tainted with a sharp humour'.
1560Case 1639Case of Mrs Innes, who is given very full advice on how to treat her colic.
1561Case 1640Case of an unnamed female patient being treated for a venereal infection with mercury by Mr Moorhouse. Cullen recommends following up with dose of a decoction of Mezereon root which he explains how to prepare.
1562Case 1641Case of Mrs Townsend whose disorder is considered 'a spasmodic affection of the colon'.
1563Case 1643Case of Mr Tweedie who has a continuing fever.
1564Case 1644Case of Mr Straiton who is to be blistered and who is prescribed an antispasmodic and a laxative.
1565Case 1645Case of 'a Gentleman of some consequence' who has hypochondriasis.
1566Case 1646Case of Mr Aiken whose stomach complaints are considered entirely 'nervous'.
1567Case 1647Case of Mr Aitken who is given advice on regimen to avoid the threat of palsy.
1568Case 1648Case of Miss Brown, who 'complains of loss of appetite and swelling of the lower part of the belly'.
1569Case 1649Case of Miss Hill who, like her sister (Case: 1650), is thought to have a weak constitution and whose conplaints stem from obstructed perspiration.
1570Case 1650Case of Miss Hill who, like her sister (Case: 1649), is thought to have a weak constitution and whose conplaints stem from obstructed perspiration.
1571Case 1651Case of Mr Redpath whose condition is attributed to a 'scrophulous habit'.
1572Case 1652Case of Colonel Bayly [Baillie] who is disposed to gout.
1573Case 1653Case of Sir Robert Pollock who is given detailed advice of travelling to Bath and Buxton.
1574Case 1654Case of an unnamed 'Manservant' who has painful joints, including his hip.
1575Case 1655Case of Mr Bogue [Boog], a patient of Dr Fuller's, whose unspecified disorder is being treated by a routine of bathing.
1576Case 1656Case of Mons. Benard at Dunkirk who has a susceptibility to coughs and cold a 'bastard peripneumonary'. In 1786 he is having 'fits'. The letters were mistakenly associated with Gregory as the patient.
1577Case 1657Case of Mr Ingham, the Newcastle surgeon, who has a weakness of his lung considered temporary.
1578Case 1658Case of Robert Hog who is diagnosed as having 'an infirmity of the brain'.
1579Case 1659Case of Mr George Mill (Milne and Milnes) who is given a detailed regimen and advised to take an aperient for what might be a skin condition which Cullen thinks may be hereditary.
1580Case 1660Case of David Hamilton who has a sore hip and leg which is being treated with fomentations and electricity.
1581Case 1661Case of Mr Grierson who has a skin condition.
1582Case 1662Case of Mr Russel [Russell] a young man with a condition of his knee.
1583Case 1663Case of a male patient reported by Mr Saunderson whose health is impaired by the cold climate.
1584Case 1664Case of 'J. P.' [identified as likely being John Parrish] an unnamed male patient with a urinary disorder as reported by Colin Ross in Hamburg.
1585Case 1665Case of 'Mrs M. B.' which Cullen considers a 'pure hypochondriasis', though partly manifesting as an ear complaint.
1586Case 1666Case of an unnamed patient - probably diagnosed with hypochondriasis - since their practitioner is provided with advice on cold bathing and directed to Cullen's account on that disease in his "First Lines".
1587Case 1667Case of 'Mrs " whose condition is considered constitutional.
1588Case 1668Case of an unnamed male patient who is prescribed laxative medicines.
1589Case 1670Case of Mrs Anne Bethune of Balfour and Kilconquhar, who in 1783 has largely recovered from a recent disorder but needs to take precautions, but by 1785 she has a bleeding wound on her breast. Goodsir and Cullen discuss dressing it.
1590Case 1671Case of an unnamed female patient with headaches.
1591Case 1672Case of an unnamed, unmarried female patient, between thirty and forty years of age, with menstrual problems, as reported by William Home. By 1784 she has developed lumbago.
1592Case 1673Case of Mr Deale whose stomach complaints are attributed to a disorder of his head.
1593Case 1674Case only known from short note in Latin - liekly to maintain privacy -concerning an unnamed patient whose opaque eyes are not attributable to brain congestion nor is their condition found in their siblings.
1594Case 1675Case of Mr Prid's brother who is recovered but would benefit from a trip to Scotland to take goat whey.
1595Case 1676Case of Mr Yates whose colic improves after following Cullen's advice.
1596Case 1677Case of Miss [Mrs] Ann [Anne] Ferguson who has piles and whose poor handwriting prompts Cullen to complain.
1597Case 1678Case of Miss Margaret Ferguson who is being treated for an 'eruption' on her face for which she is employing an ointment and decoction.
1598Case 1679Case of Robert Stuart [Stewart] suffering from a gleet and other complaints associated with a lingering venereal infection.
1599Case 1680Case of Miss M. Burton, a teenaged girl debilitated by a painful epigastric disorder marked by episodes of vomiting, especially at night.
1600Case 1681Case of Miss McDoual who is considering taking goat whey.
1601Case 1682Case of Mrs Stuart who suffers from severe chest pains, like angina, but which Cullen considers a 'spasmodic affection' loacted in her stomach.
1602Case 1684Case of Mrs. Mary Maxwell of Kirkonnel who suffers from a rheumatic complaint which especially affects her hip.
1603Case 1685Case of Captain Urquhart who has frequently suffered from a flux (diarrhoea), since returning form the East Indies.
1604Case 1686Case of Dr Samuel Johnson who has asthma and dropsy.
1605Case 1687Case of Miss Sykes, a young woman debilitated by a disorder which manifests in various feverish symptoms.
1606Case 1688Case of Lady Dumfries who in 1784 is suffering from stomach pains and cramps. .
1607Case 1689Case of Andrew Syme who suffers from pain in his head.
1608Case 1690Case of Miss Wilkie who has swollen ancles, legs and throat.
1609Case 1691Case of the Revd. Archibald Stevenson, who has an eruption all over his body stemming from an issue applied to his shoulders to treat his rheumatism in his neck and head. He subsequently becomes weak with a flux.
1610Case 1692Case of Mrs Johnston [Johnstone] of Hawkhill who has been reported as being insane.
1611Case 1693Case of Mr Livingston of Parkhall who has a chest complaint, with asthma and a cough.
1612Case 1694Case of Mr Livingstone's son who is found not to have a venereal taint.
1613Case 1695Case of Sir Thomas Hume Rigg who has 'an affection of the head'.
1614Case 1696Case of Mr Bunkle who is advised to avoid cold and take a stomachic; Cullen is going to call in on him soon.
1615Case 1697Case of Miss Montgomery whose various ailments, include a cough and head pains.
1616Case 1698Case of General Skene diagnosed as having a weak stomach and bowels.
1617Case 1699Case of Mr Blair, Provost of Dumfries, with a history of ailments, whose current weak state is attributed by Cullen to hypochondriasis.
1618Case 1700Case of Captain Duncan McNeill, who has recently developed giddiness, flying pains, palpitations and other fearful symptoms. By Spring 1785 he is found talking to himself and admits to being 'fearful of losing his Reason'.
1619Case 1701Case of Lady Moncrief who has suffered from 'sickness and squemishness' and who is going to the country where she must guard against being costive.
1620Case 1702Case of J. Lorimer who has a persistent cough and laboured breathing.
1621Case 1703Case of Dr G. Watts who insists he has had a weak stomach for over thirty years.
1622Case 1704Case of the Revd. Gordon who is very weak and distressed by an advanced chest condition for which he is prescribed Laudanam.
1623Case 1705Case of Mrs Ratcliffe [Radcliff], disposed to pthisis having been weakened by from nursing her husband through a long illness.
1624Case 1706Case of Captain Balnevis who is advised to travel to the South for his health.
1625Case 1708Case of Viscountess of Glennorchy who may not be gouty, but who is right to stay at Moffat for the summer to address a 'sharpness in her blood'.
1626Case 1709Case of Provost Molison who has a protracted history of sore throats and painful gout, especially in his feet.
1627Case 1710Case of George Crawford who has a serious chest complaint.
1628Case 1711Case of Lieutenant Smith who has recently developed a distressing stomach and bowel disorder.
1629Case 1712Case of John Brooke who has a long and complex medical history of stomach and other chronic ailments and who is advised to try shower baths and take strengthening medicines. Poor copy of reply.
1630Case 1713Case of Mrs Hepburn of Luffness whose sickness and headaches are attributed to a uterine disorder.
1631Case 1714Case of Baron Heynitz in Berlin, who is advised on his gout.
1632Case 1715Case of Mr Henry Collingwood of Cornhill who in 1784 had recently suffered 'a fit and fell off his chair'; then in 1789 he asks about taking Buxton water.
1633Case 1716Case of Mr Howison who refuses to be sounded by a surgeon for the stone.
1634Case 1717Case of Mr Thomas Riddell of Fenton Park.
1635Case 1718Case of Lieutenant Daniel McKinlay of the Navy who has an eruption on his hands and thighs resembling scabies.
1636Case 1719Case of Mr Tye who is prescribed a laxative.
1637Case 1720Case of Mr Coates who has dropsy.
1638Case 1721Case of Sir John Henderson who is prescribed a strengthening powder.
1639Case 1722Case of Edward Brown [anonymised to: 'A. B.'] of Perth who fears he has contracted a venereal infection after a drunken indiscretion.
1640Case 1723Case of Mrs McConnochie [McKonnochie] who is pregnant and is suffering pains in her head, vomiting and other disorders.
1641Case 1724Case of Mrs Tait who is advised on bathing to treat an unspecified disorder.
1642Case 1725Case of Mrs Walker with an unspecified complaint for which she is avised on regimen and prescribed ann aperient and strengthener.
1643Case 1726Case of Charles Sanderson [Saunderson] in Shetland.
1644Case 1727Case of Mr John Miller who is advised to protect himself from cold and take a diaphoretic for an unspecified condition.
1645Case 1728Case of Mr Donald who has a bowel disorder, and who is considering a recuperative 'jaunt'.
1646Case 1729Case of Miss Lockhart (assumed to be the daughter of Count Lockhart) who is advised to take whey and other matters of regimen for an unspecified condition. Poor copies hinder establishing full details.
1647Case 1732Case of young Mr McMurdo of Drumlanrig who has a fever.
1648Case 1734Case of Collector Robertson whose condition is thought to be of a 'nervous kind though not dangerous'.
1649Case 1735Case of Mrs Watson who needs to take precautions to avoid a consumption.
1650Case 1736Case of Miss Forbes who is advised to move to a southern climate as soon as possible.
1651Case 1738Case of Sir Hector McKenzie whose treatment is aimed at preventing swelling (poor copy obscures futher details).
1652Case 1739Case of Colonel Livingstone who is advised to apply leeches to his temples and follow a regimen for an unspecified condition.
1653Case 1740Case of Mr (Captain) Innes whose complaints were first reported to Cullen in 1775. He has been in decline since that date with vomiting of blood and fluid retention.
1654Case 1741Case of Mrs Copland who is prescribed an aperient and a strengthening pill to take with her to the country.
1655Case 1742Case of the son of Andrew Buist who is having convulsive fits.
1656Case 1743Case of Miss Laurie who is poorly with a feverish cough, especially at night, and a menstrual irregularity.
1657Case 1744Case of Commissary Marshall at Glasgow - long acquainted with Cullen - who cannot walk from his house to the Court without assistance and whose joints are becoming more and more painful and stiff.
1658Case 1745Case of Miss 'G. K.' with a complex history of fevers, yellowness of skin and various pains in her head, abdomen and legs. CHECK for missing cover-letter.
1659Case 1746Case of Lady Mary Lindsay, who has a kidney and urinary disorder, as reported by Dr John Campbell.
1660Case 1747Case of the son of Mr Ross who has a deficiency of speech (much of copy letter unreadable).
1661Case 1748Case of Mr Mackinlay who has an eruption on his hands and thighs which Cullen, after examination, considers the 'common itch'.
