The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


Spermatic Vessels

Vessels thought to generate or carry semen.

Category: Body Parts
Sub category: Genitals

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[DOC ID:1807] Spermatic Vessels and affecting both Chords on page (2)
[ID:1807] From: Dr Alexander Taylor (Sanders) / To: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / Regarding: Mr Robert Neilson (Nielson, of Paisley) (Patient), Mrs Macclaw (MacLaw, Mclaws) (Patient) / 19 January 1780 / (Incoming)

[DOC ID:1587] spermatic cord on page (1)
[ID:1587] From: Dr / To: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / Regarding: Mr J. C. (Circumstances very closely match with those of the future physician and biographer James Currie.) (Patient) / 16 November 1778 / (Incoming)

[DOC ID:713] the orifices of the Vesicules Seminales on page (3)
[ID:713] From: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / To: Dr Thomas Stephen / Regarding: Captain Grant (Patient) / 18 February 1783 / (Outgoing)

[DOC ID:1719] his seminal organs on page (4)
[ID:1719] Case Note / Regarding: Mr K. (Patient) / 7 August 1779 / (Incoming)

[DOC ID:734] the spermatic Cord on page (1)
[ID:734] From: Anonymous / To: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / Regarding: Earl John Hope (Lord Hopetoun, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun) (Patient) / 24 January 1756 / (Incoming)