The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


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First NameColin
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameRobertsone
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Medical Professional?Medical Professional


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Physician in Perth. Brother of David Robertsone. His widow died in 1812. Writes to Dr Cullen about his own problem with gallstones.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 196Case of John (Lindsay) Bethune of Kilconquhar, being reported almost daily by his surgeon John Goodsir.
2Case 957Case of Mrs Keir of Wester Rhynd whose complaints are considered hysteric.
3Case 1050Case of the Rev. John Henry who has been greatly weakened by a bad cough which has not responded to his efforts to relive it by spending time in the country.
4Case 1201Case of John Smith, a Brechin merchant, who has rheumatism.
5Case 1204Case of Mr Gillies who has had a throat infection and is still being treated for an abcess.
6Case 1691Case of the Revd. Archibald Stevenson, who has an eruption all over his body stemming from an issue applied to his shoulders to treat his rheumatism in his neck and head. He subsequently becomes weak with a flux.
7Case 1954Case of the Hon. Mr Murray of Aiton who has a pectoral complaint and an unspecified disorder of his leg.
8Case 1998Case of Mrs Murray who has a swollen leg.
9Case 1999Case of Hector Turnbull, who has a stomach disorder and becomes increasingly emaciated.
10Case 2005Case of Colin Robertstone [Robertson], a Perth practitioner, who has been very depressed with jaundice. He improves after he consults Dr Cullen and Dr Hope when on a visit to Edinburgh, but also suffers from gallstones.
11Case 2014Case of Mrs Murray who experiments with using a swing according to the published method devised by Dr Smith.
12Case 2273Case of Mr Oliphant of Gask.
13Case 2308Case of David Robertson who has developed symptoms of slurred speech, 'spitting' and an inability to write all suggesting a palsy (stroke), for which there is a strong family history.
14Case 2313Case of Robert Richardson, who coughs up blood.
15Case 2330Case of Mr Thomson who suffers bilious attacks.
16Case 2500Case of a Mr Joseph who was effected by cold.
17Case 2501Case of Miss Ogilvy.