1662Case 1749Case of John Cundell who is advised on regimen and prescribed an aperient and a stomachic.
1663Case 1750Case of Mrs R. whose menstrual disorders and related symptoms are diagnosed as nervous hysteria.
1664Case 1751Case of Walter McIndoe who is costive.
1665Case 1752Case of Mrs McMurdo who has uterine condition after several miscarriages.
1666Case 1753Case of Mr Hart whose complaints are all attributed to 'a gouty disposition'.
1667Case 1754Case of Captain James Hamilton who has had heartburn and stomach problems, but is mainly troubled by sores on his legs and ankles.
1668Case 1755Case of Mr Johnston whose is diagnosed as having a schirrosity of his liver.
1669Case 1756Case of Miss Walkinshaw's niece who has a 'palpitation from a fright'.
1670Case 1757Case of Mrs Forbes whose condition is not thought to be dropsy but the result of a 'hurt recieved upon the part' in the past.
1671Case 1759Case of Mrs Moore who is prescribed 'specific pills' and a 'strengthener' for an unknown condition.
1672Case 1760Case of Mrs Donald who has a stomach disorder attributed to 'an obstruction at the lower orifice' of her stomach.
1673Case 1761Case of Mr Ellison whose complicated complaints stem from a gouty disposition.
1674Case 1762Case of Miss Millar whose condition is difficult to determine because the copy is partly illegible though it is evident that she has a stomach complaint and plans to cross the Atlantic.
1675Case 1763Case of Mrs Lawton who is prescribed a strengthening electuary.
1676Case 1765Case of Mr Robb(?) whose ailments are thought to be entirely rheumatic.
1677Case 1766Case of an unnamed male patient with a urinary disorder, possibly from calculus, reported by Dr Charles Watson.
1678Case 1767Case of an unnamed gentleman who is having fits attributed to a blow to the head, as communicated by Mr Moffat.
1679Case 1768Case of Captain Macpherson [McPherson] who is advised on a cooling regimen to obviate 'heat and flushings'.
1680Case 1769Case of Mr Colvill, prescribed a strengthening and cooling medicine.
1681Case 1770Case of 'A. B.', a man much travelled, who is described as having dyspepsic and hypochondriac symptoms.
1682Case 1771Case of 'E. K.' a female patient with menstrual problems and suspected worms.
1683Case 1773Case of Mrs Marshall advised on regimen and cold bathing for a dyspeptic condition made worse by some distressing thoughts.
1684Case 1774Case of 'Mr A. B.' of London who has a palsy.
1685Case 1775Case of Mr John Westmorland who is prescribed strengthening pills and cold bathing to address his nervous complaints and 'seminal weakness'.
1686Case 1776Case of Mrs Heywood who has a long history of various 'nervous' complaints which Cullen attributes to a scorbutic habit and relaxed alimentary system.
1687Case 1777Case of Miss Simpson of Sebergham Hall who has had surgery on her Tibia since consulting Cullen at Moffat.
1688Case 1778Case of Miss Henrietta Ross, aged thirteen, who 'became indolent and discovered an inclination to ly upon her Bed and afterwards began to complain of pain in the right side a little below the Breast' (includes some poor copies).
1689Case 1779Case of Archibald McAlester [McAlistair], a four-year-old boy who 'lost the power of both upper and lower extremities' after being given treatment for feverish symptoms.
1690Case 1780Case of Mr Darrell who has various symptoms including a skin complaint, a cold, feverishness and a nephritic condition.
1691Case 1781Case of Mr Alexander Mayes on a visit from the West Indies who has a skin condition.
1692Case 1782Case of Mr Chisholm whose symptoms are attributed to a bladder stone.
1693Case 1783Case of Mrs Mary Maxwell of Kirkconnel who has various symptoms includings sweats, restlessness and pains in her arms and shoulders.
1694Case 1784Case of Miss Mary Baillie at Dunrobin Castle, aged thirteen, who becomes very unwell after passing some worms. Cullen subsequently declares her case 'hysteric'.
1695Case 1785Case of Mrs Hyslop whose severe pains in her head may signal 'an organic affection of the brain which is generally incurable'.
1696Case 1786Case of Mrs Forsaythe [Forsyth] who has a 'tremor' and partial paralyis down her entire right side, accompanied by other symptoms.
1697Case 1787Case of Rev. Ralph Ogle who suffers from flatulence and general weakness.
1698Case 1788Case of Mrs Mitchell who 'began to complain of great Weakness, Want of Appetite, Pain in the Head, with Weakness or Pain in the Region of the Loins', after giving birth.
1699Case 1789Case of Mrs Cruickshank who has a rheumatic complaint.
1700Case 1790Case of Mr Hyndman who is diagnosed with erysipelas.
1701Case 1791Case of Mrs Mack who has a bilious disorder and has lost her appetite.
1702Case 1792Case of Robert 'Bob' McKenzie, a child with a swelling on his cheek and pains in the muscular parts of his thighs which impair his walking.
1703Case 1793Case of Mrs Seton of Hillside whose disorder is attributed to 'a weakness of the brain and nerves'.
1704Case 1794Case of Reverend William Gun of Golspy, who was 'suddenly seizd with a violent Headach'.
1705Case 1795Case of Alexander Thomson whose health gave way to fevers while resident in Jamaica and now has a problem with his legs which require stockings.
1706Case 1796Case of the Reverend Mr Adam Ferguson who has skin eruptions on his arm and a painful thigh.
1707Case 1797Case of Captain Craick whose constitution was weakened while on campaign in America and who has since suffered from loss of appetite, lassitude, pains and an eruption.
1708Case 1798Case of Dr Charles Keith whose dyspepsia and other symptoms are considered to be gouty.
1709Case 1799Case of Mr Woodman who has a swollen testicle.
1710Case 1800Case of George Dunlop who has a skin eruption and a suppurating 'glandular' sore in one armpit.
1711Case 1801Case of John Gordon of Greishop who is being treated with electricity for an inability to swallow.
1712Case 1802Case of Mr James Abernethie who is consumptive.
1713Case 1803Case of Miss Cook, of the Gallowhill family, who is feared to be phthisical.
1714Case 1804Case of the Duke of Gordon who is advised on managing his gout and his general health.
1715Case 1805Case of Miss Gordon who is advised on taking the waters at Gilsland spa.
1716Case 1806Case of the Reverend Charles Charleton who is advised to try cold bathing and a regimen for his persistent nose bleeds and painful spasms in his stomach.
1717Case 1807Case of Donald Campbell who has an inflamed, swollen face and eyes. He has a history of fever and joint pains which began in Jamaica after he 'rode home pretty much heated with liquor without a Great Coat' and eventually left him crippled.
1718Case 1808Case of William Bogle who has lived a life of 'excess' and currently has a Pox (venereal infection).
1719Case 1809Case of Joanna Douglas who was well in London but has been feeling unwell since arriving in Boulogne sur Mer.
1720Case 1810Case of John Sommerville who has a persistent cough and who recently had a fever.
1721Case 1811Case of Mrs Ferrier who has feverish symptoms and has had her breasts drawn.
1722Case 1812Case of Mrs Middleton struck with rheumatic pains in her chest and stomach.
1723Case 1813Case of the anonymised 'I. T.' and unnamed female patient with a violent pain which suggests a liver disorder, as reported by Dr Groat.
1724Case 1814Case of Collector Strang whose only disorder when exmained by Cullen appears to be the tumours on the side of his neck and cheeks, particularly on the left side.
1725Case 1815Case of Miss Paris who is warned by Cullen that unless she takes precautions she will find that 'the heat of her blood' which has already 'come out' on her limbs will start to appear on her face and impair a 'very agreable look'.
1726Case 1816Case of the practioner George Hamilton of Stranraer who suffers from attacks of pain across his chest and stomach.
1727Case 1817Case of Governor Charles Bell, whose condition is diagnosed as gouty and nephritic.
1728Case 1818Case of Mr William Bruce of Stenhouse, who lost his health while long resident in Tobago and who suffers from fevers and other weakness since returning to Scotland.
1729Case 1819Case of an unnamed young man, a seaman, who has a venereal infection after injuring his penis during 'coition', as reported by his friend Dr T. Brown. His distressing symptoms have included a copious discharge from a lesion on his face.
1730Case 1820Case of Mr Nichol's friend, a young man who has been having 'fainting fitts' and who fears he may have epilepsy.
1731Case 1821Case of Mr Telfer [Telfuir, Telfair] who has a complex medical history most recently marked by passing blood and increasing weakness.
1732Case 1823Case of William McIntyre who was recently electrified at the Infirmary for a muscular weakness which began in his thumb when he was reaping a few years back and which has since spread throughout his whole body.
1733Case 1824Case of Neil Malcolm, a youth of sixteen who, after two attacks of fever, has suffered bouts of St Vitus' Dance for which, on the advice of various physicians, he has been undertaking sea-bathing at Boulogne-sur-mer in Normandy.
1734Case 1825Case of Mrs Little, who is offered advice on how best to conceive, mentioning an intermediary called Mrs Spence (very poor copy).
1735Case 1826Case of Mrs Fletcher of Bonshaw whose ailments are attributed to a a 'gouty dispotion'.
1736Case 1827Case of Mrs Yates who has dropsy.
1737Case 1828Case of Miss McKay who has shown all the signs of a consumption.
1738Case 1829Case of an unnamed female patient aged twenty-two who has started to spit blood.
1739Case 1830Case of Miss Johanna Gale which Cullen finds 'dark' but he thinks it may be attributable to a visceral obstruction.
1740Case 1831Case of Mrs Reid who developed a cold and fever while bathing at Peterhead to treat her rheumatism and a sprained ankle.
1741Case 1832Case of Mademoiselle Delassize whose complex history of 'hysteric' symptoms Cullen considers as evidence of an underlying constitutional irritability.
1742Case 1833Case of Miss Lindsey [Lindesay] who has responded badly to an electuary Cullen prescribed earlier.
1743Case 1834Case of 'little John Hamilton', also known familiarly as Master ' Jackie' or 'Jackey', the infant son of John Hamilton-Dundas of Westburn. The boy suffers from 'eruptions' or 'tumours' resembling smallpox, which recur on his feet.
1744Case 1835Case of an unnamed male patient with a long-standing, painful urinary problem as reported by his friend William Anderson.
1745Case 1836Case of Patrick Murray who has a 'speech defect' (a stammer).
1746Case 1837Case of Catherine Davidson whose health is fully restored after following Cullen's earlier advice but who wants to know if she should start using a shower bath after the winter.
1747Case 1838Case of Mr Fraser who has suffered from headaches and other symptoms after being exposed to the sun in June 1772.
1748Case 1839Case of Miss Jenny Boyle who is taking a cephalic draught.
1749Case 1840Case of Mr Wilkie who has recently developed a chest complaint marked by a cough, fever, breathlessness and spitting blood.
1750Case 1841Case of Miss Hasswell who is advised on a course of strengthening medicines (complaint hard to decipher owing to poor copy). No obvious enquiry letter implies this patient may have paid a personal call.
1751Case 1842Case of Mrs Innes (at Haddington), who has a chest complaint.
1752Case 1843Case of Sir William Maxwell of Springkeld who Cullen has seen in person and whose complaints, primarily a 'lax' belly and weak stomach, stem from a 'gouty disposition'. He is given very full directions.
1753Case 1844Case of Mrs Macleod who is given a very detailed regimen to address her weakened state due to childbearing.
1754Case 1845Case of Mr Dobbie who has diarrhoea and gripes, though unclear of these are just the effects of his medication. Cullen suspects a return of the gout.
1755Case 1846Case of an unnamed female patient with a bad cough. Despite showing no signs of venereal infection she once gave birth to a child who the attending physician called 'one of the worst venereal cases in Children that ever had come under his care'.
