The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


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First NameBenjamin
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameBell
Maiden Name
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1749
Date of death (year) 1806


Prominent Scottish surgeon. In DNB. See links. In 1775, he fell from his horse and sustained injuries that kept him out of practice for 2 years (Letter ID 1136).

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DNBBenjamin Bell's entry on DNB

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 732Case of the Dumfries surgeon Mr James Hill who has a bladder condition.
2Case 763Case of the Reverend Mr Cooper [Cowper] who in 1776 is being dosed with various medicines. In 1789 he has a cough and has suffered some sort of blackout.
3Case 1203Case of an unnamed 64 year old man who has a bladder disorder.
4Case 1282Case of Mrs Leith, mother of four children, who has been sick since she last gave birth.
5Case 1354Case of Mr Gordon, who obtains an electrical machine to treat the pain and weakness in his lower back and stomach region, a condition considered almost paralytic by his local physician Dr John Gilchrist.
6Case 1771Case of 'E. K.' a female patient with menstrual problems and suspected worms.
7Case 1792Case of Robert 'Bob' McKenzie, a child with a swelling on his cheek and pains in the muscular parts of his thighs which impair his walking.
8Case 1849Case of Mr Greig who has an eruption on his hands which is in danger of spreading.
9Case 2169Case of John Martin with a long and complex history of headaches and, more recently, rectal pain - traced back to having had smallpox at the age of twelve.
10Case 2536Case of Captain William Graham, of Tynemouth Barracks, who has had a venereal disease and is now passing 'sand' in his urine, a sample of which he encloses with his first enquiry.