The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:743]

First NameAnna
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameCullen
Maiden NameJohnstone
Medical Professional?Unknown


Birth (year) 1720
Date of death (year) 1786


Wife of William Cullen (m. 1741). Daughter of Rev. Robert Johnstone (1675-1738), Minister of Kilbarchan, and his wife Anne Hamilton of Barns.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 91Case of Robert Bogle who has stomach complaints.
2Case 278Case of 'Mrs H of W', who is given advice on how to manage her pregnancy to avoid a miscarriage.
3Case 779Case of Captain James Maxwell of Faskally who has a chest complaint for which he takes a course of goat whey.
4Case 794Case of Mr Thomas Irwin [Irwine] who suffers from swollen legs, itchiness and biliousness and which eventually proves fatal.
5Case 808Case of Dr Robert Innes who, over several years, has stomach complaints, then piles, then a cold and cough.
6Case 878Case of young Campbell Betham of the Isle of Man, a student at Glasgow nursed through the measles by Cullen who is a personal friend of his father.
7Case 880Case of Mrs Janet Arnot who has a constricted throat.
8Case 949Case of Mrs Aikman who has a bowel disorder.
9Case 965Case of the Reverend Burnside who is left weak from a history of headaches and attacks of sweating.
10Case 970Case of Mrs Corbett of Tolcross who has a weak stomach accompanied by faintness and nosebleeds.
11Case 973Case of Mrs Cockayne [Cocayne] who consults Cullen over several years regarding a painful abdominal condition.
12Case 977Case of Mr Crompton who is passing bloody urine and becoming dropsical.
13Case 990Case of Miss Sarah Auchindachy (eldest daughter of Isabel (nee Gordon) of Kincragie), whose 'hysterick' symptoms continue.
14Case 995Case of Captain Descury who is given detailed advice on travelling south for his health and who later bathes at Bath.
15Case 1002Case of an unnamed 'young lady' attended by Dr Heysham for Typhus.
16Case 1047Case of Peter Davidson, the child of Archibald Davidson who 'gave no symptoms of Idiotry or want of Understanding' until the age of two, but has since lost the language he developed and 'runs about without noticing any thing'.
17Case 1117Case of Miss [Amelia] Farquharson of Invercauld who travels to Edinburgh to see Cullen but whose dangerously advanced consumption soon proves fatal.
18Case 1132Case of Mr Low [Law] who has a serious chest complaint.
19Case 1133Case of Mr James Brownlee [Brounlie], an impoverished mason who has a sore on his lips from working with lime.
20Case 1167Case of Mrs Ogilvie who has a cough and chest complaint.
21Case 1207Case of an unnamed male patient in Malton who is jaundiced, and who is being treated by Cullen's former student N. Tucker.
22Case 1245Case of Miss Brown who has a very serious dry cough and other pulmonary symptoms which prove fatal.
23Case 1248Case of Mr John Donaldson, a 'gentleman farmer' seized with a Palsy.
24Case 1329Case of Edward Brisbane, a merchant returned to Glasgow from America, who has ascites and anasarca (fluid retention) which prove fatal.
25Case 1342Case of Thomas Hopkirk who suffers from a severe pain in his right side and a related stomach disorder.
26Case 1348Case of Elizabeth Murray of Darnhall who in 1781 is already taking powders for her stomach and who suffers 'flying pains'. In 1786 she visits Moffat to use the waters to treat a skin 'eruption' on her neck and face.
27Case 1367Case of Lady Helen Stuart of Castlemilk who reports flying rheumatic pains, a skin eruption and pains in her abdomen.
28Case 1376Case of Provost (Commissioner) Buchanan who suffers from weakness and whose gout is exacerbated 'by the popery mob'.
29Case 1380Case of Miss Ross whose illness is attributed to an internal glandular 'obstruction'.
30Case 1385Case of Rev. William Thom, a Cullen family friend, who is weakened by a very severe, persistent cough.
31Case 1393Case of Miss Richardson whose disorder, marked by swollen neck glands, is thought to be lymphatic in origin.
32Case 1394Case of Miss Carter a young girl with menstrual problems.
33Case 1401Case of Annie Wilson, daughter of Dr (Prof) Alexander Wilson of Glasgow College, who has a menstrual problem.
34Case 1422Case of Mr Bruce of Kinloch an elderly gentleman who is emaciated with a whole range of pains, swellings and other symptoms for which he has recently been 'electrified'.
35Case 1493Case of Mrs Jane Porter who is experiencing the recurrance of a severe pain in her chest and stomach.
36Case 1574Case of Miss Delway whose whimsical notions concerning being infested with worms are described in a facetious letter by her cousin Dr Haliday.
37Case 1656Case of Mons. Benard at Dunkirk who has a susceptibility to coughs and cold a 'bastard peripneumonary'. In 1786 he is having 'fits'. The letters were mistakenly associated with Gregory as the patient.
38Case 1689Case of Andrew Syme who suffers from pain in his head.
39Case 1785Case of Mrs Hyslop whose severe pains in her head may signal 'an organic affection of the brain which is generally incurable'.
40Case 1803Case of Miss Cook, of the Gallowhill family, who is feared to be phthisical.
41Case 1809Case of Joanna Douglas who was well in London but has been feeling unwell since arriving in Boulogne sur Mer.
42Case 1834Case of 'little John Hamilton', also known familiarly as Master ' Jackie' or 'Jackey', the infant son of John Hamilton-Dundas of Westburn. The boy suffers from 'eruptions' or 'tumours' resembling smallpox, which recur on his feet.
43Case 1879Case of Mrs Cullen, wife of Captain Cullen, who has a cough 'hectics', 'nervous' headaches, and other signs of consumption but Cullen asks for further details.
44Case 1914Case of Thomas Hamilton who has pains and spasms in the side and trouble walking.
45Case 1923Case of Mr Black with a disease of the urethra.
46Case 2166Case of Mr McDuff who has a propensity for concealing his complaints.
47Case 2548Case of Peter McCulloch, who is mentioned briefly as needing to be examined by Robert Wood, surgeon at Perth, to ascertain if he has 'the stone or not'.
48Case 2553Case of Alexander Hamilton who 'by Idleness and almost Constant Drinking had beggared himself'.