1756Case 1847Case of Mr Gregory who is healthy for his age but who is susceptible to cold, the swelling of his lower extremities, and sleeplessness for which he is advised on regimen.
1757Case 1848Case of Mrs Dorothy Riddell who has a stomach disorder which comes in 'fits'.
1758Case 1849Case of Mr Greig who has an eruption on his hands which is in danger of spreading.
1759Case 1850Case of a male friend of Dr Sue who sends Cullen a long case-history in French; his symptoms are primarily termed hypochondriacal and vapourish.
1760Case 1851Case of Mr Michie who is being treated for a problem with his throat.
1761Case 1852Case of Mrs Aitkinson whose unspecified condition - affecting her joints - requires sea bathing and electrical treatment.
1762Case 1853Case of Mr Fenton who has a weak chest.
1763Case 1854Case of Mr Whyte being treated for what, from the directions, seems to be a chest complaint.
1764Case 1855Case of Mr John Strong who is advised to guard against the cold while taking a voyage.
1765Case 1856Case of Miss Colquhoun who has no constitutional problem beyond ''delicacy and debility', so is just given advice on managing 'the purposes of life'.
1766Case 1857Case of Mrs Campbell of Barcaldine with a complex history of complaints including episodes of headaches, vertigo and vomiting, but most recently swollen legs. Symptoms are attributed to a menstrual disorder.
1767Case 1858Case of William Murray who has a tumour on his side.
1768Case 1859Case of Mrs Pringle who cough has been better since seeing Cullen.
1769Case 1860Case of Mr Frowde who is advised on regimen to avoid a relapse of an unspecififed condition (possibly plethoric).
1770Case 1861Case of Miss Stewart of Wolverhampton whose feverish cough - implying consumption - is in Cullen's opinion advanced beyond cure.
1771Case 1862Case of Mr Jones whose symptoms suggest a 'general debility'.
1772Case 1863Case of an unnamed female patient, a young woman, who has a recent history of headaches, langour and melancholy - shunning all company - and 'globus hystericus', as communicated by Dr Alexander Brown.
1773Case 1864Case of James Brown who has a chest complaint and is advised to sail to Madeira.
1774Case 1865Case of William Somerville who has lost the recipe Cullen provided in 1773 which relieved the problem he had with vomiting when recumbent which he fears is returning. No trace of earlier communications.
1775Case 1866Case of Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw who is thought to have no disease, just the effects of a 'nervous shock'.
1776Case 1867Case of Lady Elibank's sister who is advised over managing a menstrual or uterine condition.
1777Case 1868Case of Mrs McKenzie who is advised on diet after recently being sent a prescription.
1778Case 1869Case of Andrew Millar who appears to have fluid on his chest.
1779Case 1870Case of David Donald who has a dangerous 'obstruction in his breast' for which he must avoid all damp.
1780Case 1871Case of Mrs Romer who has a 'spasmodic' stomach disorder.
1781Case 1873Case of Mr Watson who is prescribed an aperient.
1782Case 1874Case of Mr Murray who is instructed to keep his 'belly open'.
1783Case 1875Case of an unnamed male patient who has 'for some years, been affected with an eruption which chiefly affects the back part of both his hands', as reported by Dr Heysham.
1784Case 1876Case of an unnamed young man with a venereal infection who is being sent to London by Cullen and his associate, the surgeon Alexander Wood, to be seen by John Hunter.
1785Case 1877Case of a friend of Mr Mckenzie who requires artificial mineral water made with Dr Nooth's machine.
1786Case 1878Case of an unnamed female patient with a cough, hectics and other symptoms of consumption as reported by Dr Armitstead at Knaresborough.
1787Case 1879Case of Mrs Cullen, wife of Captain Cullen, who has a cough 'hectics', 'nervous' headaches, and other signs of consumption but Cullen asks for further details.
1788Case 1880Case of an unnamed female patient with a rectal disorder who is informed that there is no reason she may not marry.
1789Case 1881Case of an unidentified male patient who is getting better. No obvious incoming letter from these period matches the case.
1790Case 1882Case of James R. Miller of London who has suffered several bouts of fever after falling asleep in a draught when on a coach journey.
1791Case 1883Case of a friend of Alexander Dalziel who favours anonymity having 'for a long course of years indulged himself in excesses of various kinds' such that his constitution is 'greatly impaired', with an 'almost totall decay of his generative powers'.
1792Case 1886Case of Mrs Wilson, wife of a grocer, who has a cough.
1793Case 1887Case of Dr Charles Keith who has a chest complain with coughing and spitting up blood.
1794Case 1888Case of Captain Cotton who has started getting pains in his head and ears when he bends over and also has pains in his back and jaw.
1795Case 1889Case of Mrs Meek who is recovered from her feverish complaint and dypepsia.
1796Case 1890Case of Mr Jessamine who suffers from vomiting, stomach complaints and headaches.
1797Case 1891Case of Captain Crow [Crowe], who has had an intermittent fever and nocturnal 'paroxysms'.
1798Case 1892Case of Mr Vane who is having palpitations diagnosed as angina.
1799Case 1893Case of George Campbell of Aires who has a stomach disorder and suffers from headaches and giddiness.
1800Case 1894Case of Mrs Cheape of Wellfield, an elderly patient with a delicate constitution, who, following a cold has a weak arm, and pains in her extremes.
1801Case 1895Case of Basil Scott who has a long-standing lung and stomach disorder.
1802Case 1896Case of Rutherford Park who ever since a bout of heavy drinking has been suffering from seizures at night, marked by an inability to breath and various odd sensations.
1803Case 1897Case of William Greenlees who is prescribed several medicines to treat a 'foulness' of his blood.
1804Case 1898Case of William Davidson, a minister, who has rheumatic pains exacerbated by a fall from his horse.
1805Case 1899Case of John Galt who has been suffering from 'Convulsive or Epileptic fits' for the past two years.
1806Case 1900Case of the Reverend [Malcolm] Nicolson who has long suffered from painful flatulency and palpitations in his chest.
1807Case 1901Case of Mr Sharp's son who is being treated for a fungal 'sore on his groine'.
1808Case 1902Case of Miss Forster whose violent 'rheumatic' pains are now concentrated in her head.
1809Case 1903Case of Mr McPherson of Benehar who has had a stroke.
1810Case 1904Case of Mr John Thomson of Charleton with a fractured leg.
1811Case 1905Case of Mr Devon who is to take goat whey, as briefly mentioned by Dr James Saunders of Banff.
1812Case 1906Case of Miss Wilson experiencing 'a peculiar kind of fit' rendering her insensible. Possibly sister of Ann Wilson (Case:1907). Both at Newcastle), but Cullen writes two district replies on 13 November.
1813Case 1907Case of Miss Ann Wilson who has a severe cough (possibly sister to the Miss Wislon of Case:1906 who suffers fits).
1814Case 1908Case of Mrs Ilderton [Ilderstone] who is being treated for a 'discharge'.
1815Case 1909Case of William Hargrave [Hargreave] who had been taking cider to cure his scurvy but continues to suffer from an itch.
1816Case 1910Case of Lady Mary Anne Carnegie, daughter of Lord Northesk who is advised for her 'weak and delicate constitution'.
1817Case 1911Case of Mrs Whitehead who visits Cullen in person for a menstrual disorder.
1818Case 1912Case of Lady Leven who has a digestive and bowel disorder.
1819Case 1913Case of George Davidson who is 'strongly threaten'd with a Consumption'.
1820Case 1914Case of Thomas Hamilton who has pains and spasms in the side and trouble walking.
1821Case 1915Case of Miss Hercy [Hearsy] Gavin who has a chest complaint, suspected to be consumption with other symptoms including an eruption on her face and who is to travel to France.
1822Case 1916Case of the Reverend Francis Grant who has a digestive disorder and a cough.
1823Case 1917Case of an unnamed female patient who has a long history of being inactive, anxious and beset by various ailments, including swollen legs, an eruption on her face and other complaints as reported by Dr Holland. She has visited various English spas.
1824Case 1918Case of Mr Fraser Gregory [Gregorie] who has been having fits.
1825Case 1919Case of Lady Henrietta Hay who is prescribed cooling medicines.
1826Case 1920Case of Mr Rutherford who is prescribed medicines and treated with dry dressings.
1827Case 1921Case of Miss White who is prescribed astringent pills.
1828Case 1922Case of Dr John Young who is suffering from an eruption of the skin along with some stomach complaints.
1829Case 1923Case of Mr Black with a disease of the urethra.
1830Case 1924Case of David Gregorie at Dunkirk who has suffered a paralytic stroke.
1831Case 1925Case of William Lyall, a young man anxious about nocturnal emissions.
1832Case 1926Case of an unnamed excise officer who is losing his sight. Cullen examined him when last visiting Berwick.
1833Case 1927Case of David Maxwell who is bedridden with gout and rheumatism which is attributed to his heavy drinking.
1834Case 1928Case of Prince Abbondio Rezzonico who has no specific disease but who is advised on strengthening his 'relaxed habit' (i.e. a weak constitution which predisposes him to gout).
1835Case 1929Case of Miss Forster (daughter of the Berwick Postmaster, Ralph Forster), whose itchy skin complaint is diagnosed as being a 'Psora of some kind'.
1836Case 1930Case of Governor George Johnstone (Johnston) who has a maxillary gland tumour and diseased tongue, which prove fatal.
1837Case 1931Case of Miss Phillips at Manchester who has stomach pains and other symptoms which Cullen consider 'spasmodic' rather than 'hysteric'.
1838Case 1932Case of Miss Sanderson who has been bedridden with pains throughout her body and from vomiting, accompanied by bouts of vomiting.
1839Case 1933Case of the Duke of Courland (a Latvian noble) who is advised over a nettle-rash and how to regulate his diet etc. he is under the care of Dr Baylies at Berlin.
1840Case 1934Case of Colonel Kellett who has a 'nervous' complaint down his left side.
1841Case 1935Case of Mrs Innes of Sanside [i.e. Sandside, by Thurso] who reports a dull pain down her right side and other symptoms which Cullen mainly attributes to a 'gravellish' condition.
1842Case 1936Case of Mrs Patterson who has various back and side pains, with other symptoms pains possibly associated with a menstrual disorder.
1843Case 1937Case of Miss Grant who is basically healthy, but diagnosed as having weak nerves.
1844Case 1939Case of Miss Hunt who has a problem with her right hand and arm (paralysis?), which is to be treated with electricity.
1845Case 1940Case of John Hunter, a student at Glasgow College (University), who is about to travel to Madeira for the winter after developing a chest complain.
1846Case 1941Case of James Collier, a student at Cambridge, who has been left emaciated by a severe cough and 'hectic' [indicative of consumption], for which, on the advice on London physicians, he has moved the Weymouth and hopes to winter in Nice.
1847Case 1942Case of John Schuback [Shubach], who is advised to take up sea bathing for his weak constitution. Faced with bad weather, he takes cold baths indoors instead.
1848Case 1943Case of Richard Charleton who is being treated for a venereal infection (gonorrhoea).
1849Case 1944Case of an unnamed patient who is vomiting blood.
1850Case 1945Case of a daughter of the Revd. Dr Thomas and Isabel Mutter at Dumfries who has pains in her side which the local surgeon terms hysterical. Cullen thinks she is just rather delicate.
1851Case 1946Case of Mr Livingston Campbell who is advised to take a journey for his health.
1852Case 1947Case of Mr Peirie who has been 'gravellish' but now has a bowel disorder.
1853Case 1948Case of Mrs Margaret Johnston of Cowhill, whose disorder is unstated, but the medication upset her stomach.
1854Case 1949Case of Miss Crimble who is diagnosed as having a nervous weakness.
1855Case 1950Case of John Baxter who has rheumatism.
1856Case 1951Case of Dr G. Kirkaldie's sister who has a swollen abdomen.
1857Case 1952Case of Captain Wedderburn who in 1786-7 has a stomach disorder but by 1789 also has a rheumatic problem.
