The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh



Rickety, rachitic. A disease of children, now known to be caused by vitamin D deficiency, characterised by abnormal calcium and phosphorus metabolism and deficient mineralization of bone (osteomalacia) with skeletal deformity.

Category: Conditions
Sub category: General

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[DOC ID:1318] Rickety on page (1)
[ID:1318] From: Dr Jasper Tough / To: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / Regarding: Mr James Brown (Browne, Broune) (of Kilmarnock) (Patient) / 22 July 1776 / (Incoming)

[DOC ID:1466] the rickets on page (1)
[ID:1466] Case Note / Regarding: Anonymous (Patient) / 1777? / (Incoming)

[DOC ID:1664] Rickets on page (1)
[ID:1664] From: Dr Ebenezer Jacob / To: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / Regarding: Mr (Patient) / 1 May 1779 / (Incoming)