The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


[ID:4110] From: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / To: Dr Hall / Regarding: Mrs Travers (Patient) / August? 1787? / (Outgoing)

Reply headed 'To Dr Hall C ----- for Mrs Travers'.


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DOC ID 4110
RCPE Catalogue Number CUL/1/1/9/83
Main Language English
Document Direction Outgoing
DateAugust? 1787?
Annotation None
TypeScribal copy ( includes Casebook Entry)
Enclosure(s) No enclosure(s)
Autopsy No
Recipe No
Regimen No
Letter of Introduction No
Case Note No
Summary Reply headed 'To Dr Hall C ----- for Mrs Travers'.
Manuscript Incomplete? No
Evidence of Commercial Posting No


Cases that this document belongs to:

Case ID Description Num Docs
[Case ID:2118]
Case of Mrs Travers diagnosed as a case of 'Mania'.

People linked to this document

Person IDRole in documentPerson
[PERS ID:1]AuthorDr William Cullen (Professor Cullen)
[PERS ID:4803]AddresseeDr Hall
[PERS ID:3677]PatientMrs Travers
[PERS ID:1]Patient's Physician / Surgeon / ApothecaryDr William Cullen (Professor Cullen)
[PERS ID:4803]Patient's Physician / Surgeon / ApothecaryDr Hall

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Role in document Specific Place Settlements / Areas Region Country Global Region Confidence
Place of Writing Cullen's House / Mint Close Edinburgh Edinburgh and East Scotland Europe certain

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