1858Case 1953Case of William Gordon in Sligo who has a severe chest complaint accompanied by painful spasms.
1859Case 1954Case of the Hon. Mr Murray of Aiton who has a pectoral complaint and an unspecified disorder of his leg.
1860Case 1955Case of Sir George Moor who has an ear problem with giddiness.
1861Case 1956Case of Mrs N., aged 50, who 'has been troubled with the Piles for a considerable time'.
1862Case 1958Case of Samuel Clark who has suffered from a pain in his breast and back ever since lifting a heavy weight. He was a shopkeeper before spending several years in the merchant navy.
1863Case 1959Case of Mr Williams whose chest pains are from an ague and may turn consumptive.
1864Case 1960Case of Mr Dubose, a Frenchman, who has had a fever and also suffers from an 'habitual asthma'.
1865Case 1961Case of Mr John Still who has been showing signs of gravel.
1866Case 1962Case of Miss D. Still who has a chest condition (probably consumptive).
1867Case 1963Case of Sir Sheldon Cradock of Hartforth who is disposed to gout and gravel.
1868Case 1964Case of Mr Ferguson, minister of Farnell, who has a skin complaint.
1869Case 1965Case of 'Janet D', who sends a desperate plea that she wishes to see unnamed addressee or 'Robert' again urgently. She fears for her sanity.
1870Case 1966Case of William McNair who is melancholic and suffers from a 'lowness of spirits' (related to hypochondria).
1871Case 1967Case of the Countess of Roseberry who is given a regimen to manage her nervous weakness.
1872Case 1968Case of the Earl of Roseberry who has been weakened by a recent fever.
1873Case 1969Case of Robert Blair who has 'an obstinate eruption on his face'.
1874Case 1970Case of Henry Maxwell who has a pulmonary condition.
1875Case 1971Case of an unnamed female patient who has complications after giving birth, as reported by Joseph Losh.
1876Case 1972Case of 'Mrs L.', who is being treated for a swollen abdomen, as reported by Dr Marshall.
1877Case 1973Case of "A. B.", an anonymised female patient with a serious chest complaint.
1878Case 1974Case of Miss Hamilton of Spittlehaugh, who is advised to take up riding to prevent to prevent the return of an unnamed former complaint.
1879Case 1975Case of Mr Riddell at or near Hexham, whose complaints include pains in his hands and salivating excessively, all symptoms Cullen attributes to a 'gouty' disposition.
1880Case 1977Case of Charles, Clara and Gideon, the deceased children of Alexander Murray, 7th Lord Elibank, who all died in infancy and concerning his fears about hereditary weakness and how to prevent premature death.
1881Case 1978Case of Mrs Perry who is advised on managing her weak stomach.
1882Case 1979Case of Mrs Ainsley who is diagnosed as having gout.
1883Case 1980Case of Miss Barnes who is prescribed a strengthening tincture.
1884Case 1981Case of Mr Maitland whose condition is attributed to stopped perspiration.
1885Case 1982Case of Thomas John Stuart, a surgeon, who suffers the effects of injuring his leg and possibly a kidney when he had an accidental fall in deep snow.
1886Case 1983Case on an unnamed fifteen-year-old girl who has developed a tumour on her jaw.
1887Case 1984Case of Alexander Johnston of Straiton who has gout.
1888Case 1985Case of Mrs Dent who has a stomach disorder.
1889Case 1986Case of [Miss?] Dent who is listless and delicate.
1890Case 1987Case of General Leslie whose inability to sleep is attributed to a stomach disorder.
1891Case 1988Case of Mr Cannan who is to take a medicine in beef broth and follow a regimen for an unstated complaint (directions suggest it may possibly be gravel).
1892Case 1989Case of James Steen who has an eruption on his neck.
1893Case 1990Case of Mr Pope whose symptoms are attributed to a weak stomach.
1894Case 1991Case of Sir Alexander Cunningham of Craigends whose symptoms are attributed to a gouty disposition.
1895Case 1992Case of Mr Green whose swollen abdomen and urine retention imply that he is 'threatened with a dropsy'.
1896Case 1993Case of two teenage girls and their 11-year-old sister affected with a discharge, as reported by Robert Coupar at Fochabers.
1897Case 1994Case of Edward Cook who has pains in the region of his heart and a stomach disorder.
1898Case 1995Case of 'Mrs D', who has faltering speech. Dating conjectural, based only on place in box.
1899Case 1996Case of Mr Davidson who has had colds and a cough.
1900Case 1997Case of an unnamed female patient weakened by child-bearing.
1901Case 1998Case of Mrs Murray who has a swollen leg.
1902Case 1999Case of Hector Turnbull, who has a stomach disorder and becomes increasingly emaciated.
1903Case 2000Case of Miss Webster whose unstated condition is thought to be partly an 'affection of her mind' associated with a menstrual irregularity.
1904Case 2001Case of George Gordon at Carnshalloch House, Kirkton near Dumfries (but his father appears to be in London), an infant who is being treated with laudanam.
1905Case 2002Case of Francis Johnston at Carnsalloch House, Kirkton near Dumfries, an infant who has problems with deafness.
1906Case 2003Case of an unnamed, young female patient who suffers from headaches and pimples on her face and back as reported by Dr John McMillan.
1907Case 2004Case of an unnamed female patient who 'has been for some time past alarmed at an unusual appearance of a luminous body darting itself from different parts of her cloaths' as reported by Dr Trotter.
1908Case 2005Case of Colin Robertstone [Robertson], a Perth practitioner, who has been very depressed with jaundice. He improves after he consults Dr Cullen and Dr Hope when on a visit to Edinburgh, but also suffers from gallstones.
1909Case 2006Case of an unnamed female patient 'about 18 years of age', with various symptoms only known from a brief note.
1910Case 2007Case of "Mrs A.", diagnosed with hypochondria. No obviously related incoming letter identified.
1911Case 2008Case of Mr Farmer, who is diagnosed as having a 'rheumatic constriction of the muscles of his chest'.
1912Case 2010Case of an unnamed male patient vulnerable to colds and a weak chest who is advised to take the Hartfell spa waters at Moffat. Probably a youth since Cullen, who has also spoken to a Mr Inglis, writes to the patient's mother.
1913Case 2011Case of Allan Robinson who is consumptive and is advised to sail south, and take a milk course. He visits Cullen accompanied by his sister who is at risk, and on the recommendation of Lord Lonsdale.
1914Case 2012Case of Mr Robertson, who has a flux since being in the East Indies. Cullen passes him over to an unnamed London physician, almost certainly his old associate Dr David Pitcairne.
1915Case 2013Case of the son of Mr Bowman who has a history of epilepsy. Mention made of treatment undertaken four years previously but no obvious connection with earlier cases in 1783.
1916Case 2014Case of Mrs Murray who experiments with using a swing according to the published method devised by Dr Smith.
1917Case 2015Case of Mr Yelloly who has a cough and hectic fever indicative of consumption.
1918Case 2016Case of Mrs Paisley, a young widow, who has taken to 'dram drinking' to ease a stomach disorder and who dies of a suspected gout on her stomach.
1919Case 2017Case of Miss Bell who has epilepsy.
1920Case 2018Case of William Stark who has a stomach disorder.
1921Case 2019Case of Miss Elizabeth Snowden who has a menstrual disorder and grows weaker with other complications.
1922Case 2020Case of Captain Birrel [Burrel] whose symptoms include headaches and perspiring; he then has a convulsive fit.
1923Case 2021Case of Sir John Sebright who has symptoms of 'heat' (feverishness) and pains in his limbs associated with gout.
1924Case 2022Case of Robert Ogle who is being treated for a stomach complaint.
1925Case 2023Case of Mr Campbell of Succoth, who has a 'movable tumour' on the lower lid of his left eye.
1926Case 2024Case of an unidentified Mrs Campbell, who spits blood.
1927Case 2025Case of Miss Storie (Storey) who has a scrophulous condition.
1928Case 2026Case of Roger Hog Junior, who suffers from swollen legs and laborious breathing.
1929Case 2027Case of Miss Ross of Gladfield, who has a cough and other long-standing symptoms.
1930Case 2028Case of Mrs Gillies who experiences severe vomiting ["morning sickness"] when pregnant.
1931Case 2029Case of Anne Dashwood, Countess of Galloway, who has had sixteen children, and who was often bilious when younger, but who now suffers from pimples, itchy skin, boils and varied pains in her side and her legs.
1932Case 2030Case of nine-year-old Miss Margaret Russell who has been treated for ulcerated tumours on her face and body.
1933Case 2031Case of Mr Stewart of Shambelly [Shambellie] who is advised to got to Buxton for his health but later develops a chest complaint exacerbated by anxiety over family matters.
1934Case 2032Case of Mrs Maxwell at Cardoness, who has a stomach disorder and vomiting.
1935Case 2033Case of General Beckwith, a retired soldier who is afflicted with 'rheumatic gout' and gravel.
1936Case 2035Case of Mrs White whose menstrual 'obstruction' is accompanied by nausea.
1937Case 2037Case of Miss Wilson who wants to take precautions against developing her former menstrual disorder.
1938Case 2038Case of 'Mrs W. S', a young woman who suffers bouts of 'nephritic' pain in her sides, as reported by Dr Pigot.
1939Case 2039Case of Mr Provan who has an inflammation of his eye.
1940Case 2040Case of Mr John Alston of Overhall who has a kidney or bladder stone.
1941Case 2041Case of Mrs Allen of Errol House, a native of Jamaica who since a suspected miscarriage has been very 'lax' with a bad stomach.
1942Case 2043Case of Mrs Wragg who has had a chest complaint following a cold, with coughing and difficulty breathing.
1943Case 2044Case of an unnamed male patient, aged 71, who has been weak since a fever 30 years earlier and now suffers from piles and a prolapsed anus.
1944Case 2045Case of an unnamed male patient who was seized with 'great pain in both Jaws', after 'exposure to the north & East winds', as reported by John Scruton.
1945Case 2046Case of Mrs McAlester who has been ill with colds since the death of a daughter.
1946Case 2047Case of Mrs Gordon who has swelling of the belly.
1947Case 2048Case of Mr Beaumont who is prescribed a strengthening mixture.
1948Case 2049Case of Mr Maxwell of Muches [Munchies], who is prescribed a linseed injection (enema).
1949Case 2050Case of Mrs McLaws (Macclaw) who has an 'eruption on her arm'.
1950Case 2051Case of an unnamed male patient with a varicose aneurism as reported by Alexander Taylor.
1951Case 2052Case of 'Miss Junr.', of Dumfries, who is prescribed a pectoral mixture.
1952Case 2054Case of Miss Magdalane Elizabeth [Maddy] Hamilton of Westburn, who mentions a cough, a headache and sickness. She takes a family jaunt accompanied by Cullen's daughter Robina.
1953Case 2055Case of Mrs Baron Gordon who is advised to take a journey and prescribed strengtheners, a laxative and an anodyne for her unstated condition.
1954Case 2056Case of the son, aged about ten, of Mr Wood of Thoresby. The boy has a bad cough after having both measles and chicken pox.
1955Case 2057Case of Mrs Campbell who has a long history of a cough and spitting blood. She became particularly fatigued caring for her child who was successfully inoculated by her surgeon Mr Muir.
1956Case 2058Case of Mary Lymbear [Lambert?] who vomits soon after eating.
1957Case 2059Case of Mr Mackenzie whose complaints may be venereal in origin.
1958Case 2060Case of Miss Brodie, 'a servant in Lord Lonsdale's Family', who is 'far gone in consumption'.
1959Case 2061Case of George Murdoch who has a bladder problem.
1960Case 2062Case of Symon Fraser, about five-and-a-half, who has a general weakness particularly in his extremities.
1961Case 2063Case of Mr Montague who has recently suffered a dangerous 'nervous fever'.
1962Case 2064Case of Thomas Younghusband who is thought to have gout.
1963Case 2065Case of the Earl of Glasgow who is given a substantial regimen to treat his 'costive habit'.
