The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


[ID:5825] From: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / To: Dr Colin Robertsone (Robertson) / Regarding: Mr David Robertsone (Patient) / 30 May 1789 / (Outgoing)

Reply to Dr Robertson concerning the case of his brother.


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DOC ID 5825
RCPE Catalogue Number CUL/1/1/21/97
Main Language English
Document Direction Outgoing
Date30 May 1789
Annotation None
TypeMachine scribal copy
Enclosure(s) No enclosure(s)
Autopsy No
Recipe No
Regimen No
Letter of Introduction No
Case Note No
Summary Reply to Dr Robertson concerning the case of his brother.
Manuscript Incomplete? No
Evidence of Commercial Posting No


Cases that this document belongs to:

Case ID Description Num Docs
[Case ID:2308]
Case of David Robertson who has developed symptoms of slurred speech, 'spitting' and an inability to write all suggesting a palsy (stroke), for which there is a strong family history.

People linked to this document

Person IDRole in documentPerson
[PERS ID:1]AuthorDr William Cullen (Professor Cullen)
[PERS ID:2177]AddresseeDr Colin Robertsone (Robertson)
[PERS ID:4736]PatientMr David Robertsone
[PERS ID:1]Patient's Physician / Surgeon / ApothecaryDr William Cullen (Professor Cullen)
[PERS ID:2177]Patient's Physician / Surgeon / ApothecaryDr Colin Robertsone (Robertson)
[PERS ID:2177]Patient's Relative / Spouse / FriendDr Colin Robertsone (Robertson)

Places linked to this document

Role in document Specific Place Settlements / Areas Region Country Global Region Confidence
Place of Writing Cullen's House / Mint Close Edinburgh Edinburgh and East Scotland Europe certain
Destination of Letter Perth Mid Scotland Scotland Europe inferred
Mentioned / Other Paisley Glasgow and West Scotland Europe certain

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