The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:596]

First NameJames
Middle Name/Initial(s)Kenneth
Last NameSaunders
Maiden Name
OccupationPhysician and Surgeon who experimented with Electro-therapy
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1717
Date of death (year) 1778


A surgeon, physician, farmer and manufacturer from Banff. Son of a Banff apothecary and Burgess, David Saunders (chr. 1689) and his wife Anna (nee Coburn d. 1719). On 21 August 1742 James married Bathia Leslie (d. 1778); they had one daughter and at least ten sons, including David, William and Robert . Dr James Saunders published ‘An Account of the Effects of Electricity in Different Diseases’ in the Medical Commentaries of Edinburgh, Vol. 3. He consulted Cullen on a number of occasions between 1768 and 1777 over difficult cases and they, and the respective children, were on friendly terms.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 61Case of Mrs Innes diagnosed as having 'abdominal obstructions'.
2Case 97Case of the infant son of Mr Morison of Bognie, who has a glandular and skin condition.
3Case 100Case of Captain Innes whose current, varied complaints began with an inflammation of his eyes.
4Case 104Case of Mr Greggan who is ordered a pectoral medicine.
5Case 116Case of an unnamed woman near Banff who is prescribed blisters and medication for back pain.
6Case 151Case of Mrs Innes of Muriefold, whose symptoms are considered 'nervous or hysteric'.
7Case 158Case of an unnamed patient presented by Dr Saunders. Cullen believes is not a venereal infection but 'warts and carnosities.'.
8Case 277Case of an unnamed patient of Dr Saunders's who has an inflammation of the breast (could be male or female).
9Case 295Case of an unnamed female patient being treated for schirrus breasts.
10Case 302Case of Mr William Leslie who has had a locked jaw and pain in his left cheek. As he remarks, Leslie consulted Cullen for rheumatism back in 1774-5 (See Case:466).
11Case 314Case of Lady Abercrombie [Abercromby] who is pale and short of breath; she believes she may be jaundiced.
12Case 466Case of Mr Leslie whose symptoms are considered rheumatic rather than gouty. He is travelling to Bath for treatment. Leslie consults Cullen again, over a locked, painful jaw, in 1781 (see Case:302).
13Case 661Case of the eight-year-old niece of General Abercrombie who has involuntary movements and weakness in her face and left side diagnosed as Chorea.
14Case 823Case of Mrs Stewart who is unable to pursue her business because of severe headaches and other debilitating symptoms, partly attributed to family pressures.
15Case 833Case of Gordon of Gight with gout, stomach and nervous complaints.
16Case 834Case of Mrs Gordon of Gight with Fluor Albus and cough.
17Case 852Case of Dr James Saunders, who had nephritis, had his son surgically remove a stone and now has a bladder problem.
18Case 924Case of Mr James Henry who is advised not to use electricity to treat an unspecified condition.
19Case 1143Case of Mrs Maclean of Coll, who has a menstrual disorder that Cullen attributes to a serious uterine condition.
20Case 1905Case of Mr Devon who is to take goat whey, as briefly mentioned by Dr James Saunders of Banff.
21Case 2149Case of Mr George Abercromby with a broken leg.
22Case 2153Case of an unnamed male patient with gangrene of the penis.
23Case 2504Case of Alexander 'Sandie' Diron (Dirom).