1964Case 2067Case of Lord Stonefield.
1965Case 2068Case of Mr Blair, only known from an aside in a letter from Cullen to a Dr Gillespie at Culzean.
1966Case 2069Case of Miss Gordon of Crogo, who has a severe stomach complaint with nausea and continually vomiting. She has consulted Cullen in the past but previous case hitherto unidentified.
1967Case 2070Case of Miss Betty Johnstone of Alva, a child with a cough and nosebleeds.
1968Case 2071Case of Betty Johnstone, sister of John Johnstone of Alva, who has a serious bowel disorder which prompts Cullen to make a personal visit.
1969Case 2072Case of Mrs Jamieson in Dysart, who has a breast condition which Cullen thinks is beyond any potential benefit from amputation.
1970Case 2074Case of Miss Bettie Graham, who is advised to lay aside most of her medicines but continue the cold bathing.
1971Case 2075Case of Mr Ramsay with an inflammatory irritation.
1972Case 2076Case of Mr Hugh Munro of Achanie, who is suspected of having liver disease.
1973Case 2077Case of Mr Muirhead - mistakenly labelled, but corrected in the text.
1974Case 2078Case of Samuel Laing of Strinzia (Orkney), who is consumptive.
1975Case 2079Case of Mrs Moodie, whose chest complaint Cullen regards as a 'desperate case'.
1976Case 2080Case of Dr Alexander Douglas Bart, who caught a bad cold, then strained himself lifting field-stones causing dizziness and a fever.
1977Case 2081Case of Miss Elizabeth Purvis [Purves], whose stomach has improved but who has erysipelas on her face.
1978Case 2082Case of Mr Montelieu whose eye ailment is considered 'in some measure hereditary'.
1979Case 2083Case of George Cochrane whose case is diagnosed as dyspepsia.
1980Case 2084Case of Miss Elizabeth Harrison who is delicate with 'weak nerves'.
1981Case 2085Case of an unnamed female patient 'of some consequence' who is at Harrogate to treat her badly ulcerated nostrils, as reported by J. Armistead of Knaresborough.
1982Case 2086Case of Dr John Aird of Sterling, who has 'fits' of asthma. He first consulted Cullen in person at Edinburgh.
1983Case 2087Case of Miss Burkit whose unstated symptoms require bleeding, purging, a 'low' regimen and an electuary.
1984Case 2088Case of Mr Burrow who has a problem with his eyes.
1985Case 2089Case of Elenora Vane whose unstated illness is attributed to 'imperfect perspiration'.
1986Case 2090Case of Mr William Saunderson who is diagnosed as having weak nerves.
1987Case 2091Case of Mr Robinson who has a serious bladder problem.
1988Case 2092Case of John Grey (Junior) at Alnwick, who is very healthy except for a 'little cough' (John Grey Senior, his father, is also being treated by Cullen).
1989Case 2093Case of an unnamed boy of ten who dies of rabies as mentioned by Dr Archibald Bathie.
1990Case 2095Case of Miss MacNeil.
1991Case 2096Case of an unnamed female patient with breathing problems as reported by John Mudie.
1992Case 2097Case of A. Pringle, a young boy who, since being very scared by his nurse telling him a tale of the devil when he was ten, barely speaks and behaves oddly, as reported by William Elliot. Described as a case of 'fatuity'.
1993Case 2098Case of Bob Fotheringham.
1994Case 2099Case of Robert Dickson [Dixson] a boy afflicted with ulcers on his side who has started to a have 'epileptic' fits.
1995Case 2100Case of Mr Spedding whose has an asthmatic complaint, but was also weakened by a bout of fever.
1996Case 2101Case of Mr Gordon of Skelton, who is advised to go to Buxton for an unstated condition.
1997Case 2102Case of a Mr Ross whose death is reported by Dr Robert Wood of Perth.
1998Case 2103Case of 'the Major' (potentially Sinclair) who has a skin eruption while staying at Harrogate.
1999Case 2104Case of an unnamed sixteen year old 'lady' who has an abcess on her back, near her hip.
2000Case 2105Case of Samuel Bott from Antigua, who has 'St Anthony's Fire'.
2001Case 2106Case of Mr Chivers who may have an obstruction of the liver.
2002Case 2107Case of an unnamed clergyman troubled with passing sand in his urine, a stranguary, then Priapism.
2003Case 2108Case of Miss Jean Howie, a nine years old girl afflicted with a stiff neck, 'a tetanus' (tight muscles) and a fever.
2004Case 2109Case of Mr Nicolas Lee, a surgeon in Hexham, who has dropsy.
2005Case 2110Case of the Revd. Rotheram [Rotherham] who has lost his voice which his friends think is probably from having a small stroke.
2006Case 2111Case of the Revd. Wright who has a severe bilious disorder.
2007Case 2112Case of Lady Banff who has various symptoms attributed to a 'weakness and laxity of her system'.
2008Case 2113Case of Charles Maxwell of Maxwell who has a 'spasmodic asthma'.
2009Case 2114Case of Miss Innes who is to take goat whey at Wooler.
2010Case 2115Case of Miss Leucock [Lucock] who has a skin eruption on her face.
2011Case 2116Case of Captain Baillie who has a stomach disorder and a pectoral complaint.
2012Case 2117Mr Campbell of Kintarbert who has developed a stomach disorder, with vomiting and general weakness.
2013Case 2118Case of Mrs Travers diagnosed as a case of 'Mania'.
2014Case 2119Case of an unnamed patient of D.Rutherford's who is prescribed blistering, valerian etc.
2015Case 2120Case of the Revd. William Andrews who suffers from headaches and a throat condition, for which he tries the shower bath and sea bathing.
2016Case 2121Case of Provost Marshall of Perth whose cough and swollen legs prove fatal.
2017Case 2122Case of Mrs Rose whose case is described as desperate.
2018Case 2123Case of Mrs Chalmers concerning a hardness around her ovary which proved to be a sign of a successful pregnancy; with subsequent exchange over post-natal symptoms.
2019Case 2124Case of Miss P, who fifteen years previously 'after being terrified from seeing a relation of hers in danger of losing his life, was seized at times with something resembling a stupor, tho' not insensible'.
2020Case 2125Case of Mrs Roebuck.
2021Case 2126Case of Miss Kitty Cooke [Cook] whose present symptoms are attributed to a former shock to her delicate nervous system.
2022Case 2127Case of an unnamed 'Chevalier' who suffers from a 'disorder of the imagination and judgement' which Cullen attributes to a softening of part of the brain.
2023Case 2128Case of the mother of Laurence Hill whose symptoms are illegible.
2024Case 2129Case of Mr Ramsay, a Collector of Excise, who has a chest complaint.
2025Case 2131Case of Mr Scot who is troubled with a hearing problem.
2026Case 2132Case of Mrs Jean Neilson who has become deaf.
2027Case 2134Case of Mr Davidson, previously treated by Cullen without a fee.
2028Case 2135Case of Lord Dalziel's servant who is prescribed pectoral pills.
2029Case 2136Case of an unnamed twenty-two year old woman who dies after being startled at a firework display.
2030Case 2137Case of an unnamed patient with diabetes.
2031Case 2138Case of Mr Stuart who dies of a concussion.
2032Case 2139Case of Miss Spalding whose condition has remained largely unchanged for two years.
2033Case 2140Case of Miss Murray, who is recovering from an unspecified disorder.
2034Case 2141Case of Mr B. Bell, whose illness seems to have ended fatally.
2035Case 2142Case of a young unnamed girl with rapid breathing.
2036Case 2143Case of Mr Cowan, who has recovered well but still retains some symptoms of his earlier illness.
2037Case 2144Case of Mr C. I. who is diagnosed with a hydrocele.
2038Case 2145Case of Mrs Gibson who visits Cullen in Edinburgh.
2039Case 2146Case of an unnamed patient treated for megrim.
2040Case 2147Case of an unnamed woman in her 20s with menstrual problems.
2041Case 2148Case of an unnamed girl with a tumour or swelling on the neck.
2042Case 2149Case of Mr George Abercromby with a broken leg.
2043Case 2150Case of Mr Fullerton, a former patient of Cullen's, who has recovered well.
2044Case 2151Case of Mr W. Barnett with urinary problems.
2045Case 2152Case of an unnamed patient with 'petechial fever'.
2046Case 2153Case of an unnamed male patient with gangrene of the penis.
2047Case 2154Case of an unnamed patient operated on for blindness after smallpox.
2048Case 2155Case of Robert Laing with sores on the skin.
2049Case 2156Case of the daughter of Archibald MacNeill who is prescribed several medicines.
2050Case 2157Case of an unnamed patient, a ten year old boy, treated for stammering.
2051Case 2158Case of Miss Brown of Bishopton with dental problems.
2052Case 2160Case of Mr Miller who requests to be bled.
2053Case 2161Case of Miss Emily Clephan who is recovering well.
2054Case 2162Case of Mr Waugh only known from an aside remarking on his recovery and advising cold bathing and goat whey.
2055Case 2163Case of the wife of Captain Joseph Wood who has a discharge (fluor albus).
2056Case 2164Case of Captain Wemyss who is prescribed salts and a regimen for an unspecified condition.
2057Case 2165Case of Captain Rutherford [Rutherfurd] who has disordered bowels following dysentery.
2058Case 2166Case of Mr McDuff who has a propensity for concealing his complaints.
2059Case 2167Case of an unnamed 21 year old woman who has had tumours of the neck after recovering from smallpox.
2060Case 2169Case of John Martin with a long and complex history of headaches and, more recently, rectal pain - traced back to having had smallpox at the age of twelve.
2061Case 2170Case of the Revd. Dr Sharp.
2062Case 2172Case of Mrs Fraser who has menstrual and chest pains.
2063Case 2173Case of Miss Burke who is diagnosed as having a kidney stone.
2064Case 2174Case of Mrs Gibson who Cullen thinks is suffering from some shock which has affected her stomach and gullet.
2065Case 2175Case of Mrs Gibson's niece who is prescribed a cooling mixture.
2066Case 2176Case of John Mackenzie of Dolphinton who is recovering from an unspecified condition, but is advised to go to Bath to take the waters.
2067Case 2177Case of Miss Campbell, eldest of the six daughters of Ilay Campbell, the Lord Advocate (later Lord Succoth), who is advised to go to Bath.
2068Case 2178Case of Mr Ashton who has a pulmonary condition.
2069Case 2179Case of Captain Mercer who is diagnosed as having a weakness of the nerves.
2070Case 2180Case of William Brown who has suffered convulsions and palsy, and who is diagnosed as being apoplectic and having 'too great a fullness of the vessels of the brain'.
2071Case 2181Case of Captain Skene who has a persistent cough and spitting.
2072Case 2182Case of Magnus Lindsay who Cullen thinks is a victim of an epidemic fever which is currently prevalent.
2073Case 2183Case of Miss Saunderson.
2074Case 2184Case of Mr Brander who is 'threatened with a consumption'.
2075Case 2185Case of Mr Ferguson who is advised a regimen for a stomach disorder.
2076Case 2186Case of Mrs Baillie of Dochfour, whose condition is 'very purely Epileptic'.
2077Case 2187Case of Colonel Murray who has a digestive ailment.
2078Case 2188Case of Charles Alison who is disposed to gout.
2079Case 2189Case of Miss Robertson who is prescribed a strengthening medicine and stomach powders.
2080Case 2191Case of the Miss Ramsays who are advised on taking a cure at Harrogate.
2081Case 2192Case of Mrs Ferguson who has a pectoral condition.
2082Case 2193Case of an unnamed woman whose ill health began when she was frightened by a house fire at the age of twenty-two, as reported by Mr Charles Farquharson.
2083Case 2194Case of John Graham who has recently had a 'fit'.
2084Case 2195Case of Mrs Sinclair, who 'still at Harrogate', where she is being treated for some sort of pustules, as communicated by J. Armistead.
2085Case 2196Case of the father of John McRob, an Irish farmer who has become melancholy and paranoid.
2086Case 2197Case of a patient with a condition of the urethra, as reported by William Gulland.
2087Case 2198Case of Mr Moodie, who is disposed to gout.
2088Case 2199Case of a 'Mr D.', as who, since a venereal infection when young, has long suffered from a melancholy state of hypochondria; reported by former student William Drought.
2089Case 2200Case of a discussion over how to rear healthy children, probably written at the request of Lady Selkirk.
2090Case 2201Case of Mrs Steele who has diarrhoea and nausea.
2091Case 2202Case of 'Mr Hodgson's friend' who increasingly suffers from a general debility marked by loss of appetite and weight.
2092Case 2203Case of an unnamed female patient aged twenty-seven with a pulmonary disorder as reported by Dr John Mudie.
2093Case 2205Case of the Revd. Mr Marsh who needs to guard against the gout.
2094Case 2206Case of Mr Spalding who has an 'effection of the lungs'.
2095Case 2207Case of Thomas Pearson who has suffered bouts of rheumatic fever and is left with very weak wrists which prevent him from writing.
2096Case 2209Case of 'a lady', diagnosed as having a bladder stone.
2097Case 2210Case of Mr Suly who has developed haemorrhoids and diarrhoea.
2098Case 2211Case of Mrs Conningham who has a stomach disorder and uterine condition.
2099Case 2212Case of Mrs Hobson who is prescribed a stomachic medicine.
2100Case 2213Case of Mr Parker who has a gouty stomach.
2101Case 2214Case of Mrs Staig who has a stomach disorder.
2102Case 2215Case of William Murray who has an inflamed toe-nail, gout and a cough.
2103Case 2216Case of General Campbell whose varied symptoms are attributed to an innate stomach weakness.
2104Case 2217Case of Mr Grieve who is inclined to gout which lurks in his constitution.
2105Case 2218Case of Sir Thomas Hay whose withdrawn, antisocial, erratic, sometimes wholly insensible moods and behaviour have become a cause for concern.
2106Case 2220Case of the Revd. Mr John Ellison who has a rectal disorder.
2107Case 2221Case of Boyle Coghlan who has a heart condition brought on by playing tennis.
2108Case 2222Case of Robert Bogle who has various genito-urinary disorders.
2109Case 2223Case of Lady Susan Stuart whose complaints are attributed to a way stomach with no signs of consumption.
2110Case 2224Case of Dr Keith's aunt.
2111Case 2226Case of Miss Hunter who has a chest condition.
2112Case 2227Case of Donald Mcleod who has become afflicted with an acidic stomach and general uneasiness.
2113Case 2228Case of Mrs Pickering who has a weak stomach.
2114Case 2229Case of Sir William Scurfield who is diagnosed as having stagnant bile.
2115Case 2230Case of Miss Abernethie who has developed a severe cough.
2116Case 2231Case of William Garnis, who is thought to have an advanced phthisis.
2117Case 2232Case of Mrs Riddock [Riddoch] who has an unusual degree of heat occupying the epigastric and umbilical regions, which Cullen diagnoses as a nervous affliction of the stomach.
2118Case 2233Case of Mr Joyce who has a constitutional tendency to gout.
2119Case 2234Case of a Miss Ferguson - addressed as "Lady' and under the care of Lady Stuart of Grantully - who has an unstated weakness requiring 'strengthening' medicinces.
2120Case 2236Case of Miss Margaret McKinnon whose disease is thought to be 'entirely rheumatic'.
2121Case 2237Case of Captain Hamilton Lindesay who is given a detailed regimen for managing his health in maturity.
2122Case 2238Case of Dr James Hamilton's wife.
2123Case 2240Case of Mr Tweedale [Tweedell], who has a weak, painful hand, which 'most probably proceeds...from long exposure to Cold, & the weight of the Gun rested on the parts, in the course of 20 years shooting'.
2124Case 2241Case of Mr Harrison who has a weak chest.
2125Case 2242Case of Mr Colquat who is prescribed an electuary.
2126Case 2243Case of Miss Maitland who is to be 'confined', but not strictly to one room.
2127Case 2244Case of Miss Woodman whose illness is attributed to a weak stomach.
2128Case 2245Case of Mrs Yelder who suffers headaches.
2129Case 2246Case of 'J.D', a friend of Cullen's former pupil Dr James Tully. The patient has long-term problems with the joints in his legs.
2130Case 2247Case of a male weaver with a swollen wrist, as reported by James McAdam.
2131Case 2248Case of an unnamed young woman who has complications following a fever, including pains and languor; as reported by James McAdam.
2132Case 2249Case of Mr Torrie whose symptoms are attributed to 'decayed nerves', particularly of his stomach.
2133Case 2250Case of Mr Burkit who has an hydropic condition of his thorax.
2134Case 2251Case of Miss Younghusband who is given a regimen which implies it is for a pectoral condition.
2135Case 2252Case of Mr Crawfurd [Crawford] whose condition is attributed to weak nerves rather than 'an affection of the brain'.
2136Case 2253Case of Miss Crawfurd [Crawford] who is prescribed a laxative and a a stomachic.
2137Case 2254Case of Dr Gibson in Sligo, who has a liver complaint.
2138Case 2255Case of Betty Brodie who has a pectoral condition.
2139Case 2256Case of Captain Masterton.
2140Case 2257Case of Mrs Young, who has an unstated condition for which she is prescribed a strengthening regimen and medicines.
2141Case 2258Case of young Mr Leitch [Litch], who is diagnosed as having a 'fullness of the bloodvessels of the brain'.
2142Case 2259Case of Miss Simson whose symptoms have abated, but who is advised to take steps to manage her 'rheumatic tendency'.
2143Case 2260Case of Mrs Geils.
2144Case 2262Case of "A. B.", a female patient thought to have contracted 'the venereal virus' through 'incest' with her nephew, and infected other family members, as reported by "R.M.", a surgeon who sends it as 'a singular case', rather than as a consultation request.
2145Case 2263Case of the Revd. Mr. Farquharson who has already been given a medicine to take for an unstated disorder.
2146Case 2264Case of Captain Campbell who has developed eye problems.
2147Case 2265Case of Miss Grey of Bamburgh who 'is in a dangerous way'. Cullen is sent several requests and offers of large fees to travel to Bamburgh, but he is 'indisposed'.
2148Case 2267Case of Mr Maxwell who has water on the breast.
2149Case 2268Case of Mr Wilson who is being medicated for incurable 'fits' (of coughing).
2150Case 2269Case of Mrs Mary Ferguson's mother at Dunfermline who has swollen legs and feet.
2151Case 2270Case of Miss Hannah Stanger who has an eye inflammation.
2152Case 2271Case of Miss Ward, a child with some kind of mental impairment.
2153Case 2272Case of Mr Crawford [of Broadfield?] who suffered a strain which has effected his kidneys, as reported by Port Glasgow surgeon Alexander Molyson [Mollison].
2154Case 2273Case of Mr Oliphant of Gask.
2155Case 2274Case of Mrs Barclay who is advised on taking the waters at Peterhead, and sea bathing [may be same patient as Case 417 in 1773].
2156Case 2275Case of James Dallas.
2157Case 2276Case of Mr Sowermire.
2158Case 2277Case of Lord Lauderdale.
2159Case 2278Case of Mr James Hay.
2160Case 2279Case of the Earl of Peterborough.
2161Case 2280Case of Ebenezer Kelty.
2162Case 2281Case of Rachel Dunlop whose stomach pains and breathlessness are attributed to weak nerves.
2163Case 2282Case of Mr Adam Thomson.
2164Case 2283Case of Dr John Armistead who contracts typhus from a patient.
2165Case 2284Case of an unnamed young lady suffering from deafness, as reported by Mrs J. Likly.
2166Case 2285Case of a young man being recommended to Mr Charles Angier, a speech therapist.
2167Case 2286Case of Mr Baillie, who has a 'gouty diposition'.
2168Case 2287Case of Colonel St Clair who has erysipelas, an ear discharge and boils.
2169Case 2288 Case of the wife of William Abernethy Drummond who is jaundiced. No date.
2170Case 2289Case of James Thompson whose illness is attributed to intemperance.
2171Case 2290Case of Mrs Major Ross who has a weak stomach.
2172Case 2291Case of William Flintum.
2173Case 2292Case of Mr Fish.
2174Case 2293Case of Mr William Bower whose long history of ill health is traced back to when he had to have his right hand amputated after a gun he was holding 'burst'.
2175Case 2294Case of Mr Sanderson, the brother of the vicar of Morpeth, who 'has a diabetes'.
2176Case 2295Case of a fifteen year old boy, an orphan, who has a tumour under this tongue.
2177Case 2296Case of Mr Betham who has recently grown weak with age and dropsy.
2178Case 2297Case of Mr D. Ferguson who is afflicted with a cough.
2179Case 2298Case of Miss Ferguson.
2180Case 2300Case of Captain Reid who has long suffered from gout.
2181Case 2301Case of Mrs Reid (wife of Captain Reid), who has the same 'foulness of the blood' as her husband, but the first matter to address is the sate of her bowels.
2182Case 2302Case of Mr Coulson whose health is now in serious decline after a life of heavy drinking.
2183Case 2304Case of Mrs Ludford whose asthma and hypchondriasis are attributed to corpulency.
2184Case 2306Case of William Riddick, (then) Lieutenant, 22nd Regiment, who is concerned over being impotent.
2185Case 2307Case of Mr Neil Sommerville who has a long history of the gout and disorders of the stomach.
2186Case 2308Case of David Robertson who has developed symptoms of slurred speech, 'spitting' and an inability to write all suggesting a palsy (stroke), for which there is a strong family history.
2187Case 2309Case of Miss Saul who has a cough and chest complaint.
2188Case 2310Case of of Mr Cowmeadow, an author and teacher (of English) in Berlin, formerly working for Princess Amalia and then for the Military Academy.
2189Case 2311Case of Mr James Macnight who has a long-standing 'nervous' weakness. He was satisfactorily attended by Cullen at Edinburgh twelve years earlier, but there is no record of this.
2190Case 2312Case of Mr Jeffrey.
2191Case 2313Case of Robert Richardson, who coughs up blood.
2192Case 2314Case of Mrs Ford in Montrose.
2193Case 2316Case of Margaret Lattimer who has a uterine disorder.
2194Case 2317Case of A. Sandilands who cannot stand any noise.
2195Case 2319Case of David MacGibbon's son, a "boy" who is taking a medicine prescribed by Cullen to ease his belly and clear red sediment from his urine.
2196Case 2320Case of Margaret, wife of Rev. Charles Stewart of Strachur, who has menstrual problems.
2197Case 2321Case of Mr Cuming.
2198Case 2322Case of John Collingwood.
2199Case 2323Case of John Millar, a former student of Cullen's who, while seeking advice on treating the convulsive disorders of children reports his own severe stomach disorder.
2200Case 2324Case of an unnamed female friend of Mrs Macknight. Patient suffers from severe headaches and has discovered a lump in her belly.
2201Case 2325Case of a 'Mr K', who has developed a very painful problem with his knee which baffles Cullen though he does not rule out gout.
2202Case 2326Case of Miss Wood who is debilitated by a cough developing into a serious lung condition suspected of being tubercular.
2203Case 2327Case of Miss Cutler, who may have a consumption.
2204Case 2329Case of an unnamed young gentleman whose illness dates back to a tour through Germany, as reported by Dr Robertson.
2205Case 2330Case of Mr Thomson who suffers bilious attacks.
2206Case 2331Case of Arthur Irvine who has suffered a palsied, swollen face accompanied by various symptoms which Cullen attributes to gout.
2207Case 2332Case of an unnamed male patient with an eye complaint, as reported by Dr Taylor.
2208Case 2333Case of 'Mr M' who has a skin eruption, especially on his upper body.
2209Case 2334 Case of Sir John Ross, an elderly gentleman with a complex history of gout, a cough and a palsy prompted by the news that his son had lost a hand in an accident.
2210Case 2335Case of Mrs Lenox who has had flour albus and suffers attacks of dizziness,'faintishness and loss of recollection'.
2211Case 2336Case of a patient with headaches who seeks a personal consultation through the mediation of Timothy Taylor.
2212Case 2337Case of Captain John Enys.
2213Case 2338Case of Mr Ross, whose symptoms are hard to decipher from a poor machine copy, but include a concern over 'gravel'.
2214Case 2339Case of Elizabeth, a daughter of the Earl of Sellkirk.
2215Case 2340Case of Mrs Lyell who has a urinary disorder.
2216Case 2341Case of [Mrs?] J. Tweeddell [Tweedale]. who has a weak stomach.
2217Case 2343Case of Mrs A. who has a long history of menstrual problems between pregnancies.
2218Case 2344Case of Mrs Shaw a who has a stomach disorder.
2219Case 2345Case of Mrs Ault whose complaints are attributed to a weak stomach.
2220Case 2346Case of Miss Goodman who does not provide enough information for Cullen to comment adequately on why her regimen has failed to affect an improvement.
2221Case 2347Case of the Revd Dr Brab Smith whose asthma has improved but has started to suffer from a mental disorder marked by a fear of company and other symptoms of extreme anxiety which Cullen identifies as typical of 'Hypochondriasis'.
2222Case 2348Case simply headed 'Kirkpatrick Case' which may refer to the place rather than a person. Cullen's reply discusses regimen.
2223Case 2349Case of John Hamilton who is prescribed strengthening pills for an unspecified condition.
2224Case 2350Case of Cullen's 'old friend Robert Boyle Esq', who has a bladder complaint.
2225Case 2351 Case of Mr Jameson [Jamieson] who visited Cullen last summer (no record traced) for a chest complaint, including spitting blood and erectile disfunction after a fall from his horse; the latter in particular continues to effect him.
2226Case 2352Case of the student son of Abraham Girod: the young man is studying medicine at Edinburgh where Cullen has seen him recently over a lung complaint.
2227Case 2353Case of Mrs Adams who has water on her chest. No obvious incoming letter but Cullen's report to her practitioner(?) implies that he has just seen her in person.
2228Case 2354Case of Captain Keith Elphinstone who is advised on managing a 'nervous' complaint (details hard to decipher from a poor copy).
2229Case 2355Case of the Countess of Lauderdale who has a bowel disorder.
2230Case 2356Case of Mr Rankin who is disabled in his lower limbs, which is attributed to an 'affliction' of his 'lumbar nerves'.
2231Case 2357Case of Mr Robert Anderson whose fears that he has a venereal infection prove correct.
2232Case 2358Case of 'Mrs-----', an unnamed female patient with a venereal infection, as reported by John Stoddart.
2233Case 2359Case of the Revd Matthew Surtees who since his youth has suffered from what he calls hectic and nervous irritability.
2234Case 2360Case of Mr William Peters who has suffered from attacks of the gravel for many years.
2235Case 2361Case of Captain Gilbert Trotter who is advised on regimen for an unspecified condition, probably consumptive.
2236Case 2362Case of Mr Pickering who has an inflammation of his eyes.
2237Case 2363Case of William Charteris Esq. diagnoses with 'spasmodic asthma'.
2238Case 2364Case of the Revd Mr Graham who is prescribed a cephalic electuary.
2239Case 2365Case of Captain Scot of Mileny who is advised to put aside all medicines and undertake a journey to Buxton.
2240Case 2366Case of Mr Trail, who is advised to take up cold bathing and follow a strengthening regimen.
2241Case 2367Case of Mr Johnston of Addirgold, who has a bowel and stomach disorder.
2242Case 2368Case of Miss Ann Erskine who is only prescribed a tonic until Cullen gets more information concerning the nature of her ailments from Dr Stuart and Mr Wood.
2243Case 2369Case of Miss Halket who is given detailed instructions on preparing Tussilago leaves (Coltsfoot), for the treatment of her 'hectic' (i.e. consumptive) condition.
2244Case 2370Case of Captain Burchell who is taking Lixivium for a bladder complaint (details of case difficult to decipher as Cullen's reply is a very poor copy, but mention is made of 'Dr Young's prescription').
2245Case 2371Case of Mr Macgruther who is a 'a very bad way with a universal dropsy'.
2246Case 2372Case of 'Mr Wallace's patient' an unnamed woman of forty-one with a 'weed' (puerperal fever) and other complications after childbirth.
2247Case 2373Case of Miss Dickson for whom sea bathing and the mineral waters at Cornhill have not proven effective. Cullen sends her very full advice on regimen but the machine copy is very poor.
2248Case 2374Case of Matthew Baillie, who is prescribed a solution to bathe the eyes.
2249Case 2375Case of Mr Hewel who is prescribed a pectoral medicine.
2250Case 2376Case of Thomas Baillie who is prescribed a pectoral medicine.
2251Case 2377Case of Mr Ewart who is 'threatened with consumptive ailments'.
2252Case 2378Case of Miss Hog [of Newliston] who is diagnosed as having an 'obstruction' in her left lung.
2253Case 2379Case of Mr Wetherley's son who is thought to have scrofula.
2254Case 2380Case of an unnamed female patient who recently weaned a child.
2255Case 2381Case of an unnamed patient only known from a short, uninformative note from Cullen to an unnamed practitioner or relative.
2256Case 2382Case of an unnamed male patient with epilepsy.
2257Case 2383Case of Mr Miller who has an eruption on his face.
2258Case 2384Case of a patient preserved three medicines, including a gargle, who name is illegible.
2259Case 2385Case of an unnamed female patient whose ailment has been made worse by an exceptionally cold summer but who is advised that the best remedy is exercise.
2260Case 2386Case of an unnamed male patient who is passing blood in their urine.
2261Case 2387Case, which proved fatal, of the twelve-year-old son of Duncan McAulay of Glasgow who appears to have voided a part of his intestines a few weeks before his death.
2262Case 2388Case of Mr P. Miller who is given a detailed regimen.
2263Case 2389Case of the eldest daughter, aged twelve, of Thomas Gillespie, practitioner at Ayr.
2264Case 2390Case of an unnamed male patient, under thirty years of age, who is suffering from attacks of pain at night, and palpitations as reported by Dr Oglethorp Wainman who mentions writing earlier seeking Cullen's advice on pursuing midwifery as a career.
2265Case 2391Case of Mr Mackintosh whose megrims and stomach disorder may have been brought on by a fall from his horse.
2266Case 2392Case of Lieutenant Yule whose has suffered a 'paraoxyms' which has left him 'faintish', short of breath and with a strained voice as if he had been reading aloud for a long time.
2267Case 2393Case of "A. P.", aged thirty-two, a schoolmaster who suffers severe fainting fits in which he remains conscious but cannot speak.
2268Case 2394Case of Miss Stevenson who is given a regimen which includes having her torso rubbed 'from the shoulder down' and a recipe for an electuary.
2269Case 2395Case of Mr Robert Shaw who is consumptive.
2270Case 2396Case of George Anderson and his companions, who are given detailed directions of taking a course of goat whey.
2271Case 2397Case of Mrs Shaw who has a postpartum disorder and formerly suffered from bilious complaints when in Jamaica.
2272Case 2398Case of Mr Hunter whose breathlessness and other symptoms date from a fall from his horse. No date.
2273Case 2399Case of Mr James Duncanson in Fredericksburg, Virginia who suffers from various disorders, including varicose veins and stomach problems, all attributed to a weakened constitution.
2274Case 2400Case of Mr Campbell who has a kidney disorder.
2275Case 2401Case, drawn up in Latin, of a 'Great Lady' associated with a Dr Stormonth.
2276Case 2402Case of the Rev. Ballingall who's is advised to ride and take Hartfell Spa water.
2277Case 2403Case of Mrs Ellis who is given a regimen to manage her stomach disorder.
2278Case 2404Case of Mr Benson who is given a detailed region to manage his 'catarhal disposition'.
2279Case 2405Case of Captain Brown who is advised to take a course of goat whey.
2280Case 2406Case of Robert Hamilton of Bourtreehill whose symptoms are attributed to piles.
2281Case 2407Case of Mr Cluny who suffers from nightmares, spasms, stomach ache and vomiting.
2282Case 2408Case of an unnamed male patient who suffers from disordered bowels and other 'nervous' symptoms including disturbed mental states.
2283Case 2409Case drawn up in French regarding an unnamed patient who ha suffered from constipation and other abdominal problems since childhood.
2284Case 2410Case of a twenty-eight year old merchant who has a serious urinary disorder accompanied by feverishness which may be the result of a history of venereal infections and free living.
2285Case 2411Case of an unnamed patient (deceased) whose body is subjected to a post-mortem examination which reveals a large abdominal tumour.
2286Case 2412Case of pthisis only known from brief anonymous notes.
2287Case 2413Case of an unnamed patient who suffers from a weakness of his left leg and who previous symptoms have including being unable to stop laughing even when socially inappropriate.
2288Case 2414Case of an anonymous patient, probably male, who feels hectic and feels a weakness of his chest.
2289Case 2415Case of an unnamed male patient with 'habitual indigestion' who at some point 'returned to England'.
2290Case 2416Case of an unnamed male patient who writes of his rheumatic condition and an eye disorder (he has consulted Mr Black and Dr Dunlop).
2291Case 2417Case of an unnamed female patient, aged thirty-eight, who had developed a cough and other potentially hectic symptoms.
2292Case 2418Case of a male patient, drawn up in great detail by himself, whose main symptom is severe, anxious pains around his heart.
2293Case 2419Case of a male patient only identifiable from a brief rough draft of Cullen's response.
2294Case 2420Case of an unnamed female patient who suffers from convulsions and fits. She has a formerly rheumatic constitution.
2295Case 2421Case of an unnamed female patient with a lung condition.
2296Case 2422Case of E. Fox, aged eighteen, who has had several episodes of tearfulness and temporary mental derangement.
2297Case 2423Case of an unnamed patient who is advised to use a bathing machine which can be made on the instructions of Dr Black at Glasgow.
2298Case 2425Case of Robert Stevenson who has a chest complaint.
2299Case 2426Case of an unnamed thirty year old female patient suffering from headaches, loss of appetite, disordered stomach, suppressed menstruation and melancholy.
2300Case 2427Case of "G.T." (or "G. F."), a farmer who has pains around his stomach. Marked in Cullen's office as not answered.
2301Case 2428Case of Mr Kennedy who is advised to leave the damp climate of the Isle of Man to relieve his stomach disorder.
2302Case 2429Case of an unnamed man of business (who attends parliament), suffering from a severe nervous condition. He last consulted Cullen and Dr Hope in 1781, when the symptoms included bad dreams and irrational fears. Now he cannot concentrate on his affairs.
2303Case 2430Case of a nine year old girl inoculated against smallpox who develops pains in her feet and legs.
2304Case 2431Case of Mr Courtney who is given advice on managing the 'attacks' [presumably of gout ?] to take them from his head and stomach to his extremities.
2305Case 2432Case of an unnamed male patient whose 'deafness is longstanding'.
2306Case 2433Case of Mr Lockhart, who is given advice on taking medicine [details obscured by very poor copy].
2307Case 2434Case of 'locked-jaw' in the Liverpool Infirmary.
2308Case 2435Case of Miss Nell Clephan whose stomach complaints have improved.
2309Case 2436Case of the surgeon William Gulland (son of Dr Gulland at Dunfermline), who has psora.
2310Case 2437Case of a clergyman, the brother-in-law of former pupil Henry Cape; the patient suffers from 'rheumatic' pains in his shoulder, side, stomach and kidneys.
2311Case 2438Case of a daughter of Mrs Carter, who has been treated by Mr Charles Angier for a speech impediment.
2312Case 2439Case of an unnamed male patient whose 'nervous' condition is attributed to his shock at the death of a brother.
2313Case 2440Case of an unnamed male patient who is prescribed laxatives.
2314Case 2441Case of a Mr [Lister? or Sister?] only known from a very poor copy of a recipe for stomachic drops.
2315Case 2443Case of 'Mr M' who is given a regimen, including the instruction to avoid 'public assemblies'.
2316Case 2444Case of [Mr Campbell?] of Carwhin who suffers from severe pains in his haunches as 'hot' feverish 'fits'.
2317Case 2445Case of the children of an unnamed father; Charles (eldest), Colin, Sandy, Peggy and Jenny. They suffer from a range of conditions.
2318Case 2446Case of an unnamed male patient being treated for periodic fits of gout.
2319Case 2447Case of a 'louping ague' affecting an entire village, marked by very odd behaviour involving involuntary leaping.
2320Case 2448Case of a n unnamed male patient who has a bad cough and spits blood.
2321Case 2449Case of an unnamed male patient in England under the immediate care of Sir Lucas Pepys, who is advised on regimen. Mention of deafness and costiveness.
2322Case 2451Case of a series of reports concerning an outbreak of Typhus on troop ships bound for America.
2323Case 2452Case of an unnamed male patient with gout.
2324Case 2453Case of Mr Johnstone who has a weakness in how lower body.
2325Case 2454Case of an unnamed female patient (who uses a Captain Grant as an intermediary), who suffers from severe headaches and melancholia.
2326Case 2455Case of Mr Lawton who is prescribed a cooling and strengthening power.
2327Case 2456Case of an unnamed male patient whose joints have a tendency to swell.
2328Case 2457Case of an unnamed male patient troubled with worms.
2329Case 2458Case of Mr Knox, a patient of Dr Hugh.
2330Case 2459Case of an unnamed female patient, sister-in-law to Mrs Yelloly.
2331Case 2460Case of Mr Anderson, a patient of Dr James Hamilton.
2332Case 2461Case of an unnamed female patient with a stricture of the oesophagus.
2333Case 2462Case of Mrs Kibble who complains of deafness.
2334Case 2463Case of Mrs Orr, wife of William Orr, who has previous suffered a uterine prolapse.
2335Case 2464Case of the unnamed son or grandson of Mrs Kibble, with a speck on each cornea.
2336Case 2465Case of Lord Dalzell's friend who is prescribed a strengthening electuary.
2337Case 2467Case of an unnamed female patient whose husband may have gonorrhoea.
2338Case 2468Case of an unnamed male patient with venereal disease.
2339Case 2469Case of an unnamed female patient with possible venereal disease.
2340Case 2470Case of Mrs Agnes Wilson with a weakness of the leg.
2341Case 2471Case of Mr Foster Junior with a complaint of the eyes.
2342Case 2472Case of Mrs Hunter, who is now very well.
2343Case 2474Case of Miss Jean Robertson with long-standing ailments.
2344Case 2475Case of Lady Augusta Murray, daughter of the Countess of Dunmore, who is prescribed an aperient solution.
2345Case 2476Case of an unnamed female patient who has suffered a gradual 'feebleness' over her whole body, with tremors and accompanied by a skin condition.
2346Case 2477Case of the elderly wife of Mr John Farquar {Farquharson], who has a nose-bleed.
2347Case 2480Case of a Mr Grant (of Montrose) who may have gravel and an abdominal complaint, diagnosed as 'tympanic'.
2348Case 2481Case of Miss Riddell in Northumberland (relative of Mrs Dorothy Riddell), who may be threatened with an intermittent fever.
2349Case 2482Case of Miss Dods who is given instructions on how to prepare tussilago (coltsfoot) for a cough.
2350Case 2483Case of Mr Neilson, who is prescribed strengthening powders.
2351Case 2484Case of Mrs Cunninghame who has been treated with a 'laxative injection'.
2352Case 2485Case of Mr Hudson who has piles and an anal prolapse.
2353Case 2486Case of an unnamed surgeon of Bath, suspected of having Angina Pectoralis.
2354Case 2487Case of Miss Bell at Alva who is being treated for a facial condition.
2355Case 2488Case of the Dowager Countess of Dumfries who has gout.
2356Case 2489Case of a Mr Inglis who is prescribed a strengthening electuary in October 1788.
2357Case 2490Case of Captain Maitland of Eccles (near Dumfries), who may be diabetic.
2358Case 2491Case of William Lothian only known from a summary list of symptoms: 'His Skin & complexion, Former Scrophula - Pain of the Side...Pain of his haunch Loss of flesh Sweating' and 'Flushing of Cheeks'.
2359Case 2492Case of Miss Hillary, a girl of between eleven and twelve years old, who dies of an unknown feverish condition after having earlier had Scarlatina.
2360Case 2493Case of an unnamed patient of Alexander Taylor's who died of tetanus.
2361Case 2494Case of an unnamed patient of about 30, mentioned in relation to a cure for Anasarca and Ascetes.
2362Case 2495Case of old Mr Edmonston in Shetland.
2363Case 2496Case of Mr. Alice, a minister who consulted Cullen in Edinburgh 'lately' (1786).
2364Case 2497Case of Mr Robinson's sister, who is 'liable to catch his brother's disease' (consumption).
2365Case 2498Case of Davison, a late patient of Mr B. M. Adamson.
2366Case 2499Case of Miss Marr, who has a cough and a knee ailment.
2367Case 2500Case of a Mr Joseph who was effected by cold.
2368Case 2501Case of Miss Ogilvy.
2369Case 2502Case of a a young woman who was hysteric.
2370Case 2503Case of Miss Traill (Trail) of Westove, 'liable to have some eruption on her skin'.
2371Case 2504Case of Alexander 'Sandie' Diron (Dirom).
2372Case 2505Case of Dr Beridge, suffering from Gout.
2373Case 2506Case of an unnamed female, "Miss ---- Junr. (Junior)". Cullen thinks her case phthisical.
2374Case 2508Case of a woman suffering from cough.
2375Case 2509Case of "a Gentleman very much affected with the gout and also from venereal accidents affected with the catarrhus vesicae".
2376Case 2510Case of 'An Elderly gentleman who has been long podagric' who 'became at length nephritic and discharged many small stones. He became also affected with Stranguary and a great discharge of viscid mucus'.
2377Case 2511Case of a "young man recovering from palsy of the bladder".
2378Case 2512Case of the nephew of Walter Riddell, possibly Mr Kennedy.
2379Case 2513Case of an unnamed male patient attended by Joseph Harris.
2380Case 2514Case of Mrs Chayne's maid.
2381Case 2515Case of reverend Richard Lettrente.
2382Case 2516Case of a 'young gentleman'.
2383Case 2517Case of an unnamed lady, patient of Alexander Taylor, who sent no fee to Cullen.
2384Case 2518Case of Miss Susan (Susie) Wallace-Dunlop.
2385Case 2519Case of a 'female friend' of S.J.
2386Case 2520Case of Mrs Strong, wife of Mr John Strong.
2387Case 2521Case of an unnamed female patient who has a weak chest.
2388Case 2527Case of 'Mr M, aged 44' [identified as Mr Monkhouse] who describes sensations of pins and needles and other symptoms after being exposed to a heavy fall of dew.
2389Case 2528Case of the Reverend [William?] Henry at Comber who suffers pains in his kidneys and genital region after being jarred when his horse stumbled beneath him.
2390Case 2529Case of Mr A. Bruce whose cough and breathing problems are considered rheumatic.
2391Case 2530Case of the Revd. Dr. McFarlan (of the Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh), who seeks a private consultation.
2392Case 2531Case of an unnamed patient who is sent 'Directions for the Shower bath'.
2393Case 2532Case of William Huddleton Williamson who has severe cough and is bringing up discoloured phlegm (Cullen is informed privately that Williamson may also have a 'venereal taint').
2394Case 2533Case of Mr John Cooke, who suspects he has bladder stone.
2395Case 2534Case of the daughter of James Simple [Semple] at Glasgow, whose eye inflammation, attributed to smallpox, Cullen considers part of a long-term weakness.
2396Case 2535Case of the son of Mrs Elizabeth Macknight. Since childhood he has suffered from severe headaches.
2397Case 2536Case of Captain William Graham, of Tynemouth Barracks, who has had a venereal disease and is now passing 'sand' in his urine, a sample of which he encloses with his first enquiry.
2398Case 2537Case of a Mrs Hislop, being an isolated recipe.
2399Case 2538Case of an unnamed robust man who has gripes after catching cold but is unable to pay a fee.
2400Case 2539Case of Anna Shaw, who dies of consumption.
2401Case 2540Case of a Miss Shaw [untraced] who is taking a goat whey cure [no way of connecting her to a Shaw family who present several cases of consumption].
2402Case 2541Case of a Miss Shaw with a respiratory problem. She appears to have consulted Cullen in person accompanied by a friend, a Miss Crimble.
2403Case 2542Case of [Catherine or Elizabeth] Shaw who is under the care of Gavin Fullerton at Greenock for menstrual problems.
2404Case 2543Case of 'Peggie' Graham, who is advised to undertake cold bathing but avoid exercise.
2405Case 2544Case of a Mrs Reid who would be required to take rather dangerous medication for an unstated condition [a tumour?] if she will not 'submit' to the operation Cullen thinks necessary and more likely to enact a cure.
2406Case 2545Case of Captain Reid who can be relieved of a 'foulness of blood'.
2407Case 2547Case of Mr Joseph Hall at Newcastle who is suffering from diarrhoea.
2408Case 2548Case of Peter McCulloch, who is mentioned briefly as needing to be examined by Robert Wood, surgeon at Perth, to ascertain if he has 'the stone or not'.
2409Case 2549Case of Miss Balfour (the younger), who like her elder sister is suffering a weak stomach.
2410Case 2550Regime for Mr Maclean.
2411Case 2551Case of Mr James Mill who is given a regimen in the winter of 1775.
2412Case 2552Case of Lady Augusta Hay who suffers from pains in her side.
2413Case 2553Case of Alexander Hamilton who 'by Idleness and almost Constant Drinking had beggared himself'.
2414Case 2554Case of Miss Blacket only known from Cullen's brief apology for his late reply.
2415Case 2555Case of Henry Ivie-Nicolson of Glenbervie (attended by physicians in Waterford), who has a suspected paralytic complaint and 'dimness of sight' all of which Cullen considers 'nervous' and for which the patient undertakes electrical treatment.
2416Case 2557Case of Miss Ann Cook, who has swollen neck glands.
2417Case 2558Case of Antonio Marchionne 'of a noble Genoese family', sent alongside directions for his epileptic son.
2418Case 2559Case of Mr Nicholas Thompson.
2419Case 2561Case of the Reverend Mr Robert Deans of Crailing who in 1779 has had a bad throat since breathing in foul breath.
2420Case 2565Case of a female patient [possibly Johnston], with a bilious complaint. She consulted Cullen 'about there years earlier', but no relevant evidence found.
2421Case 2566Case of Cullen's close associate Dr Alexander Stevenson. Professor at Glasgow, who injures himself getting out of a coach. Cullen is not being formerly consulted, but observes that it will hinder his friend dancing.
2422Case 2567Case of Dr William Cullen. This links together some significant instances where Cullen mentions in passing his own illhealth, and letters in which his son Henry, standing in to respond to patients, mentions his father's increasing indisposition and terminal decline from late 1789 (not fully comprehensive).
2423Case 2568Case of Anne Foley of Coventry, who is reported as suffering from nymphomania.
2424Case 2569Case of Mr McLeod at Murkle, marked XYZ at his instruction and sent to Cullen by Dr Sinclair (but this document untraced).
2425Case 2570Case of Lord Montagu's Son as treated for a cough and "spitting of purulent matter" by varying the temperature of the patient to bring on sweats', by John Hunter, as reported in passing to Cullen by Dr Armitstead for being an unusual method of treatment.